Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Community Call #27: August 29, 2023

Thanks everyone for coming!!! It was a great call.

Here is the recording: August 29th community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive .

Slides: August 29, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

We started this call with a “Praise session”, an idea brought by Bricia, since everyone is working hard and doing such a great job, is a gratifying thing to recognize and appreciate, including ourselves, the people we work with sometimes! So go ahead and check “Feel the love” channel on Discord.

All feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

  • Grants cycle 14 updates from Dane: Check Cycle 14 Round up on the forum to get more details.
    • To see more information about the Roundups, how people scored, what feedback was given, etc, take a look to CharmVerse (Linked downbelow)
    • For those interested in making a proposal for Cycle 15, apply on CharmVerse before August 24 (19:00 GMT) to receive an additional credit for their proposal. Proposals are due by August 31 (19:00 GMT)
    • Also feel free to check the OP Governance Calendar to keep track of any information about dates of your interest.
  • One big announcement last week was Base’s introduction in Optimism Governance, in order to collect feedback from the community Base and the Optimism team made a post on the forums on How Base will participate in Optimism Governance, raising some main point such as transparency, participation, etc, as always any feedback is more than welcomed. We recommend this article from Base about their involvement in Superchain Base’s Commitment to Decentralization with the Superchain.

We finished the call with an open discussion, not only mentioning the topics above but also a great insight over The Superchain and Law of chains (Read the post for more information, comment and leave feedback). Also a shout-out to Bankless and their video over the Superchain: Crypto’s Endgame: The Superchain Explained with Jesse Pollock & Ben Jones, always great to see such active participation in the community!


Community Call #28 [S5 Foundation AMA]: October 3rd, 2023

In this call we had an AMA from foundation hosted by Justine instead of our normal community call, which covering topics around Season 5!


Community Call #29: October 17, 2023

Slides link: October 17th Community Call Slides

  • Updates:
    • Voting Cycle 16a is LIVE, vote before October 25th
    • Nominations for Grants Council and Code of Conduct Council are due to November 1st 19:00 GTM
    • RetroPGF3 Submissions are due till November 23th, see the live voting here
  • Base Joined the call today!
    • Thanks for coming Rowan & Saemi
    • Question: Does base have a plan for their token delegation?
      • Answer: this is a work in progress, more details TBA soon!
  • Collective Values w/Simona
    • Collective values being set for the whole collective
    • Forum posts for feedback and meeting link coming soon!
  • Anticapture commission
    • How will voting actually work?
      • Voting process will be decided by the lead/council
    • How did we land on 10m OP?
      • This was the same as the delegation to chains however it could change, if you think it should be more post on the forum
    • Why aren’t more delegates included?
      • The desire is to target the highest influence delegates, not necessarily all delegates that show up
    • Anticapture commission
  • Code of conduct violation - Carlos Melgar
  • Code of Conduct Council
    • Soon we will have more information on applying to be the lead
    • Some gravityDAO members might be interested in nominating
    • Nominations are open now! This could be a good place to contribute to the collective
    • Code of Conduct Councils
  • Developer Advisory Board
    • How were members selected?
      • This time they were nominated by the Foundation based on recommendations sourced from many areas including OP labs
      • In the future they may be appointed by the grants council or elected by token house
    • They are in charge of adding developer expertise to the grants council, especially around intent 1
    • Developers Advisory Board
  • Security Council vote #1
    • Member list is still in process, long process for verifying them
    • This vote is a vote to approve the idea of a security council and create a 2/2 multisig with the foundation and the council to sign off on future upgrades
    • Security Council: Vote #1 - Change to Security Model
  • Grants Council Budget:
    • New position added - milestones & reporting
    • Here’s a link for more information DRAFT: Proposed Grants Council Charter - Season 5
      • In charge of assessing historical grant finalist progress on milestones, confirming final milestones for Season 5 grants, and maintaining relevant council and reviewer metrics
    • More Builders Positions
    • Feel free to reach out to Dane, Kryzstof, myself, or any previous council members if you have questions!
  • RetroPGF Questions
    • How does KYC work for group participants? Is there a way to avoid everyone on the multisig completing KYC?
    • Can individuals apply?
      • Yes! Just make sure to follow rules for applying
    • What if it is indirectly related?
      • If it impacts the Optimism Collective, its eligible!
      • Zora, Base, etc. are also included in the Optimism Collective
    • More application information here
  • Events

Community Call #30: October 31, 2023

Slides link: October 31, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: October 31, 2023 community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive


  • The Nomination period for Code of Conduct & Grants Councils ends November 1st at 19:00 GMT: if you’re interested in either the Grants Council or the Code of Conduct Council, make sure to put in your application.

  • For the Grants Council, there are three different categories that you can be nominated in:

    • Growth Experiments
    • Builders
    • Milestones & Metrics (newly created)
  • For the Code Of Conduct: Code of Conduct Council

    • Lead + Members
  • Voting Cycle 16a has concluded, votes passed:

    • Security Council: Vote #1 - Change to Security Model
    • Developer Advisory Board Budget
    • Developer Advisory Board Ratification of Members
    • Grants Council Operating Budget Proposal
    • Code of Conduct Council Budget
    • Anticapture Commission: a group of independent delegates that receive voting power, This won’t be up and running until January, till season five. For more info and feedback: Anticapture Commision
    • Votes Failed:
      • Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar
  • Cycle #16b starts Thursday, November 2nd:

    • Votes:
      • Elect Grants Council members
      • Elect Code of Conduct Council members
      • Ratify the Law of Chains
      • Vote on Intent Budgets
      • Vote on the Chain Delegation Program
  • Intents Budget published: Season 5: Intents Budget

    • The total budget is going to be $11 million OP divided into different intents, see more information and feedback on the link above.
  • Reflection Period Feedback: Governance Update #8

    • Overall view of various topics such as Intents, Voting Cycles, Feedback, etc. Check the link above for more details.
    • Don’t be afraid to vote “no” if a proposal is not ready to move to vote
    • Should there be some other method so signal that a proposal isn’t ready?
      • Temp check votes
      • “Not ready” on the forums
      • tradeoff with complexity of governance

Community Call #31: November 21, 2023

Slides link: November 21st, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: November 21st, 2023 Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

  • Voting Cycle 16b:

    • Law of Chains successfully passed.
    • The Grants Council and Code of Conduct Council were elected.
    • Season 5 Intent Budget passed. Check Season 5: Intents Budget Proposal to see in detail the budget allocated to each intent.
    • The Chain Delegation Program passed. As said before this program would allow OP Chains to actively participate in Optimism’s governance in Seasons 5 and 6. It will be added to the Superchain through a governance process. Season five will start with no delegation from this program, then over the course of the next year chains can qualify and then participate in this program. Check the link to the forum for more information.
  • Voting Cycle 16c: starts on Thursday 23.

    • Security Council: For full context on the implementation of the Security Council, please read Intro to Optimism’s Security Council.
      • There are two cohorts of members. Cohort A will serve for 12 months and cohort B will serve for 18 months. All of these members were nominated by the foundation and they will have to go through rehearsals and approval process in order to actually become a part of the multi-sig. Here is the list of members: Security Council Vote #2 – Initial Member Ratification. For more details see the Security Council Charter.
    • Canyon Upgrade: this is a network update for OP Mainnet, a minor upgrade compared to bedrock. If the vote passes, it will be upgraded five weeks later, on January 11th, 2024. This upgrade has already been activated on internal devnets in coordination with Base & Conduit. Successfully activated on op-goerli, op-sepolia, base-goerli, base-sepolia, pgn-sepolia, & zora-sepolia. For more details and information: Upgrade Proposal #2: Canyon Network Upgrade
  • Mission Request:

    • Mission Requests drafts must be posted to the forum by January 17th, then they’ll need 4 delegates approvals by February 7th.
    • For details on how to submit your Mission Request: About the Mission Requests category.
    • All top 100 delegates can create these mission requests. If you are not a top 100 delegate, post your idea for a Mission Request here: Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship.
    • The Foundation will also host a Mission Request Workshop in early December.
    • There will be a mission request discord channel for any questions and also for collaboration.
  • The We Love the Art campaign is happening! All art is welcomed, not necessarily related to Optimism.

  • The foundation is looking for feedback on the govNERDs program. So definitely go in and try and help improve the program. Here is the form: govNERDs Experiment Feedback

  • RetroPGF It’s in full swing right now. The badgeholders are in the process of making lists and creating their applications, which you can check out through Agora RetroPGF 3

  • Check the thread Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures, this thread is self-reported by the badgeholders where everyone is listing out some of the projects that they have a conflict of interest on this cycle.


We love :heartpulse: to see all of the amazing developments with the we love the art :framed_picture: contest on Optimism. This is definitely a conversation starter for many community projects in the space and we have been discussing this topic multiple times over the past few weeks with creators who are interested in the ecosystem.

The energy is shifting. Stay optimistic…!


Community Call #31: December 5, 2023

Slides link: December 5th, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: December 5th, 2023 Delegate Calls.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Updates:
    • RetroPGF voting ends at 19:00 UTC on December 7th and the results will be announced on January 10th. For any feedback leave comment in this post: RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread
    • #16c Voting cycle ends tomorrow (Security Council Members and Canyon Upgrade). This will be the last cycle of the year, don’t wait until the last minute!
    • We’ll have a governance break from the 23rd to January 3rd Up until December 23rd. Season five will start on January 4th.
  • Mission Request Creation:
    • Workshop tomorrow at 19:00 UTC, the workshop will be recorded and posted later.
    • Is now active! The top 100 delegates can submit their request, and non-delegates can request sponsorship on a request from a delegate (Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship).
    • There’s a few requests already posted on the forums, as always feedback is more than welcomed: Mission Requests. :slightly_smiling_face:
    • As mentioned before Mission Requests drafts must be posted to the forum by January 17th, then they’ll need 4 delegates approvals by February 7th.
    • For any feedback, collaboration, etc, go to the Mission Request discord channel.
  • Anticipation Commission Onboarding:
    • Just as a reminder, this is kind of a set 10 million OP delegation for independent delegates, made to counterbalance some of the other delegation programs going on for the chains and protocols.
    • To read in more detail: Anticapture Commission.
    • After voting cycle #16c is over, delegates who qualify will be calculated based on participation. At the end of this week or the beginning of the next there will be a post of all the delegates that qualified and then they will be reached out to with an opt-in form and all the additional details that they need.
  • Builders Grants Delegation S5:
    • Locked grants from S4 can now be delegated.
    • Everyone who received a Builders Grant in the past 12 months will get a form via email that they can fill out and then delegate to whoever they want. This is going to happen in the next two weeks.
  • We also had @Sinkas.eth talking a little about the Delegates Corner Podcast, where they interview delegates to learn about their background and involvement in Optimism governance. Most importantly: doing an open invitation to delegates who want to participate on the podcast to reach out to him to be interviewed.
    • Sinkas can be reached: via twitter @Sinkas_. Mirror @Sinkas_eth or telegram @Sinkas5
  • L2Beat is looking for ideas to propose for mission requests, if you have them, reach out to @kaereste or attend L2Beat office hours.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


Community Call #33: January 9, 2024

recording: January 9th Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive
slides: January 9th, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

  • Anticapture Commission
    • Brichis will be the lead!
    • No vote because she was the only qualifying candidate
    • Currently working on documentation for members - stay tuned
  • Upgrade Proposal #3: Delta Network Upgrade
    • Needs 4 more delegate approvals
    • Feedback and questions are open on the forums
    • Dramatically reduces costs for OP Stack chains with less activity (up to 97%)
    • Reduces costs for active OP Stack Chains as well (6-11% for Base / OP Mainnet)
    • If approved, will go live February 22nd
  • Foundation Budget Update:
    • Informational (no action required)
    • Feel free to leave feedback / questions in post
  • Mission Requests
    • Season 5 Flowchart
    • This is the most important activity in governance for delegates to be doing
    • Anything can be written as a mission if it falls under the Season 5 Intents
    • If you’re a top 100 delegate:
      • Write up your own mission requests
      • Look for mission requests to sponsor
      • Give feedback and approvals to existing mission requests
    • If you’re not a top 100 delegate:
      • Write up a mission request and then have a delegate sponsor it
        • Limes.eth mentioned his inbox is open as a delegate if you need sponsorship
        • You can also request sponsorship in the dedicated thread
      • Give feedback to existing mission requests in the forums

Joint House Call #33: January 30, 2024

Recording link: January 30th, 2024 joint house call recording.mp4 - Google Drive
Slides Link: January 30th, joint house call slides - Google Slides

  • Voting Cycle 17 just finished. Delta Upgrade, Grant Misusage Enforcement and Code of Conduct Summary passed.
    • Delta Upgrade currently in veto period: badgeholders only need to vote if they are vetoing the upgrade, 45 badgeholders are needed to veto and the vote occurs in snapshot . This will happen to all protocol updates.
  • Voting Cycle 18 starting, is now in review period.
  • Gonna will be the new Grants Council lead!
  • Season 5 Feedback thread is live right now in the forums.
  • RetroPGF next steps:
    • Retro Badgeholders Rewards coming up in the next two weeks.
    • KYC and Grant delivery is in process, for any question message retropgf@optimism.io
    • RetroPGF retrospective blog post coming out in approximately a week and half, expect to see follow up posts in the next rounds.
    • Anonymised RetroPGF3 votes will be released soon.
    • The design for the next RetroPGF round will be decided by the foundation, currently looking into progressive steps to hand this power to the Citizens House. One change that will be made from round 3 to future rounds is more feedback cycles as proposed designs are published.
    • The previous process of citizen and voting badge distribution made step by step with the rounds will change in the future (no dates mentioned) where citizenship distribution might be separate from any round.
    • Expect the next RetroPGF round to run around May or June.
  • Overview on the Anticapture Commission with Brichis, look at the current proposals in the Anti-Capture Comission snapshot, for more details also check Anticapture Commission Communication Thread.
  • Mission Proposals are in approval period right now, each mission proposal needs four approvals by February 7 19:00 GMT, they’ll be ranked according to token house voting, allocating funds to those that are the top projects within the allocated budget per intent.
    • Delegates can use the Mission Request evaluations framework to assist in their evaluations.
    • For those who want to know which delegates are assigned to evaluate each mission: Delegate Assignments. If you are a top 100 delegate without an assignment, please remember that you can still provide evaluations without an assignment.

Check Mission Request Seeking for Sponsorship to plan your review process as a delegate.


Token House Call #34: February 13, 2024

Recording: February 13th Token House Recording.mp4

Slides: February 13th, 2024 Token House call slides

  • Voting cycle #18 ends tomorrow, there is two main groups of proposals:

    • Mission Request:
      • A lot of mission request still have not yet met the quorum, so make sure to cast your votes. And yes, it is okay to vote in your own mission request or/and the ones you sponsor.
      • To see all proposals: Optimism Agora
      • If you want to apply: Application guide. You can apply without any interaction with the delegate that proposed that request.
    • Upgrade Proposal #4
      • A new SuperchainConfig contract.
      • OptimismPortal and L2CrossDomainMessenger fix
      • OptimismMintableERC20TokenFactory improvements
  • There is Anticapture Commission office hours on February 29th, check OP Governance Calendar.

  • Security Council is now in effect with Upgrade Proposal #4, assuming it passes, they will participate in a 2/2 multi-sig with the foundation to upgrade.

  • Developer Advisory Board with Brock:

    • Helping Grants Council assessing approved delegate mission requests and applications under Intent #1, making sure each mission request actually moves toward technical decentralization.
    • In order to determine if proposals are aligned with those goals, voting will take place inside the board, detailing the results of the vote later on, as well as providing feedback on why it was rejected or accepted on top of helping the proposer by adding clarifications, fix details, etc.
    • After some delegates voiced that the process wasn’t very clear, the simplest answer was “First DMR comes in, we review it, we discuss, we take a vote, we provide feedback, and then the delegates proceed to vote”
    • Check Developer Advisory Board: Internal Operating Procedures for more details over the process to assess and approve mission requests, applications and technical milestone completion.
      • If a delegate has any question for the Developer Advisory Board the best way is via their Discord channel or mail developeradvisoryboard@optimism.io
      • A communication thread will be posted soon with all the information on everything they will be working on.
  • Code of Conduct Council is currently reviewing reports referring to Token House.


Joint House Call #35: February 27, 2024

Recording here: February 27, 2024 Join House Recording.mp4 - Google Drive
Slides link: February 27th, joint house call slides


Token House Call #36: March 12th, 2024

Recording link: March 12th 2024 Token House Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

Slides link: March 12th, 2024 Token House call slides - Google Slides

  • Proposals #5 and #6 passed Token House and are currently in Citizens House veto period which ends tomorrow. Proposal #5 should activate on March 14th 00:00 UTC.
  • We are currently in Voting cycle #20 review period without any proposals actively going on.
  • Agora is now posting bi-weekly changelog updates onto their website. To see all major and minor updates: Agora Changelog
  • We had Lavande talking about The Path to Open Metagovernance and its phases.
    • How to gradually involve more and more of the collective in the process.
    • Currently in phase 0, Community informed design process taking all sources of feedback and then incorporating them.
    • Moving into phase 1, which is open sourcing more of the design principles, governance goals, different strategies, citizenship identity etc.
    • 10 citizens and 15 delegates will be announced in the next one/two weeks to form part of a commission to feedback on early design drafts.
    • In the collective DAO archives we added DAO design principles that we use in practice now when we do governance design which are an important piece of context for anybody who will be involved in this.
    • Read The Collective DAO Archives for guidelines and design principles in practice now.
  • Grants Council is currently finishing up prelim scores, those that pass will go up to a final scoring, which will take place over the next week.
    • Preliminary roundup of those that made it through will be published tomorrow.
    • The new submission period will be March 14th to March 27th.
  • Open discussion over how Grants Council came to be for the Token House as this independent body led by delegates.

Collective Council Framework on how the Grants Council came into existence.


Joint House Call #37: March 26th, 2024

Recording: March 26 2024 Joint House Call.mp4
Slides: March 26th, joint house call slides

  • Members of the Collective Feedback Commission were selected: 10 citizens and 15 high-context delegates.

    • Here’s the list of candidates: Introducing the Collective Feedback Commission, everyone in the lists will be reached out with the form they need to opt-in. Forms must be completed by March 31st.
    • The Collective Feedback Commision will not be replacing feedback from the forums, Discord, ect, but will be in addition to.
    • Commission members will get notified today to opt-in via a form
  • The partnership team has the goal to get 5-10 OP Chains onboard this year.

    • It’s most likely that as part of that process they’ll get grants, read the forum post Onboarding OP Chains to Optimism Governance to know more about the approach to aligning incentives and active participation in Optimism Governance.
  • Retro Funding rounds for this year were announced!

    • Transitioning from broad scoped rounds to more narrowly scoped rounds:
      • Onchain Builders: May
      • OP Stack: late July/August
      • Governance: August
      • Dev-tooling: October
    • Contributions which fall outside of the scope of upcoming retro rounds include consumer facing tools, education initiatives and events. The Collective can still support these contributions via Token House Missions
    • Similar to the last round, there will be an application review process to determine which projects are eligible to participate in each round, working as a filter to ensure every project is relevant to the scope of each round.
    • The amount of rewards for each round will be announced 8-12 weeks before its start.
    • Each round will last about two and half months.
    • Projects can apply for multiple categories.
    • The application process will be similar to the last round with some improvements based on feedback.
    • Both individuals and teams are considered on rounds, there will be some minimum threshold within the scope to qualify, more information will be posted in 2 or 3 weeks.
      • We’re looking for individuals to be judged based on their contributions specifically, rather than their brand.
    • The decision to include more rounds will be based on how scalable different experiments are and how they perform
    • Check the Contributions Board to see things you can built that are align with Retro Funding: Builder Ideas | Optimism
    • For more information read the forum post or the Optimism blog
  • Read RetroPGF3 Learnings & Reflections for a comprehensive summary of all the things learned from RetroPGF3 and the attempt to synthesize the main takeaways from this round and what will be done moving forward.

  • Cycle 19: Final Grants Roundup:

    • 314 applications total in this cycle. 62 were left out on the intake filter. 252 applications were scored by at least two reviewers. And ended up with 104 finalists that every reviewer scored and 43 grantees.
    • All non-granted finalists from the first round will be considered for round two if the mission request is open, no need to reapply, they have to incorporate all feedback they got on their application.
    • Grant applications are extended to March 29th 19:00 UTC. This does not modify the penalty for late submissions, anything submitted after March 25th will be considered late.
  • Optimism Foundation new members:

    • Governance Onboarding Lead: Maxwell maxwell@optimism.oi, op_mxwell on Telegram
    • Citizenship PM: Emily @OptimisticEmily on Telegram, Emilyfurlong.eth on Farcaster
    • Governance Operations Coordinator: Julian Julian@optimism.io
    • Research and Experiments Lead: Eliza

Token House #38: April 9th, 2024

Slides: April 9th, 2024 Token House call slides - Google Slides
Recording: you really don’t want to watch it.

For those of you who were on the call, you know we got zoom bombed by a troll. Awesome job pivoting to Discord mid-call, thanks! Here’s a picture of a kitten in case you still need to cleanse your eyes.

Now for the recap!


Joint House #39: April 23th, 2024

Recording: April 23rd joint house call recording.mp4 - Google Drive
Slides: April 23rd, joint house call slides

  • Two proposals passed on Voting Cycle #21.
  • As season 5 is about to end, now is time to leave feedback: S5 Feedback thread
  • We had Ben Jones talking about three different upgrades are coming in voting cycle #23A:
    • Governor upgrade: all upgrades that are governor contracts, will go through a token vote. It will be a quite small upgrade; bug fixes, UX improvements, etc.
    • Fault proofs upgrade: fault proofs will be soon out to mainnet.
    • Modification to the pause structure: will be splitted into two proposals. The other one is effectively a role change in the smart contracts system, right now the Optimism Foundation plays the guardian role for the OP Mainnet and this is effectively the ability to pause the system in the event of emergency fixes, being too much control for the foundation to have directly, the second upgrade along with fault proofs, will basically shift the fundamental ability to pause over to the Security Council.

The Security Council will be able to unilaterally revoke the right from the Foundation to permanently pause the system in case it is misused.

  • More information will be out soon!

  • Retro Funding 4: Onchain Builders was announced:

    • The round sizing will be of 10M OP, the impact generated between October 2023 - June 2024 will be rewarded.
    • Sign up: May 23rd - June 6th
      • One of the topics on the forums post on what impact will be rewarded is “Interactions from Optimism users with high trust scores” this refers to onchain reputation. Data sets are being currently collected and the aim is to try to find an index of reputation scores or experiment with different reputation data to determine this.
      • Anybody will be free to create and propose impact metrics, a survey workshop will be coming up with Badegeholders to get input on what type of metrics the voting process should feature.
      • If you want to know better how the design for the voting interface looks like, there is a calendy link to schedule a call for user testing in the badgeholder discord/telegram channel.
    • Eligibility criteria: in order to facilitate the voting process, reduce low-quality applications and reward as many quality builders as possible, a more specific set of requirements was set for eligibility.
      • Read the forum post for details.
      • For NTFs or ERC20 contracts to be eligible it is important to be the actual person that deployed that contract, applicants will need to sign a message with the deployer address.

We are holding a Speed-Networking event on Zoom this Friday 26th at 17:00 UTC - 13:00 ET - 19:00 CET, make sure to be there!


Thanks Michael for important events and updates.

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Token House: May 14th, 2024

Recording: May 14, 2024 S6 AMA and Token House Call.mp4 - Google Drive

  • Cycle 22 Final Grants Roundup

    • Total of 530 mission request applications and 130 finalists.
    • The season is now closed and new applications for season 6 will open on July 18th.
  • Season 6 AMA

    • We are currently in Season 6 Reflection Period: Reading Period. The reflection period will last till June 26th, read Season 6: Reflection Period Guide for all dates and details.
    • Season 6 will start on June 27th till December 11th.
    • Seasons are now standardized to be six months long, a six week reflection period and three week voting cycles.
    • Retro Funding rounds 4, 5, 6 and 7 will all take place during season 6 this year.
    • The goal for season 6 is to refine and improve existing programs and structures to support strategic goals for the Superchain.
    • Read the Season 6: Guide to learn more about this season Intents, each intent has a target metric.
    • The process for mission requests will be slightly different in order to make a better experience for builders. Season 6: Missions v2.5
    • Grants Council will continue to process applications for grants on the OP Mainnet but other OP Chains will also be able to apply to the governance fund to request tokens and run their own grants program.
    • There are going to be some small changes based on feedback for the Anticapture Commision, resizing from 10M OP to 20M to be delegated across different OP Chains and incentivise more participation in governance. Read the post Season 6: Anticapture Commission Amendment
    • Anybody who would like to lead a board or a council can put forward a proposal for an operating budget to support that board or council. It needs to be posted in the forums and be approved by four top 100 delegates by May 22nd 19:00 UTC.
    • Use the Collective Reward Framework as a guideline to assess operating budgets for boards and councils. (optional)
    • Protocol upgrades will continue to be voted on during reflection periods.
    • A separate AMA will be hosted the 21st during the community call to have the upgrade proposals authors and engineer team walk through those protocol upgrades.
  • Introducing Blockspace Charters: Superchain-first Governance

    • Is a new, technical-focused governing framework for the Superchain.
    • The goal is to acknowledge and address what is going on with chains using the OP Stack, and what the changes made in the code mean for the blockspace, basically to provide the same level of clarity that the operating manual does around the constitution for the law of chains. This is a way for the community to understand what are the different trade-offs that these chains are making and what are the properties that they have.
    • Consists of three primary components: Criteria, Governing Policies, and Precommitments.
    • Will be rolled out alongside two supporting components: the Superchain Registry, and an improved upgrade proposal process.
    • An initial draft of the Standard Rollup Charter for community feedback can be found here.

Joint House: May 21st, 2024

recording: May 21st Joint House Call Upgrade AMAs.mp4 - Google Drive
slides: May 21st, joint house call slides - Google Slides


Upgrade Proposal: Fault Proofs

  • No permissions anymore on who is allowed to submit a proposal.
  • Anyone can challenge a proposal.
  • When a proposal is submitted, the FaultDisputeGame contract along with the off-chain OP-challenger, will work together to either properly invalidate malicious proposals or defend valid proposals.
  • Main safety nets are an off chain monitoring system to monitor all proposed roots, window delays that allow the Guardian to reject the root and stop invalid withdrawals; and DelayedWETH contracts that handles bonds that people put up.
  • If this proposal is accepted, withdrawals that have been proven but not finalized will need to prove again.
  • A Sherlock audit contest was made, mainly focused on safety mechanisms.
  • The sequencer will continue to provide one output per hour, there is no limit on how many outputs can be submitted.

Upgrade Proposal: Guardian, Security Council Threshold and L2 ProxyAdmin Ownership changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

  • Increase of the Security Council Safe’s signing threshold, from 4 to 10, out of 13 owners.
  • Reassigning the role of Guardian from the Foundation to a new Guardian Safe with the Security Council Safe as its sole owner for additional safety.
  • Reassigning the owner of the L2 proxy admin to the 2 of 2 multi-sig that is jointly held by the Foundation and Security Council.
  • The concern that a high threshold of 10 of 13 has is around key loss of Security Council safe signers, liveness extension system provides a strong confidence that the Security Council signers are live, if they’re not, it gives a recourse to recovery, so every 14 weeks a signer needs to be seen simply by executing a transaction or calling the system and confirming that they still have their keys and they are live. If they are not seen during that 14 week period they can be permissionlessly removed.
  • What the DeputyGuardian module allows is for the Foundation to continue being that incident response actor while allowing us to meet the decentralization properties of the Security Council, being able to enforce the exit window. That means if the Foundation were ever to pause withdrawals and then refuse to unpause, the Security Council is able to remove, revoke the Foundation’s authorization to act as the guardian, and then the Security Council can unpause the system so that withdrawals can proceed.

Governor Update Proposal #2: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations

  • This is a further enhancement to how absolute and relative vote calculations for advanced delegation users are made.
  • It’s a proactive upgrade we’re doing where there’s a chance that if you mix using relative voting power and absolute voting power with our advanced delegation alligator contracts, you could get into a situation where you’re voting with slightly less voting power than you actually are
  • Fixes the issue found when mixing relative voting power and absolute voting power with advance delegation alligator contracts and getting into a situation where you are voting with less voting power than you actually are.

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