RFG-3: Smart Contract Auditing Services Cycle 19 roundup

We are thrilled to announce the selection of the first batch of projects under RFG-3: Smart Contract Auditing Services. After careful reviewing and scoring, we have chosen the initial five out of twelve applications to proceed with this essential initiative. These projects have demonstrated outstanding potential and alignment with our mission to enhance the security and affordability of smart contract deployments within our ecosystem.

  1. xKeeper Security Grant Application (Score 102)
  2. TrailofBits-Wonderland Review (Prophet) (Score 90)
  3. Mellow Protocol (Score 89)
  4. Exactly Security Grant Application (Score 91)
  5. Alchemix Security Grant Application (Score 101)

The Opti.Domains Security Grant Application scored 67 below the 75 cutoff established and will not be elected for this program.

The primary objective of RFG-3 is to address a critical need within our community: reducing the barriers and costs associated with smart contract auditing. We firmly believe that by subsidizing auditing services, we can empower builders to deploy safer and more robust contracts while fostering a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

To execute RFG-3 effectively, we have identified 2 key components:

  1. A Pool of Reputable Auditors: During season 4 the GC has enlisted a pool of experienced and reputable auditors to ensure the highest standards of security and reliability (RFG3 finalists).
  2. Matching Mechanism: A system has been devised to match auditors with projects based on their specific needs and requirements. Auditors have to apply on behalf of the project during Season 5 for the GC to review and approve.

Key Considerations:

Audit completion validation will be overseen by the Milestone and Metrics Subcommittee. (more on this soon). This is an ongoing process, with nine applications remaining to be reviewed. We plan to modify the application form and rubric for a better assessment of the applications.

We believe that RFG-3 represents a significant step towards achieving our long-term vision of a secure, accessible, and thriving ecosystem. We extend our congratulations to the selected projects and express our gratitude to all participants for their contributions.