Governance Update #8

Governance Update #8

Hello delegates! As always, there is a lot going on in Optimism governance so we’ve put together this short summary to keep you up to date.

Intents and Collective Values

We hosted a series of community workshops to align on Intents and Values.

  • The Token House collectively aligned on Intent #3: Improve the Consumer Experience. You can see the final Intents for Season 5 here.
  • The Citizens’ House, with Token House input, has drafted Collective Values. Delegates and Citizens will be asked to attest to these values before the first joint house vote in January :heart:

Special Voting Cycle #16a has concluded!

The following proposals have passed:

The following proposal met quorum but had a majority of ‘Abstain’ votes, which means no suspension will occur. As a reminder, that was the last time the Token House will be asked to vote on this type of proposal as we implement an alternative method in Season 5.

What we’ve learned from your feedback

  • We’re excited to welcome an all star slate of members to the Developer Advisory Board! This Season, the members were appointed by the Foundation. There were some questions as to why board members were not elected. Councils have elected membership as delegates are directly delegating decision making authority to Council members. The board was appointed as they don’t have direct decision making ability and instead serve in an advisory only capacity. However, it is possible we move to elections for the board in the future.
  • There were some great questions about the Anticapture commission, which are addressed here.
  • We’ve heard your feedback on the need to improve the process and reduce the overhead related to enforcing of the Code of Conduct. The Foundation will work with the elected Code of Conduct Council to rescope and redefine how the Code of Conduct is enforced. Any changes will be ratified by the Token House at the start of Season 5.
  • Delegates provided invaluable feedback on proposals. This feedback is critical to inform and iterate on design. However, we need to receive this feedback earlier in the process, as we can’t easily address concerns or make changes to a proposal once we have moved into a voting period.
  • This cycle we noticed a pattern of delegates expressing concerns about a proposal but still voting to approve it. While ideally feedback is provided early enough in the review period to be addressed before the voting period begins, if delegates don’t fully support a proposal, they should considering voting “No.” This provides valuable feedback to the Foundation and allows designs to be reconsidered and concerns to be addressed in subsequent iterations of a proposal. It’s great to see delegate alignment with governance minimization. Please continue to hold the Foundation accountable to this principle with your votes.

Up Next!

Nominations and Elections

Nominate yourself to be a Member of the Grants or Code of Conduct Councils! These are very important roles in the Collective.

Please note the following positions are open on the Grants Council:

  • Builders Reviewers: 5 spots to be elected
  • Growth Experiments Reviewers: 5 spots to be elected
  • Milestones and Metrics Reviewers: 3 spots to be elected

Nominate yourself here!

Please note the following positions are open on the Code of Conduct Council:

  • 5 spots to be elected
  • To apply to be the Council Lead, please apply here by November 10th

Nominate yourself here!

All self-nominations must be posted to the forum by November 1st at 19:00 GMT.

Special Voting Cycle #16b

  • Elect Grants Council members
  • Elect Code of Conduct Council members
  • Ratify the Law of Chains
  • Vote on Intent Budgets
  • Vote on the Chain Delegation Program

This reflection period will also include a new Special Voting Cycle #16c, which will run from November 23rd - December 6th. Ratification of the Security Council members will now take place in Special Voting Cycle #16c. This additional time will allow the Foundation to make sure the Security Council is being implemented and administered according to the highest security standards. In Special Voting Cycle #16c, the Token House will also vote on the Canyon Protocol Upgrade, which includes Shanghai and Capella hardfork support and several minor protocol improvements.

As always, you can reference all voting cycles on the public governance calendar. Voting occurs at

RetroPGF Round 3 :red_circle: :sparkles:

  • The RetroPGF applications closed on Oct 24th 6:00 UTC with 1596 application submitted!
  • Badgeholder Reviewers are reviewing applications that have been reported for application rule violations. So far 800+ applications have been reviewed.
  • Badgeholders are busy preparing for RetroPGF Round 3, which starts on Nov 6th
  • Reference the badgeholder manual for information on participating in Round 3!