Voting Cycle Roundup #18

Cycle 18 began on Thursday (January 25th) at 19:00 GMT and runs until Wednesday (February 14th) at 19:00 GMT. Additionally, the Citizens’ House will have a one-week period to veto any Protocol Upgrades approved by the Token House, immediately following the conclusion of the Token House Voting Period.

A snapshot of delegate voting weights will be taken at the time votes go live. Voting will take place at starting on February 8th at 19:00 GMT. Citizens’ House vetos occur via Snapshot.

Mission Requests will be approval ranked under each Intent until the budget for that Intent is depleted. See How to Vote on Mission Requests.

The following Mission Requests have received the required delegate approvals and will move to a vote in Cycle #18:


Voting Cycle #18 has concluded. The Protocol Upgrade #4 Proposal has succeeded and will now proceed to a veto vote in the Citizens’ House. These are the final results for Mission Requests under each intent:

Intent #1, 1.33M OP

  • Request 1A: Alternative CL/EL client Mission Request
  • Request 1B: Decentralized rollup-as-a-service
  • Request 1C: Fraud Proof CTF Mission Request
  • Request 1D: Implement a prototype of an OP stack chain with mempool encryption
  • Request 1E: OP Stack Research and Implementation
  • Request 1F: Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling

Intent #2, 4M OP

  • Request 2A: Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds
  • Request 2B: Builders grants program mission request
  • Request 2E: Growth and experiments grants program mission request
  • Request 2G: Layerwide new project support
  • Request 2H: Making Optimism a primary home of liquid staked eth
  • Request 2L: smart contract auditing services
  • Request 2N: ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers

Intent #3, 1.33M OP

  • Request 3A: Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling
  • Request 3B: An Optimistic Future for Art
  • Request 3D: Deliver a Best-in-Class Perp Dex Mission Request
  • Request 3E: Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph
  • Request 3K: Scale ENS to Optimism
  • Request 3L: Superchain Accounts

Intent #4, 1.33M OP

  • Request 4A: AI Assistant for governance support Mission Request
  • Request 4B: Building Identity - Driving Adoption of Attestations
  • Request 4C: Create a grants Supertracker for the Optimism Collective and the Superchain
  • Request 4E: Delegation Quest SDK Mission Request
  • Request 4F: Incentivize and increase governance participation
  • Request 4G: Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF Modules into University Courses
  • Request 4I: Making Impact Evaluation Accessible
  • Request 4J: Governance Mentorship Program Mission Request

Note: Due to an administrative error, the change in intent for four proposals made before the voting period (from Intent #2 to Intent #3) was not reflected, and they mistakenly appeared under Intent #2. The impact of this on the results for Intent #3 is that proposals 3D and 3B would not have been funded. Given that this was an administrative error and it does not impact the overall budget, there will be no change to their funding status; they will remain approved.