Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar

  • I did not make any link to social accounts and crypto projects which the social account holders had not already made themselves

  • I shared no material information about the identity of these humans which was not already shared by themselves

  • My intentions have only been to discuss impact, and decentralize the flow of funds in the space.

This claim is false as can be seen on this tweet. This has been public information for a long time, they’ve even publicly disclosed the location of their honeymoon. I did not “doxx” their names and referred to them with the aliases they use online. I also did not intentionally or even maliciously mean to dox them because this information has been shared by them on several occasions. It’s so public that it didn’t even occur to me not to refer to them as a couple.

Update: This and other public examples of the information they claim was was not public has been deleted since publishing here.

These actions should be considered when making a vote in this matter, taken into account in relation to their integrity and for potential disciplinary actions against them since this erroneous report is a form of bullying and harassment against me.

As additional proof, this has been a point of contention within the Ethereum Honduras community due to this nepotism limiting fair distribution of resources and opportunities for Honduran builders. Anyone that raises this concern has been fudded and cut off from the community. This bullying has led to multiple builders being cut off from resources and discouraged from continuing to build on Ethereum. I’ve also been a target of this bullying in many forms, but fortunately have been able to persevere past it due to consistently delivering impact.

I am posting this screenshot of a conversation (with permission) with a Honduran full stack dev that has been victim to this bullying. He even encouraged me to use his name, but I will avoid this due to the vicious nature of Ethereum Honduras core and contributors of EthKipu and SeedLatAm.

AI Translation:

I believe I shared plenty of proof to substantiate my claims about the inefficiencies, lack of results as a community despite receiving so much funding, provided clear examples and links as proof for my arguments. There is no transparency here as to what the “lies” are so I cannot defend this point.

I respect everyone’s right to privacy; but also believe openness, transparency, and fairness are needed to create a strong and resilient collective.