Mission Request Evaluations

Mission Request Evaluations

Missions v2: Season 5: https://gov.optimism.io/t/missions-v2-season-5/
Mission Requests FAQ: 🏹 Mission Requests FAQ
Delegate Guide: How to Create a Delegate Mission Request: Delegate Guide: How to Create a Delegate Mission Request

The Mission process has been restructured based on delegate feedback from Season 4. The new process for Season 5 is articulated below.

  • If you submitted a Mission Request to the forum by January 17th at 19;00 GMT, or had a top 100 delegate sponsor a Mission Request by January 19th at 19:00 GMT, your Mission Request is eligible for delegate approvals.

  • All proposals require 4 approvals by top 100 delegates in order to move to a vote, as outlined in the operating manual.

  • Top 100 delegates can provide approval on a proposal draft by posting the below statement as a comment
    ”I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote."

  • Any top 100 delegate may provide approval by February 7th at 19:00 GMT. Any drafts that do not have 4 approvals by this deadline will not move to a vote.

  • Some top 100 delegates have opted-in to provide approvals to randomly sampled drafts. Assignments for these delegates can be found here. If anyone else would like to sign up to provide approvals, tag @op_julian in a comment below and we will add you to the sheet.

  • If you change your proposal after receiving approvals, you need to notify your approving delegates of the changes and have them reaffirm their approval.

Key things to consider when providing feedback and/or approvals:

  • Is the Trust Tier appropriate for the request or is it too high / being used to gate access to apply?
  • Is the Mission Request similar to another one? Could they be combined in a way that would let all applicants apply under one?
  • Is the Request focused on OP Mainnet or the broader superchain / other OP Chains? It should be focused only on OP Mainnet (especially relevant for Intent Season 4 Rollout #2 )
  • Does the Mission Request specify the team that should complete the Request? If so, that is NOT a Request, it’s a grant application. Please direct them to reframe the Request or to submit a Mission Application to the builders/growth grant programs in Cycle Emergency vote process #19 (provided those Requests are approved.)
  • Does the Mission Request describe a start-to-finish initiative or ongoing services? It should be a start-to-finish initiative
  • Does the Mission Request rely on Foundation action or support? It should not
  • Is the Mission Request a metagovernance proposal (proposal to create or alter governance structures, such as Councils)? Those are not within scope for a Mission Request

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hey thanks for the tag. Quick feedback. Would be extremely helpful if in the spreadsheet of assignments you also included the link to the forum post :pray:


Thanks for the feedback! The change has been implemented


So one more question. Line 7 in the spreadsheet links to this: Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship - #51 by Cotabe

Which is not a sponsored mission request. And they seem to already have a grant for this. Is it a mistake?

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Hey @lefterisjp! It is a sponsored Mission Request, here is the right link:


Also wanted to clarify that reviewing a mission does not require giving approval. It’s my understanding that the approvals act as a filter mechanism so that not all of the mission proposals go to a vote. I will be reviewing all of the missions assigned to me but will not be providing approvals to those that I don’t see creating a substantial impact.

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Thanks @katie! This is a very important clarification. I have updated the title and copy to be more reflective of this.


@op_julian Thanks for this detailed outline.

We will aim to provide approvals to a variety of missions.

Hey @AdvantageBlockchain – I just added you to some mission requests in our assignment sheet that needed extra coverage. Please let me know if you are able to provide evaluations for the requests you have been added to

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Cool, thanks. We will take a look, and get it done! :facepunch:

Reminder to all the delegates providing mission request evaluations – the deadline to do so is February 7th at 19:00 GMT


Final Reminder to delegates providing mission request evaluations that the deadline to do so if February 7th at 19:00 GMT.

Below are the mission request proposers who still have yet to receive the four approvals required to move to a vote this week. Please remember, not ALL mission requests will receive the sufficient amount of approvals to move forward to community vote. If you have questions about why your mission request does not have enough approvals, please reach out to one of the delegates assigned to your proposal in the google sheet listed in the main post.

It is also worth noting that approvals can be provided from ANY of the top 100 delegates. Not just the ones assigned to your mission request.



@AdvantageBlockchain if you have time – could you review these two?

If any delegates have time – these two missed assignment and still need review!