Recap: 15th OP Community Governance Call (February 14th)

Call recording: February 14th Optimism Community Governance Call.mp4 - Google Drive


  • This meeting was a little bit shorter but still some great discussion.
  • Check out the new Agora interface (, cast your test vote, and drop some feedback!
    • This is the place for new delegates to register and for existing delgates to cast votes
  • New partner fund post
    • Same restrictions for no sale / lockup. Generally targeted at larger projects that have already achieved product-market fit.
  • Bedrock vote coming up!
  • Some Q&A with grants council team - if you have feedback on grants council or other season 3 things, drop it here!
  • Community calls on zoom vs discord vs twitter
    • Who is the target audience? We want to keep quality of discussion high.
    • There may be ways to do a discord call with token-gated permissions (OP labs attestation station?)
    • Only zoom allows screen-sharing
    • Maybe we can do a test community-governance discussion on discord
    • We could also work to broadcast link to call wider, this is something immediate that we can do for next meeting.

Thanks again @Michael


Hey there, how can I join future calls?

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Check out this post with the future call zoom link: 16th OP Community Governance Call is [Febuary 28th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET].


Thank you ser, excited to join

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