Season 6: [Draft] Charter-Aware Upgrade Proposal Template

Season 6: [Draft] Charter-Aware Upgrade Proposal Template

// This is a draft Upgrade Proposal Template for community feedback. A final draft will be ratified by the Token House in Season 6. For more context on the Blockspace Charter Framework, see here. Proposed changes from the current version of the Standard Proposal Template are underlined for readability.

Proposal Title: _____________________________________

What your proposal is called?

Proposal Type: _____________________________________

Governance proposals must fall under a valid proposal type.

Executive Summary

A high level overview of the proposal’s substance. Please include:

  • Short summary of the proposal
  • Impacted stakeholders & expected outcomes


The why. Please include:

  • Why you are submitting the proposal
  • Any conflicts of actual or anticipated conflicts of interest that you (as an individual, group or entity) may have with respect to the proposal
  • Why the Collective should adopt the proposal


The details of the proposal. Please include:

  • Blockspace Charter

    • [Link to the Blockspace Charter proposed to be upgraded under this proposal]
    • [Link to pull request specifying the upgraded Blockspace Charter]
  • Technical details (a comprehensive description of the proposed changes).**

    If applicable, please include:

    • Links to all protocol/ API/ tech specifications
    • Overview of ongoing security considerations, including all audits and findings*
  • Impact summary (a comprehensive description of the consequences of adopting the proposed changes).

    If applicable, please include:

    • Changes in performance characteristics
    • Time-of-upgrade considerations (downtime, etc.)
    • Links to exhaustive upgrade documentation for impacted stakeholders
    • Justifications for all changes to the Blockspace Charter not covered in previous sections.
  • Precommitment impact review:

    • A list of all unaffected precommitments, with brief justification for why they are not effected and continue to be upheld after this upgrade.
    • A list of all modified precommitments, with justification for why the change is beneficial, and why it preserves the original intent of the original precommitment.
    • A list of all removed precommitments, with justification for why the upgrade fulfills the intent of the precommitment, thus allowing for it to be removed

Action Plan

How the proposal would be implemented. If applicable, please include:

  • Anticipated implementation/upgrade/execution timing
  • Contingency plans in case of last-minute bugs or issues
  • Plan for communication and education to the community


Tying it all together.

Please include:

  • Recap of main points
  • Request for approval from the Collective

Note: By submitting a proposal, you represent and warrant to the Optimism Collective that all the information it contains is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

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