Governance Weekly Recap

Governance Recap: Week of November 20, 2023

Greetings Optimism Community! Last week was bustling with activity, from crucial voting processes to vibrant discussions in our forums. Here’s a roundup of the key updates and happenings.

Voting Highlights

Special Voting Cycle #16c

  • Canyon Network Upgrade: The community focused on the Canyon Network Upgrade, a pivotal proposal aiming to significantly enhance the network’s performance and scalability. This upgrade represents a major technological advancement, addressing crucial technical challenges to improve the user experience and system efficiency. Community members were encouraged to delve into the proposal’s details and participate actively in shaping the network’s future. Full Proposal and Voting link
  • Security Council Ratification: The ratification vote for the initial members of the Security Council marked a significant stride in bolstering the network’s security governance. This process involves carefully selecting members who will play a crucial role in overseeing and ensuring the network’s security, reflecting the community’s commitment to maintaining a robust and secure ecosystem. Forum | Voting

Forum Discussions

  • Grants Council Platform Request: A key discussion emerged around the selecting a dedicated platform to support the Grants Council’s operations. This platform is envisioned to streamline processes, facilitate collaboration among council members, and enhance transparency in decision-making. The community’s input is sought to ensure the platform effectively meets the council’s needs and objectives. Discussion Thread by @gonna.eth.
  • Voting Cycle 16c Commencement: The start of Special Voting Cycle #16c marked another important phase in community-driven governance. Members were urged to review the proposals and exercise their voting rights, emphasizing the significance of collective decision-making in shaping the network’s direction. The two proposals which are being voted upon Proposal 1 & Proposal 2
  • Optimism Community Call Recap: Regular community calls provide a platform for updates, discussions, and feedback. The latest call covered a range of topics, reflecting the diverse interests and initiatives within the Optimism ecosystem. Staying updated with these recaps is crucial for active community members. Recap Here by @michael
  • Voting Rationale for RetroPGF3: In this thread, community members shared their rationale behind their voting choices for RetroPGF3. These insights offer valuable perspectives on the decision-making process, highlighting the diverse viewpoints and priorities within the community. @dmars300 & @OPUser shared a detailed view about their takes, Read their thoughts.
  • RetroPGF Application Errors: Addressing and discussing reported application errors in RetroPGF3 is crucial for maintaining the integrity and smooth operation of the grant process. This thread serves as a platform for identifying and reporting the errors in applications. Issue Discussion by @jonas.

Delegate Communications

  • Updates from Delegates: Delegates shared updates and communications, providing insights into their ongoing initiatives and perspectives on various topics. These updates are a key part of maintaining an informed and engaged community, and serves as a crucial channel of communication by the delegates.

Events & Social

  • Optimism RetroPitches: The Optimism RetroPitches event offers a dynamic platform for community members to present and discuss their projects. This event fosters a spirit of innovation and collaboration, providing an excellent opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and gain visibility within the Optimism ecosystem especially for RetroPGF 3. Event Details by @Optimystics
  • OP Delegate Call: The 32nd OP Delegate Call is an essential forum for community engagement, discussion, and collaboration. Scheduled for December 5th, this call is an opportunity for delegates to share updates, discuss ongoing initiatives, and engage with the community on pressing topics. Details here by Michael
  • RetroPGF Showcase: Scheduled for November 28, the RetroPGF Showcase is a key event for projects funded by the RetroPGF to demonstrate their progress and impact. This event is crucial for fostering transparency, accountability, and community engagement around funded projects. Event Information by nicod

Community Contributions

  • Impactful Projects List: Curated by community member @lefterisjp, this list highlights impactful open-source projects within the RPGF. It serves as a valuable resource for community members to discover and support projects that are making significant contributions to the ecosystem. View the List.
  • RetroPGF OSS Projects Analysis: This comprehensive analysis of 300 open-source projects applying for RetroPGF3 provides crucial insights into the landscape of community-driven projects. It is a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of the ecosystem, and a valuable resource for understanding the breadth and depth of community engagement. Full Analysis by @ccerv1.

This week’s updates underscore the dynamic and participatory nature of our community. Your engagement and insights are vital in driving Optimism forward. Stay active and stay connected!

Image by Zey on OP Discord