29th OP Community Call will be [Tuesday October 17th @ 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST]

We’re back!!! :red_circle: :sparkles:

After quite a few weeks without a community call, we will be having one again this Tuesday, October 17th at the normal time.

As always, feel free to comment below any topics you’ll like to discuss.

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of things on the table with all the new introductions of season 5 and the start of the voting cycle.

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Slides: October 17, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

See you there!
Michael :slight_smile:

Edit: Summary Link: Optimism Community Call Recaps Thread - #23 by Michael


Hi Michael,
Just curious. Is there any particular reason why the CC is done in Zoom?

Wouldn’t Discord be a better option to do them?
It would allow to schedule reminders and improve the participation of more members of the Collective.


I second this suggestion

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Where can I find the link to join the meeting?

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Here is the link! It will always be in the official optimism governance calendar as well.

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We’ve had some debate on this in the past but we stuck with zoom. That said, we can put event reminders in discord with the zoom link, I see it wasn’t done this week but I’ll be better about making sure thats up there in the future. I’ll add that event reminder now.


We would love to see the community calls in the discord…!!

Getting everyone together for these calls is like herding cats. Totally agree that there could be more volunteers from the governance to host the calls as well as having members from the Base community such as @jessepollak or other members of the Superchain help to host the community calls.
We have not seen further information about the involvement from other members of Base or how they will be involved with the OP Gov.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for hosting these calls and all your excellent work, I’ve learned so much from you and really appreciate it!

If there is time during today’s meeting, I’d like to ask a question about KYC requirements for RetroPGF. I’ve listened to a prior community call about this and understand that the Optimism Foundation can do KYC for all owners/signatories on an MSIG address for RetroPGF, but I’m wondering if the Optimism Foundation can also do KYC for contributors who are not directly on the MSIG but receive a portion of funds via a 0xSplits contract. I’ve heard from your podcast with Protocol Guild that they experienced a related issue with this in the last round of RetroPGF and am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to resolve this issue.

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can provide more clarity about how a RetroPGF recipient that doesn’t currently have a legal entity can reward dozens of contributors without having all contributors as owners/signatories on the MSIG. I know there are also many other exciting topics to discuss in today’s meeting and this is a rather specific question that might not have a simple answer, so I’d be happy to ask this question in the RetroPGF category of the forum or discord instead of today’s call if you think this would be best.

Dan :slight_smile:

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Hey Dan!

I’ll put this on the agenda at the end of today’s call, thanks for the question.

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Awesome, you’re welcome of course. Thank you Michael! :pray:t4:

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29th Token House Community Call Summary - (AI-generated, view call for accuracy)

This call will be renamed to Token House Community Call to distinguish it from the Citizens’ House Community Call.

Representatives from Base joined the call:

  • Saemi Kim, Governance Lead
  • Rowan Stone, Business Operations Lead

Voting Cycle 16a (7 proposals) is open for voting and ends on 25th October, 2023.

Collective Values: Simona leads an effort to establish collective values for the Optimism ecosystem. Justine underscores the importance of aligning values to guide collective decisions. The list of collective values will be posted in the governance forum for feedback.

  • Transparency: Emphasizing the importance of openness and clarity in processes and actions.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that resources and information are readily available and usable by all participants.
  • Collaboration: Promoting cooperative efforts and teamwork among community members.
  • Long-term Thinking: Encouraging a forward-looking perspective that considers the consequences of decisions over time.
  • Impact: Focusing on making a positive difference and creating meaningful outcomes.
  • Iterative Innovation: Valuing a continuous process of improvement, including learning from mistakes and iterating on solutions.
  • Community Empowerment: Empowering individual community members and recognizing their role in shaping the collective’s direction.

Anticapture Commission: Michael discusses the Anticapture Commission, emphasizing its opt-in nature and eligible delegate list. The allocation of 10 million voting power for the Anticapture Commission is questioned during the call, advocating for higher representation. Justine provides insights into the rationale behind the allocation and the commission’s aim to reward high-impact delegates.

Code of Conduct Violations: Delegates recommend referring technical decisions to the Code of Conduct Council in case of insufficient quorum or majority. A vote is live for the Code of Conduct Council Budget.

Developer Advisory Board: The initial list of Developer Advisory Board members nominated by the Foundation was introduced, and the budget allocation per member for the season was mentioned (12,500 OP). The advisory board’s role was clarified, which involves assisting councils, especially with technical aspects of grants and milestones, and addressing decentralization concerns.

Grants Council Voting: The Grants Council’s role in informing decisions across various proposals is highlighted, along with a Security Council vote.

Grants Council Nominations: Changes in Grants Council roles, including new reviewer positions, are discussed. A question about the relationship between the grant council and retroactive public goods funding is raised. Reviewers will evaluate grant milestones and reporting. More nominations for positions are needed. Nominations close on November 1st.

RetroPGF3: The deadline for RetroPGF3 applications is approaching, with the closing date set for October 23rd. Delegates are encouraged to actively promote this program on their social media and personally reach out to potential applicants. A question arises concerning Know Your Customer (KYC) for DAO members. To address this, users are advised to contact Jonas via Discord or participate in the Citizens House Community call scheduled for October 31st.

Upcoming Events


Hey Dan!

We are required to perform KYC on anyone who can be understood to be in direct control of the grant funds upon receipt. We’re able to perform KYC for signers of a multisig that grant funds are disbursed to.

Let me know if that answered your question!