Badgeholder Nomination Roundup

As part of the recently announced retroPGF 2 , voting badges will be distributed to a set of 90 community members. One voting badge will be given to 10 Token House delegates. Below are all valid nominations (please see original post and Token House Badgeholder Election Information for more information.)

Voting will begin at 19:00 GMT on December 15th and run through 19:00 GMT on December 21st.


A.) Katie Garcia

B.) Linda Xie

C.) Bobbay (via Stablenode)

D.) Lefteris

E.) OPUser

F.) Fig (via Flipside Crypto)

G.) Mastermojo (via Synthetix Ambassadors)

H.) Jrocki

I.) Polynya

J.) Jacob

K.) Scott Moore

L.) Joxes | DeFi LATAM

M.) Nathan van der Heyden

N.) Juanbug (via Penn Blockchain)

O.) Dhannte

P.) MinimalGravitas

Q.) Millie (via Synthetix Ambassadors)

R.) Kris Kaczor

S.) Jack Anorak