RetroPGF 3: Voting badge distribution

RetroPGF 3: Voting badge distribution

Voting badges for RetroPGF 3 will be offered to 208 community members:

  1. Each badgeholder who voted in RetroPGF 2 will receive a new voting badge (69), and will be able to distribute a voting badge to one community member of their choosing.

  2. The top 50 recipients of RetroPGF 2 will be able to distribute a voting badge to one community member of their choosing.

  3. The Optimism Foundation will distribute 10 voting badges, each of whom will be able to distribute a voting badge to one community member of their choosing.

Rules and Code of Conduct

Badgeholders must abide by the following rules and the Code of Conduct. In case of a violation, the voting badge that has been distributed may be revoked.

  • As a round 2 badgeholder, you’re not allowed to distribute your voting badge to a co-worker with whom you work on your primary project. “Primary” is defined as a project to which you dedicate >25% of working hours or derive >25% of your compensation.
    This rule is established to counteract the concentration of voting badges among the members of a small number of projects.

  • Badgeholders represent individual members of the Optimism Collective. They can not represent a project or company in their capacity as badgeholders.

How to distribute your voting badge

The Optimism Foundation will distribute badges using the following guidelines, and encourages others to consider these criteria in their own distribution:

:bulb: Can this person help advance the process and structure of RetroPGF as a funding mechanism?

:mag_right: Is this person a domain expert in any of the categories up for funding in RetroPGF?

:seedling: Has this person shown strong alignment with the long term growth of the Optimism ecosystem and the mission of the Collective?

:people_hugging: Can this person expand the diversity of viewpoints and insights from which evaluations are made?

Distribute your badge

  • If you’re a badgeholder, please use this form to tell us who should receive a voting badge.
  • If you’re one of the top 50 recipients of RetroPGF 2, please use this form.
  • The deadline to distribute your voting badge is September 15th and the distribution will be published.

Disclaimer: In the future, the criteria for citizenship will be determined by governance. Voting in RetroPGF 3 does not guarantee permanent participation in the Citizens’ House and future iterations of RetroPGF.

Why this badgeholder selection method?

This distribution method is rooted in our learnings from RetroPGF 2

  • Similar to Round 2 of RetroPGF, each badgeholder who voted in the previous round of RetroPGF gets to distribute one voting badge. Previously, we’ve seen that extending the small trusted set of badgeholders by allowing each individual to add a new badgeholder to the group resulted in a highly committed & value aligned set of voters in round 2.

    • In the past we observed that badgeholders tended to pass their voting badge to their teammates, leading to potential centralization. To counteract this, we now prohibit badgeholders from nominating coworkers (see “Rules and Code of Conduct”)
  • The top 50 recipients from RetroPGF round 2 have shown strong alignment with Optimism’s values and have an interest in ensuring a fair RetroPGF process moving forward. This will also serve as an experiment to understand if receiving RetroPGF could be a viable citizenship selection method in the future.

  • The Optimism Foundation will distribute a limited number of badges using the criteria outlined above. The Foundation is not expecting to participate in the selection of badgeholders/citizens in future rounds of RetroPGF.

The future of Citizenship Selection

Ownership over citizenship distribution will eventually be the responsibility of Optimism’s two-house governance system and will be issued based on the reputation that Optimism Collective members have earned. We invite badgeholders and community members to discuss what reputation-attributes (in the form of attestations) could be valuable for future Citizenship selection in this thread :point_left:

This will allow the Collective to make the necessary preparations for future citizenship selection :sparkles:


How does one go about being in the running for a Community Badge?


The third round of voting has a strong team and a strong project Optimism :scroll::100::fireworks:


This is such an exciting method to gradually decentralize decision-making. Made me think of how Zuzalu invites came to be.

I am thinking about participating in Superhack. Is there anything that would make sense to build related to RetroPGF and voting badge distribution?


Thanks for sharing this! I would like to throw my hat in the ring to become a badgeholder. I’m the founder of web3beach and also working with many projects to help them create impact through the use of tools on Optimism.


GM everyone! I’m excited about the opportunity to extend “Citizenship” to more individuals in a more decentralized manner. If you have the opportunity to distribute a voting badge, please considered me as an option; I fully understand and embrace the responsibility that comes with being a Badgeholder, especially having witnessed the significant impact that RetroPGF brings to various communities.

My schedule will allow me time to research projects and assess their impact. I’m particularly interested in focusing on Collective Governance or End User Experience & Adoption. I share a strong alignment with the long-term growth of the Optimism ecosystem and the mission of the Collective. I’m eager to contribute to RetroPGF and the Citizens House so It will be an honor for me being recommended.

Edit: I spoke with @katie and I’m really grateful because she wrote my name on her form to distribute a badge! Thank you so so so much!


Please send me badges,the more the better. Thank you

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  1. The top 50 recipients of RetroPGF 2 will be able to distribute a voting badge to one community member of their choosing.

To provide some clarity, the count will not include collections like Support-NERDs, Ambassador, and others :pray:. Rest assured that you can access the complete list of recipients for RetroPGF2 by visiting this link :point_right: RetroPGF2 Results - Google Sheets.


Very exciting to see how the nomination process has been set up.

Not sure this is the place, but just to get it viewed by some of you, as you know i’ve been deeply involved in the Optimism collective as:

  • Super Ambassador
  • Team member of Thank Optimism mission to incentivize the Ambassador program
  • Working on co-marketing with projects
  • Launch engagement quests to promote best Defi protocols, best Crypto educators
  • Get Optimism highly engaged members joining The Optimist team (ex-the optimistic series) that include the bi-weekly newsletter and weekly podcast
  • Recently joining as a delegate
  • Recipient of RPGF Grant 2, and as during 1st badge holder call it was said, it can be a life changing money for some of us

That’s why, i’d love to become a badge holder for round 3, and contribute as the core team to the Optimism Vision aka Ether Phoenix.



You are contributing to Optimism Collective so much, you are a real Optimist Subil! Hoping you got the voting badge. :boom:


As ITU Blockchain, we have been actively involved in Optimistic Vision as a delegate for the past 3 months. Previously, we participated as a grantee in RetroPGF 2 round. Although we couldn’t make it to the Top 50 Grantees, we are proud to be ranked 93rd.

As a community based in Istanbul, we position ourselves as representatives of both Europe and the MENA region. We believe it is essential for the representation of the people in our region to be more inclusive and decentralized in Optimistic Vision.

For the past 3 months, the ITU Blockchain Delegation Team has been assigning roles internally to summarize all proposals. Later, this summary is shared with the entire Delegation Team in a meeting, where the preparers explain the proposal in detail. Then, a vote is taken to decide which direction to take regarding the proposal.

With all these efforts, we would very much like to become a Badgeholder as a community. If we become Badgeholders, we will continue to share detailed rationales for RetroPGF 3, just as we always have.


Let’s continue spread the word

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Happy :blush: to see the evolution of the different houses on Optimism since the beginning…!!!

The changes throughout Optimism governance are incredibly hard to keep up with.

Badge holders & Council members sure do have a ton of work cut out for themselves.

Keep growing & stay optimistic…!!

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There’s no formal way to become a candidate for a voting badge, but you can signal your intention to be considered for badgeholdership here :point_left:

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This is a great way to do it and. ensure you have quality community with the right values :slight_smile:

Hey fam, I’d like to continue my journey in governance building here in the OP Collective as a citizen.

Did you build something related?

I have nominated @JoaoKury as a #badgeholder for #RPGF3

I believe it is crucial to have a badgeholder from Brazil :brazil:

I hope this helps generate greater awareness in the region about the optimistic vision and adds to the diversity of perspectives. I met João at ETH Samba in March this year, and we had a brief conversation and have stayed in touch with the promise of doing something together in governance.

Months passed, and we met again at the side event of @SEEDLatam in ETH Argentina last month, where we were able to have a more in-depth conversation and catch up on the challenges facing our communities in our countries and their relationship.

João is a very proactive person, speaks three languages, and has his own crypto news outlet (@ModularCrypto). He has extensive knowledge of governance, public goods, and scalability.
I have no doubt that he will be a responsible and critical badgeholder.

My decision is also based on this comment.

It has been on my mind for months since I read it. While nominations are from individual to individual, I believe personal decisions are political. I belong to two organizations (@seedlatam and @ETHKipu), both of which are small, growing teams that do not monetize their content and rely on grants. Within our limitations, we try to bridge the language gap with the Brazilian community. I think we should take a proactive stance on a personal level.

Last year at rpgf2, I don’t recall seeing a project in its description that announced its impact would be directly in Brazil or in the Portuguese language (I am not considering Translators or Bankless translations because these translations are part of a big initiative, not a specific initiative focuses on Brazil). So, the least I can do is nominate a Brazilian brother for this role.

I hope that more badges are awarded to people from different countries, not just Brazil, specifically to those who are building from the peripheries.

:argentina: :handshake: :brazil:

Nadie nos va a regalar la historia.


Sorry, just catching up. Nope, we finally hacked Refer, for onchain sybil resistant referrals.

Still interested in building around this though.

Greaat! Viva LATAM! :star_struck: