[READY TO VOTE] Superchain Hackathon Mission Request

Delegate Mission Request for Superchain Hackathon

Delegate Mission Request Summary:
Organize and execute a “Superchain Hackathon” to foster developer engagement and education about the Superchain. Multiple applicants welcome. These can be local or online events, and themes can be chosen by the applicants with the requirement that they “grow the superchain”.

Key activities include marketing the hackathon, creating promotional website & material, securing sponsorships from OP Protocols and OP Chains, selecting judges from the OP Ecosystem, and and organizing education & mentorship from the sponsors for the hackathon participants.

The goal is that teams can apply for in-person OR online events

Hackathons must not focus on a single OP Stack chain unless it is Optimism Mainnet. Hackathons must be Superchain focused and must not include non-Superchain themes/sponsors.

Hackathons can have specific themes such as “zk dapps hackathon”, “identity hackathon”, “build-a-chain” hackathon, etc…

In-person events are also encouraged and can be regional, as long as they are Superchain focused.

S5 Intent 2: Grow the Superchain

Proposing Delegate: Michael Vander Meiden

Proposal Tier 7: Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount: 150k OP (40k maximum per team, includes prizes & organization)

Mission fulfillment by: Multiple teams of organizers

Submit by: [To be set by Grants Council]

Selection by: [To be set by Grants Council]

Start date: [Applicable Date]

Completion date: [Within 12 months, Specific Date]


Alignment with Intent #2: Grow the Superchain

The Superchain ecosystem now has more options than ever for developers. With Optimism, Base, Zora, PGN, Mode, Redstone, Lyra, and other specific chains that have all signaled intent to become part of the Superchain, the time is now to double down on efforts to bring developers into the ecosystem.

Execution Requirements

  • Market the hackathon to attract a wide range of participants.
  • Create a hackathon website with information and marketing.
  • Secure sponsorships from OP Protocol and OP Chains (make this a community-wide event)
  • Organize educational workshops from the above sponsors
  • Select knowledgeable judges from the OP Ecosystem.
  • Organize and manage the hackathon remotely

Measuring Progress

  • Regular updates on marketing reach and participant registration.
  • Timely announcements of sponsors and judges.
  • Clear communication of hackathon timeline and milestones.
  • Expected completion dates for key milestones, including sponsor finalization, judge selection, participant registration deadline, and event date.

Measuring Impact Upon Completion

  • Number of hackathon attendees.
  • Number of unique contract deployers across all OP chains.
  • Quality and innovation of projects developed.
  • Feedback from participants and stakeholders.

Additional Information

  • Grant-as-a-service provider: [Disclose if applicable]
  • Contributions from others: [Disclose if applicable]

Application Instructions

[To be defined by the Grants Council]

Edit: Increased amount by $50k, added more specifics on the types of qualifying hackathons.


I like this Mission Request.

I would like to suggest some enhancements to ensure its success and long-term impact on the Superchain ecosystem.

  1. Experienced Organizer:
    To bring a wealth of expertise and ensure the success of the hackathon, I propose the inclusion of an experienced organizer with a proven track record in organizing large-scale events. An organizer with the caliber of ETHGlobal, known for their successful Ethereum hackathons, could provide valuable insights, best practices, and help maximize the event’s impact. Their experience could contribute significantly to the planning and execution phases, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for participants.

  2. Superchain Hackathon/Events Council:
    Additionally, I recommend the establishment of a dedicated Superchain Hackathon/Events Council, consisting of a team of four individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. This council’s primary role would be to create reusable assets such as platforms and a comprehensive database of participants for Superchain events. This centralized repository would not only streamline future hackathons but also contribute to the growth and cohesion of the Superchain community.

The Superchain Hackathon/Events Council could look after the following services:

  • Platform Development: Create a robust and user-friendly platform for hosting hackathons, ensuring a smooth experience for participants and organizers alike.

  • Database Management: Build and maintain a comprehensive database of participants, facilitating efficient communication and outreach for future Superchain events.

  • Sponsorship Assistance: Actively engage with potential sponsors and assist projects of SuperChain ecosystem through grants or minimal fees. This would not only support the financial aspects for the hackathon but also provide valuable exposure to projects within the Superchain ecosystem.

  • Userbase Expansion: Work towards building a strong userbase for Superchain projects by strategically promoting and endorsing them during hackathons. This would effectively put the word out for these projects and contribute to their growth.

Council can also be Point of Contact for experienced organizer.

So, the Grant amount can be raised to 120k OP and allow two teams, SuperChain Hackathon Council and existing organizer

I believe that integrating these enhancements into the mission will elevate its impact, ensuring a well-organized, community-driven Superchain Hackathon with long-lasting benefits for the ecosystem.


One team may not be able to do a full stack. For example, one team good at organizing events may not have a board network to reach out to sponsors.


Had a similar idea although directed towards edu clubs and incentivizing participation additionally as a delegate i support this mission.


I really like this idea and I believe it can be very positive for the developer ecosystem, and the superchain in general.
One of the things I believe would be important to consider is to get feedback from teams that have previous experience organizing hackatons, to see if the Mission Request is reasonable. For instance, I am not sure if 20k OP would be enough to cover the cost of something like Ethglobal’s hackatons…
Maybe @jacob can give us some feedback:)

Everything else looks good. I like the idea!

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Would actually like to see multiple events rather than 1 big one, and tbh these should def be remote, atleast for majority to allow as many to join as possible.


Agree, planning on editing the post but a few smaller events really seems like the way to go


The more collective-driven developer engagement support we can get, the better. There are no dapps if there are no devs. It might be work folding in a marketing component here to make sure you have someone onboard who can help run the logistics around sponsorship management, content creation, marketing the hackathon to gather leads for the hackathon - assuming its virtual, which I absolutely think should be re: better accessibility and reach.

Making a few edits based on some good feedback!

There has been a lot of feedback about having more, smaller hackathons be better than having one large regional one. It would be great if this was a “pool” for different initiatives to apply.

I am upping the grant amount to 100k, and allowing multiple groups to win the grant (with a maximum single applicant amount of 40k).


Tbh id up this to atleast 200k or more. Hackathons are -the- way you get devs/neat new use cases built and onto the network. Growth grants often are like 200k for whats just free money giveaways to create fake vol. This is super needed.

I am an Optimism delegate [Agora - OP Voter] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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Stopping by to drop formal approval, think the tweaked amounts will work fine, often these events have celebrity-laden lineups of speakers so breaking into multiple events would boost exposure by a decent threshold and could bring in some interesting people who may not have been able to attend based on location etc. As a top 100 delegate I believe this proposal is ready for vote. Delegate Commitments - #71 by MoneyManDoug

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Just posted an edit increasing the amount by 50k OP in agreement with the feedback by @Pr0. I also added more specific details on the types of hackathons allowed, limiting them to being superchain-only hackathons.

@MoneyManDoug and @Pr0, you will need to renew your approval if you agree with these changes.

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Looks good thanks for the ping. As a top 100 delegate I believe this proposal is ready for vote. Delegate Commitments - #71 by MoneyManDoug

I am an Optimism delegate [Agora - OP Voter ] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

Hackathons are ways to drive up developer engagement and also boost innovation by launching newer promising products, thereby increasing visibility and user base. Hoping to see this turn out as expected!

I am an Optimism delegate [Blockchain@USC] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

We believe more attentions on Superchain ecosystem, not just on OP Mainnet and its protocols are important and hackathons are a great way to achieve them.

We are an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and believe this Request is ready to move to a vote.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

Even though this request already received enough approvals I’d like to signal my support for this initiative.

One thing though that requires some more clarity in my opinion is the restrictions on how the grant can be used by potential mission proposers (in terms of builder/growth grant classification).

In my opinion any costs structured as organisational costs (team compensation, venue rental, food etc.) needs to be treated as a builders part of the grant and would be subject for 1yr lockup.

As for the prizes, I’m not sure. The easiest would be to treat this part also as a part of builders grants with 1yr lockup (so the rewarded team would also receive it only after lockup expires).

I suppose one possible exception could be the passing on of growth grants requirements, i.e. so that prize rewards should be used by winning teams as an incentive that is passed on directly to their end users.

@Michael what do you think?

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Its a good question.

I think builders grants make sense for winners/organization and the 1-year lockup also aligns incentives with the developers.

That said, I do think that distributing to hackathon participants might be OK as far as the distribution required for a growth grant?