[READY TO VOTE] Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling

Mission Request made by @Chom and originally shared here

Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling

Delegate Mission Request Summary:

This mission request aims to promote open source developer tooling development and maintenance under the S5 initiative. Developer toolings are important for the adoption of OP Stack and Superchain.

S5 Intent: Intent 1 - Progress towards technical decentralization
Proposing Delegate:
Proposal Tier: Ember
Baseline grant amount: 250,000 OP (10k - 50k OP Each)
Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: Multiple
Submit by: To be set by Grants Council
Selection by: Grants Council and Developer Advisory Board
Start date: February 1st 2024
Completion date: February 1st 2025


How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above intent?

Developer toolings play a crucial role in the widespread use of OP Stack and Superchain. These tools simplify the process of developing and deploying OP Stack and Superchain. They also lessen the time and effort required to create and implement the OP Stack chain and dApps that operate across OP Stack chains.

Example of these open source toolings:

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?:

  • Developers should have a substantial history of experience in developing tools relevant to the proposal. A background in contributing to related open-source tools is a plus.
  • For existing open-source toolings, proposals for enhancements or new features to existing open-source tools are required. A detailed development roadmap for the year 2024 must be included in the submission.
  • The open-source tooling should be primarily aimed at the development and deployment of OP Stack or dApps on OP Stack. If the tooling offers a broad range of features, the proposal should specifically emphasize those aspects related to OP Stack. For instance, if proposing for Viem 2.0 – a general Ethereum client library with functions specific to OP Stack – the focus should be on the implementation of these OP Stack-specific functions.
  • The proposed developer tooling must be open source.
  • The grant proposal must receive approval from the Developer Advisory Board.

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?:

  • Monitor open source GitHub repository for progress
  • Updates to the Grants Council on project progression at the end (12 months).

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?:

  • Assess the extent to which the open source tooling is being utilized and adopted within the relevant community or by target users.
  • Monitor mentions and discussions about the tooling on various social media platforms and forums.
  • Analyze key metrics on GitHub such as Issues, Pull Requests, Stars, Watches, and Forks.
  • Incorporation into the official Optimism documentation (https://docs.optimism.io)

Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request?
No external service provider was engaged for this Mission Request.

Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request?
This mission request is drafted by Chomtana.


Since I have seen many delegates put likes on my original mission request sponsorship post, I am bumping this in case delegates miss this one.

I like this proposal, I think this point should not be included as it is up to the OF/OpLabs to incorporate it in the web.

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My primary concern with this request is that it’s very open-ended. I suspect that, if approved, this request would be swamped with proposals for very different projects. It would ultimately be hard for any reviewer to maintain a consistent set of criteria. Could we instead perhaps use this thread to discuss some specific open source tools that would be interesting for the Collective and rework this proposal to target those specific tools? IMO RPGF does a better job at funding these sort of open-ended requests than missions.


I echo what @kelvin says here. It’s really open-ended and open to interpretation as to what would constitute an opensource tool here?

Everyone could apply to this as long as it’s an opensource tool doing anything in Optimism and that does not sound like a good idea as it’s too open-ended.

Also agree RPGF is better suited for this kind of funding.


I agree with @kelvin and @lefterisjp. These are all great ideas, but if people have ideas for useful open source tooling that should be built, those should be submitted as Mission Requests directly.

If we can nail this down to 1-5 specific tools that we want to see built, I think it’s a great idea and deserves funding.


The low-supply toolings for OP Stack that I can think of are

  1. OP Stack auto upgrade / monitoring / alerting tooling (like Cosmovisor)
  2. OP Stack node monitoring dashboard and alerting
  3. OP Stack node recovery tooling
  4. Superchain registry (Current solution doesn’t look feasible for dev or small chains)
  5. Lightweight superchain indexer that can work with public full-node RPC
  6. Lightweight superchain explorer that can work with public full-node RPC

However, there may be many other areas that I haven’t thought of yet. It would be great if we crowdsource potential ideas here.

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Hey @chom – just wanted to flag this as a proposal that still needs delegate approvals in order to move to a vote. If you are no longer interested in pursuing this proposal – please disregard this message. In order to see the delegates assigned to your proposal those can be found here. The deadline to provide feedback and approvals for Mission Requests is February 7th at 19:00


I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

The Developer Advisory Board has reviewed this Delegate Mission Request, and voted on its acceptance or rejection. The vote results are as follows:

ACCEPT: 6 votes
REJECT: 0 votes
ABSTAIN: 0 votes

therefore, the Developer Advisory Board accepts this delegate mission request with the contingency of the specification of tools listed by chom as guideposts be included in the DMR.

The Developer Advisory Board’s primary concern was the open-ended nature. By including specific tools in the DMR, we can guide applicants to what we are looking for. Open-source, ecosystem specific tools (like those listed) will lead toward more technical decentralization.

We thank the proposer for putting this together.

Thank you

Would be great if we could add tools listed by chom to the specification for the voting in case 4 delegates have approved this mission.

Oh yeah i missed this one.

I’m a delegate with required votepower and i think this proposal should go to a vote.

Great one, very supportive of open source dev tooling projects.

I am an Optimism Delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote

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As a top 100 delegate I believe this proposal is ready for vote. Delegate Commitments - #71 by MoneyManDoug

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Just flagging that the title of this Mission Request should be changed from [Draft] to [Ready to vote]

Congratulations! IMO this is a great mission request.


The Grants Council has opened early submissions as an Indication of Interest for this mission request here

For your application to be considered, the Mission request must pass the Token House vote on February 14th. Submissions will not be considered if a Mission Request is not approved on the 14th.

I’m supportive of open source dev tooling but agree with prior comments around the concerns on how open ended this proposal is so did not vote for it.