Voting Cycle Roundup #17

Cycle 17 began on Thursday (January 4th) at 19:00 GMT and runs until Wednesday (January 24th) at 19:00 GMT. Additionally, the Citizens’ House will have a one week period to veto any Protocol Upgrades approved by the Token House, immediately following the conclusion of the Token House Voting Period.

A snapshot of delegate voting weights will be taken at the time votes go live. Voting will take place at starting on January 18th at 19:00 GMT. Citizens’ House vetos occur via Snapshot.

The following non-grant proposals have received the required delegate approvals and will move to a vote in Cycle #17:

As a reminder: The elected Token House Code of Conduct Council’s decisions are subject to optimistic approval by the Token House. That means the Council’s decisions are assumed to be approved unless 12% of votable supply in the Token House votes to veto an enforcement action.

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