Rules of Engagement 2.0

Please carefully read and understand the following Rules of Engagement for the Optimism Collective. These rules are for all Optimism community spaces, like the Governance form (Discourse), Discord & Reddit. By engaging in the Optimism Discourse, Discord & Reddit, you agree to abide by these Rules of Engagement.

The Optimism Collective is an attempt to radically change how we can work together to create a powerful and sustainable digital ecosystem governed by and for its citizens.

At a minimum, we expect that a base level of civility, respect, and understanding be maintained within community spaces. Only when everyone works together and engages respectfully, can the Collective reach its potential.

The following behaviors are severe violations and will not be tolerated. Severe violations will result in immediate suspension from community spaces.

  • 1a. Discrimination against any person based on identifying features, such as religion, sexuality, ethnicity or geographical location.

  • 1b. Public or private harassment (as defined here)

  • 1c. The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances

  • 1d. Intentionally doxxing (as defined here)

  1. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no exceptions.

    • Engage with others with patience, kindness and extreme civility.

      The Optimistic Values are clear - we are all working towards making this the best space it can be. This requires extra patience and kindness.

      This is especially important when having hard conversations. Those are the times when kindness and understanding are needed the most. If you find yourself getting rude or snappy, go take a breather. We will still be here when you get back. :heart:

  1. Have a positive impact through adding value.

    • Have meaningful engagement by only posting when you have something valuable to add.

      The Optimism community is huge, passionate and active. As such, posts and channels can get really busy. Posts and messages should meaningfully add to the conversation - or they may be removed.

      Meaningful contributions are defined as ideas & feedback (like how it could be made better, ways to make it more clear, etc.) and critiques. Critiques should have proof or evidence that the critique is based off of logic and or data.

      If you’d like to show support please use the reaction features available in community spaces (posting that you like an idea is not a meaningful contribution!).

    • When making a claim, provide proof and do it in the designated channels and spaces.

      If you make a claim of any kind you should always provide proof. Please make use of designated channels and spaces for feedback, avoiding using social media or public spaces to host conversations that can affect the goodwill of the Collective. Claims are an essential tool for Optimists to make informed decisions. Keep your claims to the evidence, make sure your argument is clear and has a high level of integrity. Claims that involve emotive or inflammatory language or make unsubstantiated claims will be removed, and may result in suspension from community platforms. For more details see the definitions of harassment.

    • Use common sense.

      The Optimism community is so big and exciting that sometimes people get a bit carried away! We take pride in Optimism being a place of reasoned and sensible discussion, but everyone needs to help maintain this. Make sure you uphold the Optimism values!

  2. Stay Optimistic.

    • We’re here to change the world, together.

      Through our ups and downs, it’s important to stay positive and continue to work collaboratively toward a better future.

    • It takes a community to create a culture.

      It is up to each and every one of us to keep this space Optimistic. If you see any form of harassment or discrimination, report it and call it out! Everyone deserves respect, and a simple message saying “it’s not OK to treat someone with anything less than kindness” may make a difference.

    • Stay safe.

      There are a lot of target scams and phishing attempts in crypto. Keep your keys safe! Members of this forum will never ask you for a private key. Verify web addresses before interacting with dapps and do your own research. Seriously, a quick google can save you from a scam! Stay safe out there. If you see any scams, report them and call it out!

  3. Engage in open communication

To help prevent violations, the Code of Conduct Council is available to act as a facilitator, to provide feedback on any particular situation, and/or to create a safe space for feedback, or similar. Please email or raise a ticket to request preventative engagement. The Code of Conduct Council may make non-binding recommendations as part of this process.

Change Process

The Code of Conduct, the Rules of Engagement, and any other associated documents, must only be updated during Reflection Periods or following extraordinary circumstances that require immediate updates. In all cases, a change log will be published.


  • To report a Rules of Engagement violation by any user you may flag the violation using tools provided by the platform on which it has occured. These will be processed by the NERDs or govNERDs.

  • You should report violations made by delegates or Citizens directly using this reporting form.. Violations pertaining to members of the Token House will be processed by the Code of Conduct Council. Violations pertaining to members of the Citizens’ House will be referred to the Foundation. In case an individual is a member of both Houses, the Foundation and the Code of Conduct Council will determine which party will process the report.


If possible and requested in the reporting form, on a case-by-case scenario, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms will be prioritized. The Code of Conduct Council may also mediate to achieve resolution, if appropriate.

If you do not abide by the rules above, you will receive a warning. After two warnings, you may receive a suspension for 1 month. After that, you may receive a 3 month suspension. If you continue to violate the above rules, you may be permanently removed from all Optimism community spaces. Any violation that rises to the level of those discussed in the Guidance on Severe Violations will immediately result in a one month suspension.


The Rules of Engagement have been updated according to the below change log, largely to incorporate the role of the Token House Code of Conduct.

  • Severe violations, which were previously defined in the Code of Conduct, are now defined and enforced via the Rules of Engagement
  • The Collective Values have been specifically defined
  • Added specification to use designated channels for feedback and discussion
  • #4 (Engage in open communication) was added, based on recommendations from the Code of Conduct Council
  • Reporting process is now defined
  • “If possible and requested in the reporting form, on a case-by-case scenario, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms will be prioritized. The Code of Conduct Council may also mediate to achieve resolution, if appropriate” was added to the Enforceability section

Thank you to the Token House Code of Conduct for ongoing feedback on this document


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