Optimist Expectations

Optimist Expectations

Optimists (all delegates, Citizens, and grant recipients) are expected to abide by the below expectations. If a delegate does not abide by these expectations, their delegators should consider re-delegating to a delegate who does abide by them. You can see how to delegate, and redelegate, your tokens here. Ultimately, enforcement of Citizen expectations will occur in the Citizenship Criteria. In the meantime, Citizen expectations will be socially enforced. All Optimists are also subject to the Code of Conduct and anyone using Optimism community spaces is subject to the Rules of Engagement.

Values Alignment


  • Debate and disagreement can be healthy and assist in the growth of the Collective. However, Optimists should be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences and show empathy towards community members.
  • Optimist communications relating to their role in the Collective should be transparent and public. Communication in public is favored over DMs/private communication, whenever possible.

Extreme Civility

  • Optimists should not make personal attacks on the opinions or merits of proposal authors or any other party engaging in governance activity. Optimists should not make unsubstantiated claims to advocate for or against any proposal or proposal author. Optimists may make inquiries to proposal authors to validate or collect information. We encourage the use of designated channels and spaces for feedback, minimizing social media or public spaces to host conversations that can damage the goodwill of the Collective. Reporting grant misusage is permitted and the process to do so is defined here (details coming soon!)
  • Optimists should provide constructive feedback supported by high quality and well researched arguments.

Good Faith and Best Interest

  • Optimists should operate in a way and vote in accordance with what they believe is in the best interests of the Optimism Collective.

Due Care and Attention

  • Optimists should maintain a working knowledge of developments at Optimism and in the wider cryptocurrency space.
  • Optimists should make a professional review, minimizing bias, of each proposal prior to voting. Delegates that are unable to review proposals should abstain from voting.
  • Optimists are encouraged to maximize their voting participation rate, to the best of their ability.
  • Optimists are encouraged to shape the development of Optimism’s governance structure by providing constructive feedback during Reflection Periods.



This looks and sounds great.
Short, to the point, but hopefully still comprehensive.
Ideally we can get feedback in from the wider Collective here on this forum.

Thanks for incorporating the feedback of the Code of Conduct Council members, and thanks for pulling this all together for publication, @lavande

All the best!

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