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OP Bulletin: Introducing Season 6, Blockspace Charters, and more



  • Cyber joins the Superchain
  • Bello integrates Optimism
  • Caldera <> Superchain
  • Onchain Summer Buildathon


  • Introducing Season 6: Theme & Intents
  • S6 Token House Nominations: Grant Council, CoC and DAB
  • Introducing Blockspace Charters
  • New upgrade proposals that require approval
  • New proposals that require approval
  • Anti Capture Commission and Grants Council retrospective


  • Missions v2.5
  • Report: Big picture: The Grants Council

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

Cyber joins the Superchain

Cyber, previously known as CyberConnect, is an L2 designed for the social space built on the OP-Stack.

With AltLayer’s help managing the technical launch, Cyber is one of the first OP Stack Chains with Plasma Mode deployed to mainnet. By leveraging the OP Stack, ​​Cyber will benefit from low fees, high TPS, and a seamless, the UX necessary to build social apps. Furthermore, Cyber will benefit from qualifying for Retro Funding, and access to an entire onchain economy and a broader user base.

Read more about Cyber on Mainnet | Cyber’s X Announcement

Caldera and the Superchain

Caldera now supports the Superchain for OP Stack rollup deployments on its RaaS platform. Teams can build cross-chain and interoperable apps using Caldera’s RaaS platform, all without risk.

Read more

Bello integrates Optimism

Bello is a tool for marketers and builders that helps you understand and grow your onchain audience. Bello’s tools can help you analyze your audiences’ behaviors to best cater to their needs.

Onchain Summer Buildathon

Base will host one of the largest global online hackathons this summer!

The hackathon will distribute 200 ETH across 8 sponsored tracks and a bonus pool, including: creators, payments, discovery, social, gaming, commerce, unplugged, and trading.

Learn more

:newspaper: Governance News & proposals

:exclamation: We’re in the Reflection Period. From May 9th to May 22nd voters are to review retrospectives, understand the coming season and provide approvals. Season 6 will begin June 27th.

Season 6: News and Nominations

Introducing Season 6: Theme & Intents

Season 6 theme will be “Optimizing to support the Superchain”. It aims to optimize existing programs to better support the Superchain while increasing transparency in the process of transferring governance responsibility to the community.

The Foundation will propose all S6 Intents, ratified by the Token House (to be voted from May 23 to May 29th). Below you’ll find each intent, proposed Gov Fund budget & support:

#1: Progress Towards Decentralization with technical and governance targets, to strengthen the Collective’s value proposition of providing resilient, decentralized, scalable compute.

  • Retro Funding Round 5 and 6 will also support Intent 1.
  • Proposed Gov Fund Budget: 500k OP (for governance processes decentralization).

#2: Bring Chains to the Superchain aiming for 20 new OP Chains in 6 months.

  • All Retro Funding rounds encompass Superchain chains.
  • The Foundation may offer support via Partner Fund Grants.
  • The Gov Fund will not directly support this intent.

#3: Grow Application Developers on the Superchain, supporting demand-generating apps on OP Chains.

  • Retro Funding will support this intent through Round 4 and 7.
  • The Foundation will support this intent through infrastructure partnerships, experiments around identity infrastructure, and funding vertical-specific growth campaigns.
  • Proposed Gov Fund Budget: 18M OP – 6M for builder grants on OP Mainnet overseen by the Grants Council, and 12M OP for chain-specific grant programs listed in the Superchain Registry.

Read more: Season 6 Intents | Season 6 Guide

S6 Token House Nominations: Grant Council, CoC and DAB

Nominations are available to any delegate that would like to run to be a representative. The Collective will assess candidates and get the chance to ask them questions at a Town Hall on the week of June 6 to June 12.

  • Elections will be held on June 13th - 20th.
  • Submit your nomination with the link below using the specified ‘template’ by June 5th.

Code of Conduct & Template | Grants Council & Template | Developer Advisory Board & Template

Superchain Governance: Introducing Blockspace Charters

Season 6 introduces the concept of Blockspace Charters, which are the equivalent to the Operating Manual to the Superchain, providing the specific implementation details for different types of Superchain blockspace.

Implementation of Blockspace Charters responds to the need of users and developers to have an easy way to understand what blockspace has which properties and guarantees and the need of governance to understand how to make decisions about different forms of blockspace.

Read all the details here

Introducing the Collective Rewards Framework

Season 6 introduces a new framework designed to standardize rewards within the Collective.

This framework will be used by the Token House to assess budgets and bring predictability to governance participation rewards given to delegates and citizens. This is the first step towards handing over these responsibilities to a Budget Board, expected for Season 7.

Find the framework here.

:newspaper: New proposals that require approval

Top 100 delegates may provide approvals until May 22nd for the following proposals. If proposals receive 4 approvals, they will be voted on during May 23rd - 29th (Special Voting Cycle #23a.).

S6 Grants Council Operating Budget

Prospective Leads may propose a Grants Council Operating Budget for the season. Delegates should only vote to approve one budget and, when voting, are effectively electing the Lead that has authored an approved budget.

S6 Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Prospective leads can propose a budget for approval. Delegates should only vote to approve one budget and, when voting, are effectively electing the Lead that has authored an approved budget.

If renewed, the Code of Conduct Council would have a scope limited to enforcing the Rules of Engagement, which govern the usage of all Optimism hosted platforms. If successfully renewed for Season 6, the CoCC will become a persistent structure in the Collective. In the event that no budget is approved, the supportNERDs will monitor the forum and enforce the Rules of Engagement. Details here.

Developer Advisory Board Renewal

All prospective leads can propose a budget for approval. Delegates should only vote to approve one budget and, when voting, are effectively electing the Lead that has authored an approved budget. If successfully renewed for Season 6, the CoCC will become a persistent structure in the Collective. Details here.

Inflation adjustment

The Token House may adjust the inflation of the OP token to any value between 0% and 2%. If no draft is proposed or no proposal passes, inflation will remain at the rate last approved by governance (0%). Details here.

:newspaper: New Upgrades to be approved

Top 100 delegates may provide approvals until May 22nd for the following proposals. If proposals receive 4 approvals, they will be voted on during May 23rd - 29th (Special Voting Cycle #23a.).

Protocol Upgrade: Fault Proofs

This protocol upgrade introduces a permissionless Fault Proof system, allowing anyone to propose output roots and participate in disputes, eliminating dependence on a privileged proposer for withdrawals. It includes safety measures preserving the ability of a Guardian role to intervene in emergencies.

The upgrade also lays a foundation for future multi-proof systems, enhancing decentralization efforts. If it is approved and passes the vote, the upgrade will be deployed by the Security Council.

Read more about the proposed upgrade

Protocol Upgrade: Guardian, Security Council Threshold and L2 ProxyAdmin Ownership changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

The upgrade enhances the Superchain’s security and decentralization by increasing the Security Council Safe’s signing threshold to 10 out of 13, assigning the Guardian role to a new Guardian Safe controlled by the Security Council, and appointing the Foundation as DeputyGuardian.

Ownership of the L2ProxyAdmin contract is transferred to the Security Council to ensure control over L2 predeploy upgrades. The changes improve incident response and meet Stage 1 rollup requirements without affecting node operations.

Read more

Governor upgrade: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations

The upgrade focuses on improving the Alligator allowance storage system to handle partial and sub-delegations for OP voters more accurately. This upgrade addresses different issues than the previous Governor Upgrade approved last month.

Since its launch in December 2023, issues with advanced delegation were preventing correct calculation of voting power calculations in certain scenarios. If approved and passed, voters with complex delegation scenarios would be able to see the correct calculations reflected.

Agora does not anticipate any downtime due to this upgrade.
Read more

For more info about timelines on Reflection Period see the Reflection Period Guide.

:newspaper: Other Governance News

Anti Capture Commission and Grants Council retrospective

Both governance bodies published a retrospective on their goals, impact, and suggested modifications. Access them here: ACC Retrospective | Grant Council Retrospective

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

No active proposals at the moment but the following proposals require approvals from top 100 delegates to be later voted on. Here’s a full list with the links on proposals detailed in the sections above.

:dollar: Grant News

Mission v2.5

Season 6 brings changes to the Mission process. Top 100 delegates will no longer be asked to create or approve Mission Request drafts to reduce the complexity of the process. Now:

  • The Feedback Commission will be able to propose Mission Requests under Intent #1
  • The Grants Council will be able to propose under Intent #3A and The Growth Team of the Foundation under #3B (to facilitate coordination across Superchain initiatives).

All Mission Request drafts will still be voted on by the Token House. The Grants Council will continue to process all applications. Read more about Missions v2.5 and the rationale behind these changes.

Big picture: The Grants Council

SeedLatam published a report on the Grants Council to analyze its impact by compiling public forum data. Read it here.

Upcoming Calls

  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, May 20th]
  • Joint House Community Call [Tuesday, May 21st]
  • ACC Office Hours [Thursday, May 23rd]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

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