[FINAL] Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event || Optimistic Road in the way to Ethereum México The Event

S4 Intent: Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision (Intent 3)

Proposed Mission: Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event || Optimistic Road in the way to Ethereum México The Event

Proposal Tier: Fledgling

Please verify that you meet the qualifications for your Tier: Ethereum Mexico received 15,700 OP in RetroPGF 2

Baseline grant amount: 5,800 OP

% of total available Intent budget: .58%

Alliance: Ethereum Mexico

Alliance Lead: Brichis

Contact info: Telegram: @brichis Twitter: @brichis_ Discord: brichis#6933

L2 recipient address: 0x7674D60760918Ae89cA71F2ce1Af2b2E740E2c8E

Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work:

Bricia Guzmán || Brichis

Main Responsibilities: Alliance Lead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brichis_

Background: Accountant with experience in the restaurant business, currently working as a project manager at General Magic

Ariel Cárdenas || Ariiellus


Main Responsibilities: Community Lead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ariiellus

Background: Mechanical Engineer degree, Project Management Specialist Student in Platzi, Ethereum Mexico Community, Crypto Puebla, Cryptoversidad

Chuy García || Chuy

Main responsibilities: Community & Event Planning

Lens: 0xchuy.lens

Background: Film and music industries in México, event planning and community building.

Diego Mares || Dmars300

Main Responsibilities: Event Planning

Twitter: @dmars300

Background: Founder of Cryptoversidad, Researcher and Philosophy.

Projects involved: Cryptoversidad, Ethglobal, EthMexico, AaveDAO.

Francisco Acuña

Main Responsibilities: Content Creation

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gipsy2crypto

Background: Business Administration Degree, writer/translator at BanklessDAO, writer/content creator at Espacio Cripto.

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent:

Our mission aims to organize real-life events in various cities across Mexico, conducted in Spanish, presenting a unique opportunity to effectively disseminate the Optimistic Vision.

These events will serve as platforms to educate and engage the Mexican community, shedding light on the potential and benefits of Optimism. Furthermore, our Twitter Spaces dedicated to technical aspects and governance in Spanish will further contribute to raising awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of Optimism’s distinctive vision within the Mexican community.

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission?

The team’s history of hosting virtual classes, in-person meetups, workshops, and Twitter Spaces demonstrates their ability to engage and educate diverse audiences effectively.

Their involvement as volunteers and speakers in prominent Ethereum conferences like ETHBogotá, ETHLatam, and Devcon showcases their deep knowledge and commitment to the ecosystem.

Moreover, their expansion of activities to multiple cities, including Mexico City, Puebla, Mérida, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, highlights their dedication to reaching and supporting local communities.

By addressing the educational gap and fostering inclusivity, Ethereum Mexico is poised to make a substantial impact on the growth and development of the Ethereum ecosystem in Mexico.

You can find pictures and information here:

Please list a critical milestone. The critical milestone should be a measure of whether you’ve made best efforts to execute what is outlined in this proposal or not. If you fail to achieve your critical milestone, your grant may be clawed back.

  • 4 IRL Events with a talk focused on Optimism with local communities in 4 different cities of México (Cities like: Mexico City, Merida, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Monterrey, or Sinaloa, etc.)
  • Merch included :fire:
  • 3 Twitter Spaces about Optimism in Spanish (e.g. What is Optimism? / Governance / Roadmap: Bedrock, OP Stack, etc.)
  • 1 Educational virtual session about Optimism in Spanish
  • 2 Twitter threads about Optimism + visuals

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission: These should focus on progress towards completion. Including expected completion dates for each is recommended.

  • 4 IRL Events with a talk focused on Optimism with local communities in 4 different cities at least 40 people. By the end of the Season. + evidence of the merch delivered :fire:
  • 3 Twitter Spaces about Optimism in Spanish with at least 50 listeners. By the end of the Season.
  • 1 Educational virtual session about Optimism in Spanish with at least 60 attendees. By the end of the Season
  • 2 Twitter Threads about Optimism + Visuals. Links will be shared and the translation in English of this in a Notion Page attached.

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission? These should be focused on performance and may be used by badgeholders to assess your Misson’s impact in the next round of RetroPGF.

  • Positive testimonials from attendees of IRL events
  • Virtual workshop will be an open source resource in our Youtube channel.
  • More than 100 repetitions of the Twitter Spaces
  • More than 60 viewers for the educational session live
  • More than 200 people getting to know about Optimism IRL and more than 700 people virtually.
  • Pictures from the events

Breakdown of Mission budget request:

4 IRL events = 4,000 OP

3 Twitter Spaces = 900 OP

1 Virtual workshop session = 500 OP

Comms and Design = 200 OP

PMs = 200 OP

I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: Yes

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: Yes

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: Yes


Hi @brichis! Wanted to make sure you were aware of the Optimism Season 4 Pitching Sessions to help find the 4 delegate approvals you’ll need by this Wednesday at 19:00 GMT for your proposal to move to a vote.

These sessions are happening in Discord on Monday, 26.06 2pm ET / 6pm GMT / 8pm CET and Tuesday, 27.06 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 5pm CET.

You can sign-up here!


Thank you very much @lavande, we have already registered. See you tomorrow!

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This is a very reasonable proposal.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Hi, I am reviewing this proposal and would like to know if there are more details. Do you have a breakdown of what you are going to give in the talks? And also what kind of promotion will you give to Optimism? Is it a single Optimism event or will it also be with another L1 or L2? What kind of audience are the talks geared towards?


This is awesome :smiley: Nice


Hello @AxlVaz Thank you for reviewing our proposal. We appreciate your interest and would be happy to provide more details. Here are the improved answers to your questions:

We have prepared a breakdown of the topics covered in our talks. The content is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including both technical and non-technical individuals. We cover a wide range of subjects, starting from the basics and gradually delving into more advanced concepts. Here is an example breakdown of the talks:

  • Scalability solutions for Ethereum
  • Optimistic Roll-ups
  • Introduction to Optimism
  • RetroPGF (Potential topic, specific to the proposal)
  • Roadmap

In terms of promotion, our primary focus is on showcasing and promoting Optimism. Our talks will provide in-depth information about Optimism, its features, and its benefits. Through these talks, we aim to generate awareness and understanding among the audience regarding Optimism’s capabilities and its role in the Ethereum ecosystem. It will be an specific talk about Optimism and we leave the door open to the local communities to present their local projects (alined to Ethereum Values).
Thank you for your questions and please let us if you need any additional information


@Joxes Fren, i think that you need to travel to Mexico to see this going trough. It could be great if you help upvoting this proposal.


Similar to other proposals I think this would be a win for the Optimism ecosystem and help improve their ability to make an impact in the real world.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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As a contributor of @seedlatam for the @Joxes delegation, I have analyzed this mission following the criteria mentioned in this post.

  • The proposal is well-structured and meets the minimum requirements. However, I believe that more details could have been provided regarding the materials they will be working with and how the in-person events will be conducted. I would like to see concrete metrics of the impact achieved and how it benefits the Optimism ecosystem presented at the end of each event.

  • The requested funds are reasonable, and the breakdown is coherent. I want to congratulate you on your reasonableness in this aspect.

  • The proposed scope seems conservative. Knowing the size of the community in Mexico, I believe they could achieve even more impressive results. It is highly likely that they will.

Additionally, I would like to mention the team. I am familiar with the work of Ariello, @brichis, and I am a big admirer of @dmars300 and their work in Criptoversidad. However, as a member of the Latam community, it is widely known that Chuy García, aka Chuy, has defamed, virtually harassed, and doxxed several people in the Latam community. These actions have been carried out publicly in various groups (all their messages are public) and in CT.

Nevertheless, I consider that the rest of the team is doing a great job and has worked hard for the community in Mexico and Latam in general. I am confident that this proposal will have a significant impact on the Optimism ecosystem. Therefore, I am IN FAVOR of this mission.

CC: @Joxes

I am an Optimism delegate [Delegate Commitments - #37 by linda] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Hi! @Griff @ceresstation @AxlVaz and @linda!

Ariiellus here! Thank you for support our proposal! We believe in an Optimistic future for the Mexico community. Our mission since day one has been to empower people to participate and make the jump from enthusiast to builder. With this project “Rumbo Optimista” we aim to create a belonging sentiment across several cities in Mexico in order to consolidate the values and virtues of the people.

We will take your feedback into consideration and make sure to include concrete metrics of impact in our final report after each event, demonstrating how the Optimism ecosystem has benefited from our activities.

Once again, thank you for your support and valuable feedback. We are committed to making a significant impact on the Optimism ecosystem and look forward to the opportunity to work closely with the community in Mexico. Together, we can create a thriving and optimistic future for all.

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If you believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote, would you mind using the standard approval statement outlined in the operating manual to avoid an ambiguity? Thank you!

”I am an Optimism delegate [link to your delegate commitment] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote."


Thank you @AxlVaz

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


@joxes is going to give the approval who is the delegate of SEED Latam. Together with other SEED collaborators we are supporting him to cover more proposals. Our working methodology is specified in this post.


Congrats Brichis, it’s a great initiative , it’s really important to create awareness with the Latin American community

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We believe that in-person events are indispensable for the blockchain ecosystem. We also organize face-to-face events in Turkey as much as possible. We are aware of the challenges in budgeting for these events.

As ITU Blockchain, we vote in favor of this mission. We hope that the interest in these events exceeds our expectations and that the participants become a contributor to Optimistic Vision.


I’m voting yes for this proposal. The amount seems reasonable and I’m a fan of spreading awareness/educating communities in Mexico.


@Griff @AxlVaz @CryptoReuMD @ceresstation @linda @Joxes @Omarsin @itublockchain
A big thank you to all the incredible supporters who backed our proposed mission! We’re immensely grateful to have made it through the voting phase. The enthusiasm is real as Optimism joins us on the Road to Ethereum Mexico 2023! By the way, if any of you are in Mexico or planning to attend Ethereum México 2023 in October, let’s connect in person! Feel free to send me a DM. Exciting times ahead! :smile:


I owe you a lot of DM Brichis, but It would be great to vibe with this optimistic vision in the next run to ETHMx.
Happy to help inside my cave.

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