[FINAL] Let's take the Optimistic Vision to LATAM with Espacio Cripto

Hey, this is Abraham, founder of Espacio Cripto. We’re the largest web3 community in Mexico and one of the most relevant in Spanish-speaking LATAM. We have created more than 180 free podcast episodes, executed more than 15 IRL meetups, and have been creating a community since 2020. I hope you enjoy reading this proposal as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to contact me at abraham@espaciocripto.io or via Twitter. #WinAndHelpWin

S4 Intent 3 :telescope:

Intent 3: Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision

Proposed Mission :saluting_face:

Provide high-quality educational resources in Spanish and spread the word of the Optimistic Vision through awareness activities in the largest Web3 community in Mexico, which is also one of the largest in LATAM.

Proposal Tier 40 :potted_plant:

Fledgling Tier

Please verify that you meet the qualifications for submitting at the above Tier :spiral_notepad:

  1. Our profile at the RetroPGF forum - OP Mainnet Gateway
  2. We received 9,900 OP in the RetroPGF round 2

Baseline grant amount :moneybag:

45,600 OP

% of total available Intent Budget :raised_hands:


Please check here if access to upfront capital is a barrier to completing your Mission and you would like to be considered for a small upfront cash grant:
[Yes] Context: it would be really helpful for us to get the grant with a vesting period as we need to sustain our operation, and the execution of this grant will demand a lot of work. We’ll figure it out if we can’t get some upfront capital.

Alliance name :rocket:

Espacio Cripto

Alliance Lead :mage:


Contact info :mega:

abraham@espaciocripto.io, Twitter, Telegram

L2 recipient address :mailbox_with_no_mail:


Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work :people_hugging:

Abraham, Host, and founder

  • Main responsibilities: content producer, guest relationships, sponsorship, and grant management, responsible for the product.
  • Background: I’ve been in the crypto space since 2016; in 2018, I founded one of Mexico’s first regulated crypto funds. From May 2020 to November 2022, I was Head of Crypto at Bitso, the largest crypto exchange in Latam, leading the Crypto Strategy area. I was responsible for new listings, trend analysis, and creating business cases for bleeding-edge crypto products. This involvement in the strategic decision-making of the most important exchange in LATAM has helped me build a valuable network of guests for Espacio Cripto. From November 2022 to May 2023, I was Head of Product at Bueno NFT, helping build the best tools for NFT creators. Now I’m full-time leading Espacio Cripto.
  • My main interests in crypto are helping people understand the industry in simple terms, with accurate information, and without overselling the industry; I’m passionate about building web3 products.

Lalo, Host and founder

  • Main responsibilities: Content producer, community head, operations lead.
  • Background: Currently working at KillB in Partnerships, BD, and Product; a company focused on building infrastructure to provide web3 services such as on-off ramps and local stable coins to banks, exchanges, and fintech companies worldwide.
    Previously I worked as Head of Crypto at Movii, a +4M user NeoBank in Colombia, where I led the development of web3-related products. Movii was the 1st bank in Colombia to offer crypto in a regulated environment by a crypto sandbox. Movii is a bank backed by Square with the mission to bank the unbanked in Latin America
    Before that, I worked as a Product Owner at Bitso. I have also had experience building products for LATAM’s most important financial companies, such as the Peruvian Stock Exchange, Corficolombiana, CITIBanamex, and Santander.
    In 2020 I founded Espacio Cripto with Abraham, and the journey has been incredible, from me learning to edit audio and video at the beginning to becoming one of the most listened-to crypto-related podcasts in Latin America and one of the most important communities in the region.
  • Main interests in crypto space: DAOs, and Educational Content.

Diego, Crypto Analyst

  • Main responsibilities: Researcher, content producer, innovating learning experiences.
  • Background: I’m a Computer Engineer with a deep love for finance, security, and privacy. I’ve been in the crypto ecosystem for around four years. I’ve been with Espacio Cripto for a year doing research mainly focused on creating quality content for Spanish-speaking communities and finding new ways to make the crypto learning journey much more accessible and entertaining for everyone. I’m also the lead researcher for our weekly news recap.
  • Main interests in the crypto space: blockchain, privacy, web3 currencies, and new investment forms.

Vale, Lead Designer

  • Main responsibilities: Create a strategy and deliver snackable content for users based on the look & feel of the Espacio Cripto.
  • Background: I’m part of Espacio Cripto’s team and Founder of Metagals (Metagals LATAM (@metagals_) • Instagram photos and videos), a women’s community to educate gals about web3. My expertise is focused on growing digital communities based on data. I do that to impact people’s lives by understanding and creating brand narratives, identifying trends, clustering users, creating content, and media marketing solutions. My experience has been enriched by working in different industries, such as beauty brands, food, beverages, automobiles, and technology. For over seven years, the recognition of the understanding of consumers’ needs has helped me to grow Metagals & build in Espacio Cripto in two main things: the development of the user journey and content creation for all Latinx who want to find safe space in web3 environments in their native language. In Metagals, I am the Co-founder, content & user experience lead. Also, in web2, I work in a creative agency as Planning Lead for brand and communications strategies.
  • Main interests in the crypto space: Helping women to understand web3 with snackable information to feel free to experience their knowledge in the next internet generation. Connect with women-led projects, and finally, I am waiting and ready to live the metaverse in its best version.

Sandra, Community Ops

  • Main responsibilities: Organize tools and activities for interactions with the community and manage the participation of speakers and community members
  • Background: Working as a UX Researcher, I have worked on multiple projects involving digital products for BBVA, one of the largest banks in Mexico, and TBWA, one of the largest traditional marketing agencies in Mexico. I have also participated in building web3 projects for two years, collaborating with communities.

Lilian, Social Media and Content lead

  • Main responsibilities: Develop and maintain an active and committed community around Espacio Cripto, including communication channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other spaces where the community discovers content.
  • Background: I recently got into crypto; I started learning about Web 3 thanks to Metagals, an incredible community of women where I could understand from scratch and solve all the doubts and concerns that arose around this industry. I’ve worked in technology for several years, from a communication and marketing point of view, very closely with topics like data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, so this sounded like the next step to take.
  • Main interests in the crypto space: NFT’s, web3 start-up building, smart contracts.

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The language of the Optimistic Vision should not be a barrier that impedes potential optimists from contributing meaningfully to the ecosystem. For people to remain engaged long-term, we need to talk to them in their native language and with concepts they can understand. We want to help Optimism achieve that for Spanish because only 12% of people in LATAM speak English; this means there are more than 418 million people in LATAM that need crypto and could get a better education and exposure to the Optimistic Vision in the language they can understand. This is an enormous amount of people. To make things achievable, we’ll invest the grant to expand awareness in the solid Espacio Cripto community we have today. Our dedication to educating and empowering the Spanish-speaking community aligns perfectly with the mission of the Optimism Collective.

Espacio Cripto will execute a series of impactful activities under the clusters of awareness, engagement, and loyalty by introducing a comprehensive strategy to promote the Optimistic Vision. These activities aim to significantly increase awareness, understanding, and long-term commitment to the Optimistic Vision within the Web3 community in Mexico and LATAM, attracting value-aligned users, builders, and partners passionate about the vision of public goods and regenerative finance. Our proposal is the following:

Awareness :eye:: Promote the Optimistic Vision through strategic initiatives that reach our vast audience. Activities:

  • Incorporating Optimism-related announcements in all our weekly news recap episodes, Navegando.
  • Placing dedicated banners in every edition of our weekly news recap newsletter, reaching a wide subscriber base.
  • Sharing informative and engaging carousel posts on Instagram every 15 days, highlighting the key aspects of Optimism.
  • Posting a tweet thread every 15 days, providing valuable insights and updates about Optimism to our active Twitter community.

Engagement :handshake:: Foster curiosity and understanding of the Optimistic Vision. Activities:

  • Delivering a monthly newsletter exclusively focused on Optimism, providing in-depth analysis, and highlighting significant developments.
  • Producing an episode dedicated to exploring the Optimistic Vision, discussing its principles, and showcasing its potential impact.
  • Creating an episode dedicated to Retro PGF projects, discussing their progress and role in the ecosystem.
  • Organizing a digital meetup with the Optimism team and delegates, enabling interactive Q&A sessions and fostering direct engagement with the community.
  • We’re starting a new research arm in Espacio Cripto, we’ll publish a detailed report about Optimism, the vision, roadmap, how the technology works, and any other relevant topic. This will be at least a month of work from our analyst team.

Loyalty :shield: : Build a solid and dedicated community of Optimism supporters and incentivize contributors to the Optimistic Vision. Activities:

  • Organizing a dedicated IRL meetup in Mexico City focused solely on Optimism, providing a platform for community members to connect, learn, and share ideas.
  • Identifying and nurturing local talent to establish a dedicated Optimism delegate in Mexico, further strengthening the connection between the community and Optimism’s goals.

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission? :ninja:

Espacio Cripto was started by me Abraham Cobos and Lalo Rios. Lalo and I met at a crypto conference in 2018; we started being friends on that day and kept in touch for the upcoming years. In August 2020, Lalo and I reconnected and started ideating around starting a new podcast; that’s when we began Espacio Cripto’s community. This project was born to create high-value crypto content in Spanish; we want to help people understand crypto most impartially and positively. We never speculate on prices and always try to keep a realistic view of this fantastic industry. We believe in the Espacio Cripto Education Triad: high-quality content, decentralization, and simplicity. Espacio Cripto is a community that brings people together to learn about crypto and web3 inclusively. Today we’re more than a podcast; we’re a healthy community of builders focused on spreading the culture of decentralization and onboarding as many people as possible to web3.

Here are some of our achievements as a community:

  1. Our North Star: Espacio Cripto’s community grew significantly during the last months. We went from having 556 to 1,669 community members in Telegram in the previous year, a growth of 295%. This is an active group with an engagement of more than 25% (readers and writers).

  2. We went from having 51 episodes to 189 as of June 19, 2023. We produced more than 200 hours of educational content. We produce at least two episodes per week, an interview with a Spanish Speaker builder, and a weekly news recap. We think long term, our goal is to have at least 1,000 episodes. Smash that rate and subscribe button in Spotify and Apple Podcasts :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. We’ve got more than 115,000 downloads in the last year.

  4. According to our 2022 Spotify wrap, we were in the top 10 podcasts for +23,000 people, top 5 for 17,000 people, and top 1 for almost 6,000 people. We’re really proud of that impact.

  5. According to Spotify, we were the top technology podcast in Mexico for 198 days in 2022

  6. Our channels significantly impact the LATAM community and have grown a lot in the last year.

    • Instagram followers: from 1,889 to 5,587, a growth of 296%
    • Twitter followers: from 2,749 to 6,767, a growth of 246%
    • Newsletter: from 489 to 1,180, a growth of 241%
  7. We have executed a monthly community meetup since February 2022; see the video of our last meetup here

  8. We execute virtual educational sessions at least each month. See the most recent one here

  9. We gave a scholarship to 9 community members to assist Devcon. The Ethereum Foundation helped us with the tickets, and we provided accommodation for the community.

Here is our 2023 pitch deck, where we explain our community focus and how we understand our audience.

Success stories from our community :blue_heart:

One of the most important things in the web3 community is connecting with builders that are culturally aligned with Optimism, have the experience delivering the work, and have a community with real traction. We have real examples of community members that grew their knowledge about web3 with us, and now they’re active contributors to different projects. Here are the testimonials of some of our community members, 100% written by them:

  • Web3 name: CryptoReuMD

    • How did you start in web3?: I started in December of 2020, a little bored about COVID-19 and all the bad stuff that was in every corner, and medicine was full of pain and misinformation (I’m a Reumathologist in my web0 job), then I started to look at crypto and all the innovation that was all around, so it became for me, a new way of learning about how the world works and how we can change everything inside it, building and teaching.
    • What are your current roles in the industry?: Im a moderator of Espacio Cripto, Champion of the subDAO of Bankless in Spanish, Co-Founder of Ethereum Mexico, creator of Toloks in Merida, a node from Espacio Cripto in Yucatan and Lens Library Product CoFounder.
    • What are the first things that come to mind when you hear “Espacio Cripto”?: Build and Learn
    • How Espacio Cripto’s community has helped you in your journey: Confidence and gave me all the tools and knowledge, but more than everything, friends, friends that are alike, kind, and always helping.
  • Web3 name: brichis

    • How did I join Espacio Cripto and how was my web3 knowledge back then?
      Joining Espacio Cripto marked a shift in my web3 understanding. Originally researching basics like Bitcoin, a friend introduced me to varied web3 communities, suggesting Espacio Cripto as my first Telegram group. Prior to this, I was often confused, now, I understand almost everything when my web3 friends discuss.
    • How do I contribute to web3 today and how Espacio Cripto has helped me get here I’m project manager at General Magic and Co-Founder of Ethereum Mexico. Espacio Cripto has been instrumental in my journey, offering me a platform to inspire others. They entrusted me with moderating EC’s Telegram Group and speaking at my first panel ever, thus expanding my impact. The community also opened doors to scholarship opportunities and introduced me to a network of like-minded peers. Here, I learned that success isn’t about bull markets; it’s about building for the future. #WinandHelpWin
  • Web3 name: Reneweb3 https://twitter.com/rene__hdz

    • How did I join Espacio Cripto and how was my web3 knowledge back then? I started to learn about blockchain in the summer of 2021, I listened to Bitcoin years ago, but I need to learn more about the technology of BTC or blockchain. I listened to Abraham in a podcast called Mundo Futuro on January 2022, and it blew my mind. Until then, I haven’t fallen into the rabbit hole, but I started listening and learning about blockchain on “Espacio Cripto” podcats. I learned a lot here, and that’s when I fell into the rabbit hole. The topics of blockchain are too high-level and complex, but on this podcast, I learned a lot because they can explain this complex topic and transform it into simple ways to learn about web3.

    • How do I contribute to web3 today and how Espacio Cripto has helped me get here? I’m an ambassador of Push Protocol for México and LATAM; I found this position because members of the community of Espacio Cripto shared it with me. The community on Espacio Cripto is the best community on the web3 ecosystem in Latin America. I collaborated with BanklessDAO in the SubDAO for Spanish-speaking countries called “Nación Bankless.” All we do in the present; definitely we can do thanks to the podcast of Espacio Cripto and the community.

Special Recognition :blue_heart: :rocket:
We want to recognize one of our most important contributors, AnaTech. Ana joined Espacio Cripto as the first full-time team member, and her attitude to learning and natural community nurturing made her grow quickly. Today Ana is a Community Manager at the Arbitrum Foundation, and our whole community is really proud of her. Here you can read her story, how Espacio Cripto and several other communities helped her in her journey.

  • Web3 name: AnaTech
    • How did I join Espacio Cripto, and how was my web3 knowledge back then? Espacio Cripto was the first web3 community I’ve been part of and was the beginning of everything. Back then, I knew about Bitcoin and Ethereum but only the basic things. Before joining, everything was hard to understand, especially because finding reliable resources was challenging. Espacio Cripto is a vibrant and friendly community; whenever I had a question, someone was there to help me. Through Espacio Cripto, I met many cool and inspiring people.
    • How do I contribute to web3 today, and how has Espacio Cripto helped me get here? I’m part of the Arbitrum Foundation, helping with community development to help scale Ethereum. Espacio Cripto was my starting point, where I found many friends and opportunities. Lalo and Abraham, the founders of Espacio Cripto, one of the most listened-to podcasts in Spanish about crypto in LATAM and the largest web3 community in Mexico, gave me the opportunity to create educational content in Spanish about Web3 and boost the community. At Espacio Cripto, I continued to share, learn, and gain new abilities and friends. I saw and helped many newcomers safely join the space and many new builders finding their path in the Web3 ecosystem over one and a half years.

Milestones :curling_stone:

All our deliverables will be in Spanish to broaden the impact of the Optimism Vision.

  • Publish host read add in all Navegando episodes in July, August, and September.
  • Placing a dedicated banner with a CTA to the Optimism vision in all our Navegando newsletters in July, August, and September.
  • Publishing at least 6 educational carousels/infographics about Optimism in our social networks (Instagram and Twitter). Here we’ll explain:
    • The Optimistic Vision
    • The Ether Phoenix
    • Optimism Governance
    • What is RPGF funding
    • A summary of Spanish-speaking projects in RPGF funding
    • The Optimism roadmap
  • Publishing at least 6 educational tweet threads about Optimism in our social networks. We’ll explain in detail the topics of the infographics.
  • 3 in-depth articles distributed through our newsletter, one each month.
  • On the second week of July, we’ll post a featured episode dedicated to exploring the Optimistic Vision, discussing its principles, and showcasing its potential impact.
  • On the second week of August, we’ll post an episode dedicated to Retro PGF projects, discussing what Retro PGF is, the progress of the projects, and their role in the ecosystem.
  • By the third week of August, we’ll organize a digital meetup with the Optimism team and delegates.
  • By the third week of September, the dedicated IRL meetup in Mexico City focused solely on Optimism will be executed.
  • By the end of September 2023, LATAM will have a new Optimism delegate that we’ll search for organically. It must be something that doesn’t work at Espacio Cripto.
  • By September 22, we’ll have created a detailed report on Optimism. This will be an ultra-high-quality report in Spanish.

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission? :bar_chart:

  • Number of times that Optimism is organically mentioned in Espacio Cripto’s community
  • Number of views in the podcast and newsletters
  • Having at least 1 new Latinx delegate in Optimism
  • Number of people that assist the IRL meetup
  • Number of interactions in Social media content

Breakdown of Mission budget request :red_gift_envelope:

Item Quantity Cost per item (OP) Total
Host read ad 12 400 4,800
Newsletter banner 12 150 1,800
Instagram Carousel 6 250 1,500
Twitter infographics 6 250 1,500
Twitter thread 6 250 1,500
In depth newsletters 3 1,500 4,500
Featured Episode 2 2,500 5,000
IRL Meetup 1 4,000 4,000
Virtual Meetup 1 1,500 1,500
Specialized deep dive report about Optimism 1 4,500 4,500
Grant coordinator 5,000
Newsletter coordinator 2,000
Researcher 2,000
Designer 2,000
Community manager 2,000
Marketing manager 2,000
Grand total 45,600


I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: [Yes]

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: [Yes]

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: [Yes]

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: [Yes]

I hope you liked the emoji use :speak_no_evil: in this proposal and you enjoyed reading it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


I like this proposal! It is an exciting and much-needed initiative. Definitely the Latam region would benefit from the succesfull execution of the Mission. In addition, Espacio Cripto’s track record and ability to execute is key in this proposal. Awesome!


Lalo here, co-founder of Espacio Cripto, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here representing Espacio Cripto, the largest web3 community in Mexico and a prominent force in Spanish-speaking LATAM. This journey has been a whirlwind of excitement and growth since our inception in 2020.

We’ve accomplished incredible milestones together, including over 180 podcast episodes, 15 wildly successful meetups, more than 15 scholars, and an ever-expanding, vibrant community that continues to inspire us every day. Our passion for the blockchain space is palpable, and we are on a mission to ignite that same fire within every Spanish speaker who crosses our path.

That’s why we’re here today, presenting our proposal, S4 Intent 3, which focuses on spreading the Optimistic Vision among Spanish speakers. We firmly believe that language should never be a barrier to knowledge and empowerment. With over 418 million Spanish speakers in LATAM, it is our duty to provide them with the highest quality educational resources and engage them through a myriad of exciting activities.

Espacio Cripto stands as a battle-tested alliance, poised and ready to take on this mission. We boast a passionate team, including myself, Abraham, and an array of brilliant individuals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Our track record speaks for itself, marked by remarkable community growth, top-ranking podcasts, and impactful initiatives that have truly made a difference.

We have received overwhelming support from our existing community members, who have eagerly endorsed this proposal. They believe in our vision and understand the transformative power of blockchain technology. With their unwavering support, we are confident that we can make a significant impact in the Spanish-speaking world.

If you share our burning desire to make a meaningful impact in the Spanish-speaking world, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [lalo@espaciocripto.io] or connect with me on Twitter. Let’s come together and ignite the flames of curiosity, knowledge, and empowerment. Together, we can #WinAndHelpWin!

Lalo, Co-founder of Espacio Cripto


yay! Super stoked to see a proposal recognising that awareness should effectively drive engagement and loyalty : heart: This is imo the type of comprehensive approach that delivers impact. Your track record is outstanding and imo successful delivery is worthy of more than the funding requested.

I would love to see quantifiable metrics reported end of season such as engagement ℅, attendance, clickthroughs and the resulting change in voteable supply for the delegate your team stands up. Always keen to build shared understanding on impact measures Keep killin it #WinAndHelpWin

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Hi @abraham! Wanted to make sure you were aware of the Optimism Season 4 Pitching Sessions to help find the 4 delegate approvals you’ll need by this Wednesday at 19:00 GMT for your proposal to move to a vote.

These sessions are happening in Discord on Monday, 26.06 2pm ET / 6pm GMT / 8pm CET and Tuesday, 27.06 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 5pm CET.

You can sign-up here!

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Thanks a lot for the heads-up @lavande, I signed up for Monday’s session! See you there! :slight_smile:

I love Espacio Cripto. They host incredible events in Mexico and I think its worth seeing them on the ballot.
I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote


Thank you for your support Griff!!

Hey @Joxes, @ceresstation, @linda, @mastermojo, @MoneyManDoug, @kvny2046 :). We’d love your support :blue_heart:, we’ve been building Espacio Cripto since 2020, helping thousands of people join web3 in Mexico and LATAM. We want to continue doing that, and with your help, we will be able to do it :slight_smile:

I’m happy to answer any question you might have.

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Griff, You’ve been supporting the Mexican community in tons of different ways and we really appreciate it! thanks for all the support!

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As a contributor of @seedlatam for the @Joxes delegation, I have analyzed this mission following the criteria mentioned in this post .

  • The proposal is well-structured and meets the minimum requirements. However, I believe that more details could have been provided regarding the materials they will be working with and how the in-person events will be conducted. I would like to see concrete metrics of the impact achieved and how it benefits the Optimism ecosystem presented at the end of each event. My colleague @AxlVaz analyzed the proposals from @dmars300 (Criptoversidad) and @brichis (ETH México). I’m not familiar with the details of the relationships within the Mexican community, and if I were, it would be beyond my scope to analyze it. However, I believe that the budgets and actions for in-person events could be unified, especially if they are initiatives targeting locations outside of Mexico City.

  • I have some doubts about the required funds. I believe there is already a lot of high-quality content in Spanish that could be redistributed through established channels. In the case of @OptimismEsp, all the content is open and public, and it is currently funded by the OP received in the latest rpgf2
    Personally, I think as Latinos, we should start coordinating content creation efforts. I don’t think it’s necessary to create “more content” explaining the optimistic vision, but rather to redistribute what is already being generated. However, I do believe it’s necessary to address new topics, such as “superchains” or material for developers. Different communities can specialize in onboarding, OP Stack, governance, etc.
    Some numbers seemed a bit high to me, but I only have @brichis presented parameters as a reference. It would be great if you could provide more details on this. Perhaps we should create a shared list of providers (in case of outsourcing) to have more cost-effective options for our choices. I included @santicristobal (Solow) and @Michael in the list just to illustrate my point about the disparities I objectively see.


This observation is not only for Espacio Cripto. It is for all Spanish speakers. But I finished maturing my point of view after reading all these ARCHIVED Mission Proposals from Latam.

I would like to read more details about this because being a quality delegate is very heavy. In fact, I think it is not possible to be a delegate without a support team unless you dedicate at least half of your time to it. Currently, there are no permanent periodic incentives to be a pro delegate (full time) at Optimism, as there are in other governance systems (e.g. MakerDAO).

@seedlatam 's mission is to bring more Latinos into governance. The exemplary case is the work done by @Joxes and we have been working on this for over a year. It would be great to join efforts as communities and promote this together. If your desire is to do it separately, you can still count on our expertise.

We organized 13 governance calls in Spanish to decide how to vote. This calls are open for other delegates to discuss in Spanish the changes in Optimism with a focus on our region. @Gonna.eth and @olimpio have attended them. I take this opportunity to invite you.

I think these are the main points. Thank you very much.


Hey @CryptoChica, thank you for taking the time to review our grant proposal and provide valuable feedback. We appreciate your insights and suggestions. We have carefully considered your observations and want to address each point in detail.

Our track record, strong community, and deep understanding of web3 and optimism will really help to amplify the Optimistic Vision in Mexico and LATAM. Here are some numbers and examples that poove that; if we need to adjust the budget, we’ll do it. This grant would really help us keep delivering value to the Mexican community.

More details on the materials we’ll deliver: thank you for noting that we can provide more information regarding the materials we will be working on. Here you can find some examples of all the materials we suggest creating:

  • Sharing informative and engaging carousel posts on Instagram every 15 days, highlighting the key aspects of Optimism. Example here

  • Posting a tweet thread every 15 days, providing valuable insights and updates about Optimism to our active Twitter community. Example here.

  • Engagement:

  • In-person events

    • I’m really glad you ask about this. We’ve been executing one monthly IRL event in Haab in Mexico City since February 2022. Haab is one of the top tech co-workings in Condesa in CDMX. Here you can see some content of how we execute them, Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, livestream, example of aftermovie.
    • We have consistent attendance between 40 to 60 people in each event. The community in Mexico City already knows that we deliver these events, and they are constantly waiting for them.
    • The way we conduct the IRL events is the following:
      • We have a presentation on a specific thing about the topic of the meetup. For example, the last meetup was about DeFi so I presented a talk about what’s composability and why that’s important.
      • Then one person in the community presents information about a protocol. We have presented information about DeFi trading protocols, Fuel, and several others.
      • We have a community panel where 4 members of the community discuss a topic related to the theme of the event.
        We’ll dedicate one complete IRL event to discuss Optimism, the Optimistic Vision, how it works, and how people can get involved. Although there’s a lot of content already in Spanish, the community in Mexico is not aware of the detail of Optimism.
  • I’m not sure what you mean here “I would like to see concrete metrics of the impact achieved and how it benefits the Optimism ecosystem presented at the end of each event”, one concrete metric is having a consistent attendance of more than 40 people to the IRL events. The impact of this is that not a lot of the community members are aware of Optimism’s vision, its culture, and how it technically works. This is a way of exposing them to these topics.

Events in Mexico city
These events in Mexico City have a huge impact on the community, we have hosted panels where Stany Kulechov, founder of AAVE and Lens has been a speaker. We have hosted events with members of the Ethereum foundation, Uniswap, between other important Ethereum and Optimism ecosystem builders. We look forward to continuing hosting IRL meetups where people have found mentors, co-founders, and other builders to keep developing the ecosystem in México and Latam.
Mexico City has become one of the most expensive cities in Latam, so lowering the budget could mean lowering the quality of the events.

Relationships within the Mexican community
This is a great thing to talk about. We’re really happy that people like @brichis and @dmars300 are also part of Espacio Cripto’s community. @brichis is a mod in the community, and @dmars300 is one of the most active members in our Telegram group; you can see in this proposal Brichis’ testimony on how Espacio Cripto has helped her. They have both been part of our monthly Community All Hands sharing progress in Cryptoversidad, Ethereum Mexico, and other initiatives (examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). We’re happy that Espacio Cripto has helped other communities in Mexico to connect and deliver valuable work. We want to keep helping talent to begin their web3 journey like @brichis, @dmars300, @CryptoReuMD, Anatech and other people

High-quality content in Spanish that could be redistributed through established channels.

  • We appreciate your recognition of the existing high-quality content in Spanish. We fully agree see that it serves as a valuable source of information. In our mission, we plan to utilize this content as a foundation, adapting it to our channels to ensure a seamless and organic distribution within our community. By leveraging the existing content and tailoring it to our platforms, we aim to provide our community with a cohesive and familiar experience. This approach will help us effectively convey the Optimistic Vision in a manner that aligns with our community’s preferences and expectations. We value your input and welcome any specific recommendations or suggestions regarding the adaptation and distribution process.

Detail about our numbers
We’re happy to adjust the costs according to the impact of our activities, we’ve delivered value since 2020 and we have a community with traction. If the delegates think costs are high, we can adjust them.

  • We have produced more than 190 episodes since 2020
  • He’ve had more than 100,000 downloads historically
  • Our podcast was in the top 1% global for Spotify in 2022
  • We were the #1 podcast for 5,987 community members on Spotify in 2022
  • We have more than 1,000 weekly messages on our Telegram channel
  • Last year Espacio Cripto provided 9 scholarships to latinos to attend Devcon
  • Espacio Cripto provided 3 scholarships to members of the community of 4,000 USD each to study data science and web development in alliance with Lewagon
  • You can see more data about Espacio Cripto here

Identifying and nurturing local talent to establish a dedicated Optimism delegate in Mexico
We will organize and engage different communities in Mexico, including those within Optimism’s grant program and other communities not yet included. We aim to provide comprehensive information and guidance on how delegation works within the Optimism ecosystem. We will explain the process, define suitable candidates, facilitate voting procedures, and delegate tokens. We will execute at least 5 sessions to explain this process, select a delegate and start delegating tokens.

Given your expertise and mission to bring more Latinos into governance, we would be thrilled to collaborate and join efforts with Seed LATAM in this work.

By uniting our communities and leveraging our collective expertise, we can foster a stronger ecosystem and empower more individuals to participate actively in governance.

We greatly appreciate your time and thoughtful considerations. We hope that our detailed responses address all your questions and provide the clarity you sought. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and the rest of the delegates, and we genuinely hope that our collective efforts will help move the proposal forward. Your support and vote would be instrumental in bringing the Optimistic Vision to Latin America, specifically in Mexico, and strengthening the participation of the Latino community in governance. Thank you for your consideration.

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I like the proposal and even though I’d like to dig deeper into the merits, I think it’s worth moving to a vote.

I am a delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this should be put to a vote.


Similar to @kaereste I’d like to dive a bit deeper on this but I think it’s strong enough to at least put forward to a vote.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move forward.


Thanks @CryptoChica, valuable feedback for further discussion in the next phase.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Thanks a lot for your trust @kaereste! We’d love to explain any questions you have. Could you share with us some specific questions or topics you’d like to know in more detail to explain them in a doc? :slight_smile: Thanks again for your vote :slight_smile:

@ceresstation, thanks a lot for your vote! Similar to @kaereste, we’d love to explain any questions you have. Could you share with us some specific questions or topics to start working on in a doc :muscle:?

Thanks a lot for your vote @Joxes :). Let’s keep spreading the Optimistic vision in LATAM.

Super Cool, we hope to see some delegates from other countries in LATAM and MX working together

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I think each community has a targeted audience and an individual way to communicate and share information. Excited about how many projects/ individuals will be onboarded to the OP ecosystem thanks to this intent.

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