Setting sunny eyes on Latin America

-For some months now we have been creating things at Optimism, with a lot of intention to help create, maintain communication and impact for the awareness of people in Latin America. With this we are going to start helping our communities about the Optimism Governance, what is RPGF, Granting and everything that it’s happening in the collective.
a.- What is the purpose of this thread?
To have a link for the community to communicate and keep an eye on what we are creating. This thread is not intended to enliven a single community, but all those who intend to create and share their work.
b.- The intentions of this thread?
Communication, communication communication. We consider that there are many communities that don’t know how to navigate in the forum, they are frightened by the content and we would like to have a special place where we can communicate with each other.
c.- Some rules are not bad
-It is totally forbidden to post bad intentions and attacking content to any community.
-We do not support ghost communities, which only come to promote themselves, so the joint happiness will come from allowing any latin community to promulgate themselves here or promulgate the work done.
-No hate comments, sales or anything related to economic aspects.
d.- The method
1.- In this thread we will have postings of what is going on weekly, which can be content from delegates, missions, intents to consider and links to important documents in a clean, communal manner.
2.- If you are doing any projects, meetings or you would like to communicate with us, we will read each other here.
3.- This thread is for impact, to keep people aware of what is going on and for Latin America to allow more communication and interaction between projects.
4.- We are going to have a TG group to talk about Optimism and solve any doubts.
-Ill be updating with all the TG groups that are going to share help and explanations:
Nación Bankless Telegram: Contact @nacionbankless

Come in friends. If you are a community that needs help to create something, step in, and if we don’t know how to help you, someone it’s going to reach you.


Love the plan, glad to help!


Delighted to see all that LATAM is doing, all building an optimistic future!


LATAM´s bull run is coming :fire:


Today where are going to have an event in Mexico with #EspacioCripto and Nación Bankless

We are going to talk about RPGF, Optimism Grants Ecosystem and Blob implementation. @ReneHdz it’s going to delight us with this subjects and to solve the doubts and questions in the meeting. Also, there’s another talk about Gitcoin and Public Goods.
Here are is the agenda. So, if you are in Mexico City. Please step by:


Blob Party by Ethereum Mexico
March 15, 19:00 h CST, 03:00 UTC


Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself and share with you my excitement about the new project “Women in Web3 Bootcamp”, an initiative that seeks to empower women in the Web3 space using the Optimism ecosystem.

I am Briguit Reinaldo (Criptomommy) , founder of Women Biz, and along with a group of community ambassadors, we have created this bootcamp to offer a unique opportunity for women who want to learn about Web3 from experts and develop their own projects using Optimism tools.

Some of the features that I find most attractive about the bootcamp are:

  • Its practical approach: Participants will not only learn theory, but will also have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by creating their own projects.
  • Its focus on community: The bootcamp will foster collaboration and peer learning, creating a community of women passionate about Web3.
  • Its use of the Optimism ecosystem: Participants will learn how to use Optimism tools to create scalable and secure projects.

Applications we plan to use: Optimism, Charmverse, Mirror, Zora y 1inch.

The bootcamp kicks off this Saturday, March 16th at 9:00 AM Peru Time (GMT-5) and will run for 6 weeks. Classes will be conducted live via Zoom, with a practical and community-oriented approach.

I believe that this bootcamp is a very important initiative to increase women’s participation in Web3. If you are interested in participating as a mentor, workshop leader, or if you want to support the project in any other way, you can contact to me: or telegram: criptomommy.

I invite you to visit the website to help us and share with other women.

Thank you very much for your attention!


Hello everyone, several people here in LATAM know me, but I introduce myself, I am FabiánCripto founder and I am building Encriptados, is an educational newsletter in which we seek to educate, guide and help all Spanish-speaking people to get into crypto and web3 in an easy and simple way, as we know there is some language barrier and we seek to break it, and we have done it through sharing valuable information, educating and helping the community.

We have been building for more than a year and a half, we have helped many people to understand more about web3 and the whole ecosystem, and thanks to Optimism we continue building and helping in this path.

Encriptados has a lot to give and everything is for and by the community, we will try to join forces with several Spanish-speaking projects to continue educating and bringing Optimism to more people in an easy and simple way, bringing valuable content, educational videos, introduction to Optimism and many other things that Optimism encompasses. We will also soon launch an educational platform to make it easier for people to learn in an easy and fun way.

Let’s keep building optimists :red_circle:


Hello optimists!!!
I’m Diego Montes, and I’m excited to share my journey in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, especially in the exciting field of training, incubation, startup acceleration. Two years ago, I realized an urgent need in Latin America: the shortage of talent in development and market strategies for startups looking to solve important problems using blockchain technology.

Motivated by this challenge, I decided to found Andino, a community dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in the Latin region. At Andino, we focus on bringing together the best developers and creators, giving them a space where they can collaborate, learn and grow together.

Our mission at Andino goes beyond simply connecting talent; we strive to catalyze projects that have a significant impact on society. With this goal in mind, we organized more than three A.I. and Blokchain hackathons in the last two years alongside leading universities and institutions, offering monetary prizes to inspire the creativity and ingenuity of our members by creating leading ecosystems.

Andino Hackathons:

  • MetaHackathon
  • LATAM WEBX Hackathon
  • Innova BCP

With the firm objective of training developers in this promising field, we organized a Bootcamp to build on Optimism. During the 1.5 month intensive program, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in agile methodologies, product management in the Web3 environment, as well as Optimism-specific governance. In addition, they explored problem investigation techniques, idea validation and blockchain development under the guidance of leading Web3 experts in Latin America.

Our commitment does not stop there. To ensure comprehensive learning, each participant received personalized mentoring, providing them with individualized guidance and support to achieve their goals.

But that’s not all. In an effort to offer even more exciting opportunities, we established a strategic partnership with Founder Space, a renowned accelerator in China. Winning teams from our next Demo Day will have the opportunity to access Founder Space’s program, where they can receive additional funding and support to take their projects to the next level.

We started the program on February 17, with five intensive workshop sessions and a detailed follow-up of practical work using tools such as Figma. All this leads up to our next big event: Demo Day, which will be held on April 6 in collaboration with the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and the STARTUPC incubator


I am excited and optimistic about the progress we have made so far and even more excited about the bright future that awaits our Bootcamp participants and the entire community of entrepreneurs and innovators in Web3 and AI.

If you want to be a mentor on Optimism topics or provide a workshop, please do not hesitate to send me a DM on X or connect on Telegram


Great initiative @CryptoReuMD . LatAm is a diverse region with many talented builders and passionate communities oftentimes held back by gatekeeping and rent seeking entities producing lackluster results. This can be a great way to create more autonomy for builders in the region instead of making them feel forced to let unelected and unaccountable international bodies usurp their impact and hinder growth. Looking forward to seeing LatAm get the representation it deserves.


GM CryptoReuMD Nice to see this in the forum.

Yesterday, I can be part of the meeting “Optimism Grants Season 5” with @Carlosjmelgar and @brichis, it was awesome.

I see this opportunity to shared the SubDAO PushEnEspañol, the latin members of this group conformed for people from México, Colombia, Venezuela, Perú and Argentina.

We see in the Optimism ecosystem a great opportunity to spreed the knowledge to build optimistic Public Goods.

Remember this words of Carlos Melgar: “This is a great opportunity to diversify participation from a region brimming with talented devs and builders, a history of being early to technological advancements and communities with lots of onchain presence in other ecosystems. By introducing regional leaders to Optimism, I hope they can build on the superchain and help bring their communities to the Collective.”

Latin america are optimistic :red_circle:


Wonderful! I’ve been active in Latam with crypto adoption and education since 2018. I’ve got more on that in my portfolio: Portfolio | George Donnelly

Currently, I’m building YapBay as part of the Backdrop Build accelerator, which I would like to deploy on OP.

YapBay is a Web3 remittance platform that combines TradFi and DeFi to enable faster, cheaper, and more accessible cross-border payments for the world’s unbanked and underbanked population.


Hello friends.
I hope that you are having an incredible day.
Plase step by in this event, hosted by Birchis and OP Michael.

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I love it! I like how they explain things Bankless. It is difficult for me to navigate the forums, it would be incredible to create content in Spanish. For the moment I will continue using translate hehehe. :yum:

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Hello friends. We are going to have a Superchain @Base activity hosted by Cryptoconexión, Frutero Club and Nación Bankless.
We are starting using frames, and the 101 on how to make your own, for the coming hackaton and future DApp development.
Here is the invitation (Spanish):

And here is the link for registration: Reto Farcaster Frames LATAM - Sesión 1 · Luma


Hiho. Some Updates
We hacked at ETH global: Frameworks Hackaton and we make it. We managed to set the first Frame to make donations to Gitcoin in the Superchain. We are happy to keep building with some exciting news in the next weeks.