Mission Roundup

All Mission Proposal require 4 delegate approvals from delegates with >0.25% of votable supply by June 28th at 19:00 to be eligible to move to a vote, as outlined in the Operating Manual. Approvals are not endorsements but rather signal a delegate believes a proposal is ready to move to a vote.

Mission proposals will be approval ranked under each Intent until the budget for that Intent is depleted.See How to Vote on Missions: Approval Ranking Example.

It is best practice to incorporate delegate feedback on your proposal but if you make changes after receiving a delegate’s approval, you should alert them to the changes as they may wish to withdraw their approval as a result.

You can see votable supply by delegate here. The new protocols participating in the Protocol Delegation Program have not received their delegation yet but will have >0.25% of the vote once they do. Therefore, approvals from these protocols are valid.

The following proposal [DRAFT] proposals, in no particular order, were submitted by the deadline and need delegate approvals:

Intent #1

Intent #2

All Grants Council applications, nothing to do for this one!

Intent #3

Intent #4


In case you are also getting redirected to OPDelegate(dot)com instead of their proposal on this forum, here is their direct link [DRAFT] OPdelegate.com

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I appreciate that, I also just added a re-direct on the website to the proposal page.

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sorry about that, updated above as well

Hey @lavande, the Stackles proposal was moved to the Grant Council Novel Applications proposal page. Is it ideal to still be here for the approvals?

Hi @sinachpat! If you would like to withdraw your Mission proposal and instead apply to the Grants Council, you’ll just need to submit your application through Charmverse and you won’t need any delegate approvals for that as the Council processes all applications. Is that the case? If so, I’ll remove from this list as you won’t need approvals :slight_smile:

@lavande Yeah, that’s the case. I already submitted through Charmverse.

Ok! Updated to remove your Mission proposal from the roundup and no need for you to seek delegate approvals for you application to Grants Council

Hello @lavande,

Is it expected that each alliance should proactively reach out to gain delegate approvals before June 29th, (engaging with delegates on platforms like the forum, Twitter, and Discord)? Or is it the responsibility of the delegates to independently review the mission proposals and then give their approval to the ones they find agreeable?

Thanks a lot in advance for clarifying!


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A little of both!

You can see the top delegates here.

The best place to reach delegates is in the #gov-general channel of Discord (@ delegates will tag all the delegates with >0.25% voting power.) I will continue to make announcements so they are aware that they need to review proposals. You can also tag them on the forum if you need them to review your proposal, just please don’t spam them.


I have been asked by many many people to review these proposals so I will carve out some time to do as many as I can.

But I thought we had the grant committees for this reason. They are getting paid to review proposals, no?

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The Grants Council is reviewing grant applications on five week cycles, as usual. These are Mission proposals, which are specific initiatives designed to be completed start-to-finish by the end of the Season.

Missions open up the Governance Fund to support a broader range of work, aligned with our Collective Intents. Missions are mostly focused on building the Collective versus grants, which tend to be focsed on growing the broader ecosystem.

We understand reviewing Mission proposals is an intensive process for delegates and, accordingly, expect this process would only occur 2x per year, if the experiment is continued in the future.

Pairwise got 4 delegates and is ready to move for a vote. You check it out here.