Call for more attention to Chinese public goods contributors and communities

Written by Marcus, Member of LXDAO

Hello, My name is Marcus, I come from a R&D Focused DAO in public goods: LXDAO

LXDAO is an R&D-focused DAO, A solution for supporting valuable Web3 Public Goods and Open Source sustainably.

I’ve been in the Optimism community for a long time, and I’ve been following the Critizen House and Public Goods, LXDAO is interested in becoming a member of the Critizen House. We’ve seen a lot of teams working to create a more inclusive community through the creation of impactful public goods, and there are a lot of builders in the Optimism ecosystem that are working hard to promote Optimism. Efforts

Retroactive public goods funding is beneficial because it’s relatively easy to agree on what is useful and see who built it. It’s much harder to determine what is useful in advance, and which team can best build it

At Optimism, there are public goods builders from all over the world who are not working on building a sustainable future for Ethereum, from Ethereum Mexico, [Peru]([DRAFT] Optimism's tour of universities in Peru 1), as well as from developed countries such as the United States.

Unfortunately, there is one thing I didn’t find at Optimism, and that’s the attention Optimism pays to East Asian developers and those in the Chinese community. Of course, even if there is no attention, the Chinese community is still contributing greatly to the Web3 public goods space!

Chinese community contributor still love public goods

The Chinese community still has a lot to contribute when it comes to building public goods. Take open-source goods as an example, according to the 2022 China Open Source Contributions Report, the following key indicators are mentioned

  • Chinese open-source contributors account for 9.5% of the world’s
  • Chinese developer-led open-source projects accounted for 12.5% of the world’s
  • Top 50 global companies contributing to open source, 20% in China

Chinese public goods developers, open source products have been a force to be reckoned with

Vitalik’s comments at the end of RetroPGF’s first installment also cited a public good developed by the Chinese-speaking Ethereum community: This is an excellent Chinese-speaking Ethereum community project (though not the only one! See also EthPlanet), which has been providing a large number of resources in Chinese for people to learn about Ether, including translations of many highly technical articles written by members of the Ether community and about Ether originally in English.

Including vitalik also mentioned the possibility of adding a diversity of voices to the Optimism citizen house badge, suggesting that some members of the Ethereum Chinese community be added as badge holders

Strengthening the voice of public goods builders in the Chinese community

As far as I know, there are a lot of people contributing to public goods in the Chinese community, and a lot of public goods developers in the Chinese community need Optimism’s support.

How LXDAO contributes to the sustainable development of public goods

LXDAO, as an R&D-focused DAO, will support the sustainability of public goods as our key goal. We currently have 236 registered members, most of whom are from China, and we also have many communities in New Zealand, Singapore, Paris, etc. We have also created many public goods, and in the past year, LXDAO created more than 10 public goods through decentralization. In the past year, LXDAO has created more than 10 public goods through decentralized operations in areas such as education, development, community, etc. These public goods have made an impact on the entire Ethereum community and we will support public goods and build a sustainable future for Ethereum from the following perspectives

DAO Governance and Construction: We promote governance models and technology construction for decentralized autonomous organizations.

Web3 Education: We are committed to promoting Web3 technologies and concepts and fostering more Web3 builders.

Public Goods and Open Source Project Support: We provide financial and human support to help the sustainable development of public goods.

LXDAO also recently applied for RetroPGF Phase III and will continue to build for public goods

As a member of the Optimism community, as well as a member of the Chinese community and a public goods builder, I hope to communicate with you all to build a sustainable future for optimism!


Hey @Marcus01

The Chinese community is significant, and it is great to see a more identifiable presence in Optimism!

The best thing you as a community can do is open threads in :sparkles: General and post valuable information about what you are doing now. Good examples of these are Launching the Optimistic Academy and Optimism Español - General Communication Thread, to be more communicative with delegates, citizens and interested in the OP governance. Do the same with using the appropriate channels on Discord to stay in touch with regular users.


Thanks for sharing this @Marcus01. I 100% agree with your call outs here. The Chinese community and East Asia is so slept on. I’ve had first hand experience with Korean and Japanese communities’ and can attest to their interest, talent and real engagement beyond vanity metrics.

We have many projects translating content that results in very limited reach. I would love to see more funding be distributed to other regions, and specifically to projects that have nurtured an engaged community and have metrics to show for it. I’m hopeful that RPGF3 will distribute funding across more languages, regions and hone in on projects with lively communities.


Thank you for your support.@carlosjmelgar
There are a lot of people in the Chinese community who are interested in public goods, so we can translate a lot of articles together, and look forward to spreading the influence of optimism to the Chinese community together!

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Thank you @Joxes
I’m in the discord of optimism and will join the citizen house meeting in the recently and look forward to discussing it with you all!


Hey @Marcus01

I am glad to introduce our public good project OptimismJ · GitHub. We are developing and maintaining OP Stack consensus client and execution client written in latest Java. Hildr is the third OP Stack consensus client besides op-node and magi, op-besu is the 5th OP Stack execution client besides op-geth, op-erigon, op-reh, op-nethermind. We have made considerable contributions to OP Stack technological decentralization. We also joined RetroFGF 3 Retro PGF

Besides that we are developing an ethereum portal network client written in Go. We may become the 4th team who implement portal network and contribute Ethereum core community.

We are only two or three developers all from China, and we hope continue to improve impact of our project and always contibute optimism and ethereum community. Also we would like to get more grant/funding to build a sustainable future.

Glad to communicate with you.
tg: Telegram: Contact @grapebaba
discord: grapebaba