Cycle 13 Voting Roundup

Cycle 13 began on Thursday (June 8th) at 19:00 GMT and runs until Wednesday (July 12th) at 19:00 GMT.

A snapshot of delegate voting weights will be taken at the start of the vote window. Voting will take place at starting on June 29th at 19:00 GMT.

All Mission proposals will be approval ranked during Cycle #13. For more information on How to Vote on Mission Proposals

The following Mission proposals have received the required delegate approvals and will be approval ranked by Intent:

Intent #1

Intent #3

Intent #4


@lavande Thank you for putting this doc, you’re amazing.
I have 1 comment though. Our Mission under Intent 4, has recieved the delegate approvals just before this post was made. It has the 4 approvals, can it be added to the roundup?
Thank you, and let me know any comments/questions:)

Hello Lavande, thanks again for all your support to make this happen.

Could you please include our mission as well? We got the fourth approved just right before closing time.

Thank you very much