Retroactive Freelancer: Impactful Marketing Collabs to spread the Optimistic Vision

We’ve seen many teams work to create a more diverse and inclusive Collective through translation recently. I love the fact that the Optimistic vision in LatAm is represented by more than one entity, allowing for real inclusion and growth through projects that have been growing their communities and audiences for years. Some of those teams include Espacio Cripto, Solow, Ethereum Mexico, Nacion Bankless, and many others.


Follower count and views are cool, but do they convert? We sometimes get carried away by vanity metric and overlook how they create real impact, adoption, growth, etc. This is one of the risks I see in centralizing so much funding to few educational initiatives that eventually become stagnant communication silos. This is why we’ve put so much effort into showing how much impact our work has created by through onchain activity. Mirror mints, NFT badges as certificates of completion, free OP mints as proof of attendance (like POAPs, but on OP).

Optimism Tip


While some may feel it’s best to redistribute what is already created by one entity instead of creating “more content”, I feel we need to continue empowering a more diverse set of educators and creators that speak to different audiences. We won’t grow the ecosystem by focusing on the bubbles we frequent.

Oftentimes we discuss diversity and inclusion in a self serving way. Diversity and inclusion for me and my group. Rarely do we see people working for these causes take a step further and think about creating diversity and inclusion beyond what serves their own needs. This is why I have made a concerted effort to onboard communities serving Arabic, Japanese, Korean and other audiences.

Cool Story, Bro. Wen Impact?

Real growth and adoption happens by reaching out and meeting others where they are instead of waiting for them to come to us. It’s still early and we’re still smaller than we like to think. This is why I have spent the past few months recruiting and guiding strategic communities that will help us grow our audiences and more importantly - our user base.

I’ve reached out to content creators and communities that still had yet to be OP pilled (I know right?) and didn’t even know about Public Goods or Public Goods Funding. These are educators that have amassed audiences that reach millions. I’m talking creators with YouTube 900K subscribers. Communities with hundredrs of people engaging in in forums daily.

Don’t Trust. Verify.

82K Followers on Twitter
26K members in discord
20K members in Telegram.

This team has created one of the largest and most active crypto communities in Japan. They didn’t put any focus on Optimism nor were they familiar with the concepts of Public Goods and Public Goods Funding before I started working with them. It took some time for them to believe that their work to create crypto education and adoption in their country could be compensated (sound familiar?). I began working with them (at no charge), meeting them at crazy hours of the day and guiding them to the Optimistic Vision. They even participated in Gitcoin GG18 ( deployed on Optimism) and finished as a top grantee due to the high engagement of their community.

MR ๛ YAHYA + Mr. Crypto

11.6K Youtube Subscribers
4.8K on Twitter
9.7K on Twitter

Educational tweets and mini courses focusing on Governance, video tutorials deploying NFT contracts using Thirdweb, ecosystem platforms. and more.

Multiple blogs translated

Julia at Nonce Community in Korea (currently designing a SubDao for this)

KMANUS88 and T2LatAm
938K Subs on YouTube
322K TikTok
163K Followers on Instagram
173K Followers on Twitter
13K Discord

39K on Twitter
48K Instagram
2.5K YouTube
4K TikTok
12K Discord

Hosted a series of OPFriends Spaces and helped guide in the creation of over 50 pieces of content generating millions if views in Spanish. I recruited guests like Across Protocol, builders, badgeholders, etc and co hosted the spaces. These were usually held at 2 or 3 AM my time.

OP friends Spaces

Example of a free OP NFT mint for attendees of the spaces.

22k IG

I saw an opportunity to create value for the collective and I did it instead of being a reply guy telling the foundation to do it.

Impact Onboarding is something I am passionate about. Onboarding trough Public Goods. Part of this initiative includes onboarding degens to public goods as we build the Degen 2 Regen pipeline. This is how we grow the space though impact instead of speculation.

What’s Next?
All of these communites are now able to apply for RetroPGF for the hard work they put into growing the Optimism ecosystem. It’s difficult to allocate resources for something like this. It may work, it may not. I decided it was worth trying and it worked.

  • I’m already working with other teams and communities in Asia, Europe, and Africa to continue doing my part for the collective.

  • I’m teaching people from all over the world to deploy Quadratic Funding rounds on Optimism.



The numbers just going up friend.
It’s an incredible post and a marvelous enterprise.
I hope that our little project somedays comes as bigger and great as yours.
We are looking to get impact and make changes that. But the road it’s like the “Serpent Road” from Dragon Ball Z, difficult and large, but we all are going to make it.


Great work @Carlosjmelgar and thank you for stewarding this very important work in the DAO


Happy to report that Ivan on Tech has entered the chat. He’s joining our efforts to educate the world about Public Goods, specifically the Optimistic Vision. Today he’s reading from the Ether’s Phoenix blog post, went in depth on Retro Public Goods, OSS, and benefits of building on Optimism. He also dropped a free mint on Optimism.

I’ll continue working with him as spread the Optimistic vision!

Why is this important?
Most of us entered the crypto space as degens. We farmed vegetable coins, flipped jpegs, got rekt on leverage, got dumped on by VCs etc. We eventually found the light and converted from degen 2 regen. Working with big crypto educators helps streamline the degen 2 regen process by educating their communities on Public Goods.

Happening live right now

502K Subscribers on YouTube
410k followers on Twitter


Such a great example of how diversity and inclusion can look when we’re building for all people and communities - and supporting each other in unlocking funding. True positive sum thinking.

I know a lot of GreenPill communities are focusing on translations, local on-boarding (inspired by web3 beach) and finding ways to cross-pollinate resources as well.

We’re also teaching people how to run QF rounds on OP so that they can fund their own communities (as you know since you’re one of our many amazing cohort trainers).

We are always inspired by what you’re doing Carlos, thank you!

We’ve got this.


Quick update on this work to more spread the Optimistic Vision through marketing collabs.

Today we’re hosting an X Space with Ivan on Tech to OP and RPGF his community (411k on Twitter).

While I believe many creators are doing an amazing job at communicating the Optimistic vision, we sometimes end up communicating it amongst ourselves. This creates a communication silo and falls short of reaching the masses to onboard more users to the Superchain.

I also realize that many public goods purists don’t like engaging with influencers for various and sometimes valid reasons. I suggest we keep in mind their impact. They are the entry point for many new users coming into the crypto world. If we’re able to collab with them to share the impactful side of Ethereum, wel’ll be helping them avoid some of the costly mistakes that have come to be accepted as a rites of passage in crypto. Ivan on Tech is also a talented dev and founder of Moralis.

Join us today as we discuss Optimism’s path to mainstream adoption and impact funding.

Set reminder here if you want to join the convo:


Wishing there was more notice on events like this. We have a space discussing our Pilot Program on Optimism using the Gitcoin Grants stack scheduled at the same time.

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Many more to come fren! Excited to see you launch your own QF round on OP.

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To be honest it feels like an uphill battle. The competition to run grants via grant stack is feeling more like a popularity contest than anything. When applying on the grant stack manager platform it says something about assistance with the program. Whether that is through round management or support via social media I have no clue. I also setup a meeting via the type form but got zero response back.

I have cancelled our spaces due to this situation. It doesn’t feel right to try and compete with another space happening at the same time especially when we are up against 411K followers.