Brichis - Delegate Communication Thread

Cycle #13 Voting Period (Mission Proposals)

For this cycle, I used the Builder and Growth rubric of the Grants Council as a reference, and I included a category for intent. I did this because I believe the Grants Council has valuable experience in evaluating projects, and I aim to improve decision-making processes as a delegate. The total score is 18 points and I determined a percentage, approving those that were higher than 70%

Example for Intent #1

0 1 2 3 4
Progress Towards Technical Decentralization No clear progress towards technical decentralization is apparent Minimal efforts towards technical decentralization There is some reasonable progress towards technical decentralization There are significant efforts towards technical decentralization The project substantially promotes technical decentralization
Likelihood of success There’s a clear flaw in the design that cannot be easily remedied Difficult to see the project continuing for more than a year There’s a reasonable chance that the project has intermediate-to-long-term success (+1 Year) The project is likely to generate long-term, sustainable value for the Optimism ecosystem The project has a substantial likelihood of generating long-term, sustainable value for the Optimism ecosystem
Grant size Grant size significantly outweighs the projected benefit Grant size is considerably larger than the expected benefit Grant size is proportional to the expected benefit Expected benefit outweighs the grant size Expected benefit meaningfully exceeds grant size
Team assessment The team does not substantiate the ability to deliver on the plan The team does not show significant ability to deliver on the plan The team shows a reasonable ability to deliver on the plan The team shows a significant ability to deliver on the plan The team exceeds what is required to deliver on the plan
0 1 2
Milestone trackability Not trackable Somewhat trackable Easily trackable

Intent #1, 1M OP
Vote: I’m voting in favor of all the options. This initiative is crucial, and every team demonstrate the necessary capabilities to execute this missions.

Scry Protocol - Fully Decentralized and Independent Oracle and Data Infrastructure
I think the outcome of this will be genuinely intriguing, and I appreciate their efforts to reduce their budget. However, I still believe it is relatively high but I’m voting yes because I think Decentralized and Independent Oracles are really important for Technical Decentralization.

Spearbit + Immunefi Bug Bounty Program for Large Protocols on Optimism
The allocated budget is intended for bug bounties, and they possess the necessary expertise. Nevertheless, in the future, I believe that large protocols should consider establishing their own budgets for bug bounties.

Future-proofing UI/UX of OP nodes
I’m really excited about this one. I believe they are the team capable of making it happen.

TechNERD program
I appreciate that OP Labs have participated on the same level as other projects with a proposed mission that addresses a genuine need. This will certainly bring benefits to the Optimism Ecosystem.

Superchain Governance Deep Dive
I believe the outcome of this mission will be genuinely interesting, and I appreciate their decision to decrease their budget.

Extend the L1Block contract to store historical blockhash data
Initially, I didn’t understand their intentions, but they calmly explained to me that it’s important for protocols (bridges) not to be obligated to use zk light clients or centralized oracles so I decided to give a vote of trust.

Intent #3, 1M OP

Vote: I’m voting “no” for missions I’m involved in to avoid conflicts of interest. However, I’m voting “yes” for most missions because I believe every effort counts, and everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the Optimism Ecosystem.


BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision
I believe they are some of the most experienced content creators. This can open doors for many non-native English speakers, and I’m excited about the potential impact on the ecosystem.

Spread Optimistic values across Latam with Solow
I fully understand the value of this proposal, and while some may argue that the content is duplicative, I believe each one offers something unique to a different audience. This will be the seed to foster greater participation in Latin America.

‘Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin’
I believe this is a strong mission, and the Alliance has everything it takes to make it a success. Despite the high budget, the majority of it goes to contributors. I’m excited about this proposed mission.

Develop the most relevant and aligned audiovisual content for the Optimism Collective
Despite the presence of many similar proposals, I appreciate that this one emphasizes technical aspects like OP Stack and Superchain. The budget may be high, but based on their previous work, I would love to read more content in my native language.

Create and Maintain the ‘Optimism Vision Reservoir
I agree with other comments; the price-to-benefit ratio is interesting. I believe it could be highly useful and I hope it resonates with people, especially content creators.

Fueling RetroPGF Growth through Education, Collaboration, and Active Marketing
Although the amount may be considered high, I believe a dashboard, real-life events, and general education are effective ways to promote RetroPGF and yield great results.

Velodrome: Spread Awareness Through Direct Outreach and Onboarding
The Alliance members possess the necessary qualifications to carry out this mission. I’m particularly impressed by Velodrome’s recent performance update. This proposal holds great promise, and I’d love to see 5 Velodromes at Optimism!

Let’s take the Optimistic Vision to LATAM with Espacio Cripto
Espacio Cripto is one of the most important podcasts about crypto in LATAM, and their community holds significant influence, especially in Mexico. The budget may be considered high, but the expected benefits justify it.

Web3xplorer - A curated web platform to discover useful web3 apps, resources and tools
Despite the existence of similar platforms, I would like to give them a chance. They are proposing something for a specific audience, and I’m curious to see how they evolve.

Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event
I’m the Alliance lead and an active Co-Founder of Ethereum México.

Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain
Even though my participation may not be considered significant due to dedicating only 5-10% of the time compared to my peers, I chose to abstain to avoid any potential issues.

There has been extensive discussion regarding this Intent, questioning whether these projects should be considered as proposed missions. However, I believe it was an internal mistake in our design, so I vote in favor of the majority. I see the proposed missions as an opportunity to understand the projects’ intentions, form alliances, and provide guidance on what is expected.

Intent #4, 3M OP

Pairwise: Tinder UX For Web3 Community Signaling
The budget may be considered high, but I believe it could be highly beneficial for RetroPGF3, especially considering they already have the MVP. I’m excited about the improvements they are implementing, particularly for badgeholders.

NumberNERD Program
I appreciate their participation with a Proposed Mission. I believe this program will bring significant benefits, and I witnessed the quality of their work during a Governance Call. I’m excited about this mission.

The RetroPGF Podcast
To be honest, I trust Michael’s proposals. I think it will greatly contribute to positioning RetroPGF and highlighting what sets Optimism apart from other L2 solutions, beyond just the technical aspects.

Improving Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations
I consider Praise to be one of the best products available for DAOs. It is a valuable tool for emotional recognition and provides important contributor information. I believe the Praise culture could be extremely beneficial for Optimism.

Facilitate and empower community members to actively engage in governance through an educational course
I am familiar with Cryptoversidad’s work, and I believe their content will be easily understandable. I would love to see it open doors for many people interested in governance.

Multi-lingual Lesson on Optimism Governance, by Bankless Academy
As a non-native English speaker, I believe initiatives like this are crucial. While I consider the budget to be high, I understand the need since they will be producing content in five different languages.
I have seen the work of both Michaels, and I believe they will deliver something truly interesting. As a delegate with a low number of delegations, I may not personally derive much valuable information yet, but I am confident it will benefit other delegates.

OP Governance Analytics Dashboard
I find their proposal to be genuinely interesting. I would love to see it integrated with Agora and/or Michael’s OPdelegate mission. Both dashboards would complement each other well.

REGEN Score - Attestations for the Citizen’s House
This could be a fun initiative. I appreciate that the first step is to present the conceptual design for feedback. It can be a great way to engage public goods project supporters in the Optimism community.

Delegate Corner Podcast
The budget seems reasonable to me, and I believe Sinkas has a genuine interest in contributing to the Optimism ecosystem, which deserves our support.

Velodrome: Fostering Inclusive Governance through Leading Optimism Builders and Long-term Users
They are requesting a substantial amount of money. Initially, I understood that everything would go to participants, but now I see allocations like 350k for development and audit, 250k for running an Optimism Protocols program, and 400k for a govNFT program. While the idea of vested tokens is interesting, I believe the budget is too high.

Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack
Although I find it interesting, the best use for this dashboard has not been defined yet (The Collective has not addressed gas-related aspects). I think it’s still early for this project, but it could become a valuable educational tool to understand gas fees for OP Stack.

Enable aOP as A Votable Token in Optimism’s Governance
They have not resolved the issue of double OP voting power. I believe we can find better ways to incentivize OP holders who wish to delegate their tokens.

DAOStar: Governance standards for the Optimism ecosystem
This could be enriching. However, I am concerned that the Optimism Foundation or OP Labs might not have sufficient time to dedicate to providing feedback.