L2BEAT - Delegate Communication Thread


In the previous voting seasons, we were one of the most prominent governance delegators, engaging in various discussions and leading Tooling Governance Committee.

Today I would like to announce that we are shifting gears with the onboarding of Krzysztof Urbanski. Krzysztof has been assisting me during the last few weeks and, from now will replace me in the role of L2BEAT Governance Delegate.

Personally, I am very excited about this change because @kaereste is a perfect candidate for this role, with extensive knowledge of both the crypto landscape and various grant programs.


First of all, I’m super excited to be involved in the Optimism Governance as L2BEAT Governance Delegate. Some of you already know me, those that don’t might want to check my official commitment.

I’m happy that as L2BEAT we are able to dedicate time and resources to make sure that our involvement in governance activities is more meaningful. I hope that we will be able to help ensure that the core values that brought us here will be reflected in future discussions and decision-making.

In the near future, we will be publishing our policy on what exactly we want to achieve as governance participants. I will be also reporting regularly on our involvement in public debates and governance processes.

If anybody is interested in talking to me, my DMs are open here, on discord (krst#6650), on telegram (@kaereste) or on Twitter (@kaereste).


We have recently voted in three governance issues, below we present what have we voted for with some explanation.


Special Voting Cycle #9a: Grants Council

We have voted for this proposal. Being involved in the grants processes in previous seasons, we see a big need for a better structured processes both for grantees and for delegates. We do have some comments that we shared during the Delegate Call (and we summarize them below), yet we still think that this proposal should be accepted and the details may be clarified during the upcoming Season 3.

Below are some of our comments on the proposal:

  • the budget for Growth Experiments Sub-Committee is ~5x bigger than the budget for Builders Sub-Committee. Even though we understand the rationale behind this, and we agree that having more users in the ecosystem benefits the builders in the first place, still we think in the future rounds it should be more balanced
  • we would like to see a broader OP strategy towards grants distribution programme so that most of the grants funded act together for the growth of OP ecosystem. In previous seasons we saw many proposals that were made by great teams and made a lot of sense individually, but we were not sure how they composed altogether into something bigger. That’s not necessarily bad, and it was probably the best way to bootstrap the whole programme, but as we already have some insights and experience, we might want to think about the bigger picture already. We’re seeing a good start with the planned RFPs created by sub-committees.
  • with the grants council limited to very few people and no token holders voting we are afraid that there might be less public discussion regarding the proposals and their goals, we feel that sub committees should be encouraged to spark public discussion and to gather feedback from the community regarding the proposals (for example by organising AMA sessions with proposers, or public calls where each proposal is being discussed). We will be encouraging for such activities anyway.
  • we feel that additional resources should be allocated towards preparing better framework for grants applications and monitoring already funded projects’ progress. We should have more resources towards how potential grantees should prepare their proposals and report on them later on.

However, we think that the Grants Council is a good step forward towards achieving better grants distribution, thus we are voting for this proposal and we will plan to be involved in the future works, we are also planning to self-nominate ourselves to the grants council…


Special Voting Cycle #9a: Protocol Delegation Program

We have voted for. We agree with the goals of the proposal and the proposed approach. We believe that having protocols with a lot of stake in Optimism more involved in the governance processes can only benefit those processes. We do share some concerns (that were already stated in the thread and during the Delegate Call by others) regarding the bonus for OP native protocols and those that already have an active delegate. But the reasoning behind those two bonues seems fair and it’s worth trying it out in the field and potentially adapting those parameters after first season. We’re looking forward to seeing PDP in action!

and finally:


Badgeholder Nomination Voting

We have voted for Katie Garcia, Linda Xie, Bobbay, Lefteris, Polynya, Scott Moore and Joxes from DeFi LATAM. We have very good experience working with them previously and we are confident that they will make perfect Citizen House members.


To promote transparency and communication as delegates, we’ll be regularly updating the below thread with our actions in the governance of Optimism. Our updates will include how we voted for different proposals and our rationale.

Update #1


Intent 2 Budget Proposal 2 - Voted Abstain

As L2Beat, we had to abstain from voting as @kaereste is a member of the Grants Council.

L2Beat’s Optimism Office Hours

To further our communication with our constituents and any interested party in the community, we’ll be hosting recurring Office Hours on Google Meets.

The office hours will be held every Teusday at 3pm UTC/ 11am EST

During the Office Hours, you will be able to reach L2Beat’s governance team, which consists of kaereste (Krzysztof Urbanski) and Sinkas (Anastassis Oikonomopoulos) and discuss our activity as delegates.

The purpose of the office hours is to gather feedback from the people who have delegated to us, answer any questions in regards to our voting activities and rationale, and collect input on things you’d like us engage in discussions about.

You can add the L2Beat Governance Calendar in your Google Calendar to find the respective Google Meets links for every call and to easily keep track of the Office Hours, as well as other important calls and events (e.g. voting deadlines) relevant to Optimism that L2Beat governance team will be attending or hosting.