Brichis - Delegate Communication Thread

Delegate statement

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bricia, although you’re welcome to call me Brichis and I am Co-Founder of Ethereum Mexico.

My decision to become a delegate was sparked by discussions regarding the OP distribution for the Retroactive Funding that Ethereum Mexico received. When asked if anyone was interested in Public Goods, I responded with a resounding yes. It all seemed to fall into place. We weren’t aware of any other Mexican delegate involved in any protocol, and Optimism felt like the perfect choice for me. After exploring various aspects of web3 over the past year and a half, I had decided to zero in on Public Goods. The concept of impact = profit is disruptive, and I am excited about the prospect of being part of this future.

On April 14th, I initiated an experiment within the experiment. I pondered: What would happen if a non-technical person with no experience in governance tried to become a delegate? As the experiment unfolds, I’ve come to recognize certain privileges that afford me spending hours reading Optimism’s Forum and Discord. Though it’s not an easy task, I believe this privilege obliges me to contribute to making Optimism’s governance more accessible.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  1. I am a co-founder of Ethereum México.
  2. In May 2024 I received 1M OP from A16Z Delegation Program.

Note: You may find that my initial decisions are based on straightforward reasoning, but rest assured, as I progress along my learning journey, I’ll undoubtedly enhance my decision-making processes.


Special Voting Cycle #12a (April 27 – May 10, 2023)

Protocol Delegation Program Renewal
Vote: For. I’d love to see more participation from protocols.
Reasoning: Despite my limited knowledge of past experiences with the Protocol Delegation Program, a flag was raised for me when only 12 out of 23 Protocols responded by the deadline to be included in the summarized feedback. In my view, if they lack the ability to spare 15 minutes for feedback, they probably won’t have enough personnel, time, or interest to perform efficiently as delegates but I wanted to give a vote of confidence.

Intent #1 Budget Proposal
Vote: For
Reasoning: The proposal seemed logical to me, particularly given the fact that other opportunities focusing on technical decentralization could originate directly from the Foundation, complete with a separate budget and process.

Intent #2 - Council Intent Budget Proposal
Vote: For
Reasoning: I noticed that many experimental delegates backed the idea of renewing the Grants Council under Dane Lund’s leadership. This strong support suggests they had positive experiences with them in past seasons. Therefore, I felt confident in his leadership and the proposed budget.

Intent #3 Budget Proposal
Vote: For
Reasoning: Personally, this intent resonates with me as it’s the first time I’ve felt included in the decision-making process. Its budget being the same as Intent #1 and lower than Novel Applications and Governance Accessibility seemed logical to me.

Intent #4 Budget Proposal
Vote: For
Reasoning: I came to the conclusion that this specific intent might necessitate the development of tools, which could be costly. Therefore, allocating more funds than Intent #3 and less than Intent #2 made sense.


Nice post Brichis. Up to read more for you in the forum, and also if it’s anything that i can help, please count on me and Nación Bankless, upfront the LATAM people.


It is truly amazing and inspiring seeing you improve and become a delegate in one of the most valuable ecosystems in the space. Congratulations Brichis. All my support and I’m sure you’ll bring valuable perspectives to the Collective


Thank you very much for your support @CryptoReuMD, I am sure we will collaborate in the future.

Thank you very much @dmars300! I’ll do my best to add value around here :blush:


Special Voting Cycle #12b (May 18 – 31, 2023)

Inflation Adjustment Proposal
Vote: For
Reasoning: The recent drop in OP token price made me feel that increasing inflation wasn’t necessary. Even though it was a minimal measure, it highlighted the need to take action.

Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants

  1. Gonna.eth
  2. Jack Anorak
  3. Krzysztof Urbanski (kaereste or krst)
  4. Oxytocin

Reasoning: After reviewing their nominations and voting records, I trust their experience and intentions.

Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants

  1. Katie Garcia
  2. Matt L
  3. Michael Vander Meiden

Reasoning: I have read their nominations and voting records. I also found Michael and Katie to be highly dedicated and passionate delegates during my initial weeks.

Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval)
Vote: Abstain. I trust in the good intentions of the Foundation, however, I believe that this approach could be improved.
Reasoning: I disagree with the voting cost in relation to the 1 OP difference if the proposal passes or not. Therefore, I choose to abstain. Nonetheless, I acknowledge the Foundation’s good intentions and hope for better processes in the future.


Cycle #13 Voting Period (Mission Proposals)

For this cycle, I used the Builder and Growth rubric of the Grants Council as a reference, and I included a category for intent. I did this because I believe the Grants Council has valuable experience in evaluating projects, and I aim to improve decision-making processes as a delegate. The total score is 18 points and I determined a percentage, approving those that were higher than 70%

Example for Intent #1

0 1 2 3 4
Progress Towards Technical Decentralization No clear progress towards technical decentralization is apparent Minimal efforts towards technical decentralization There is some reasonable progress towards technical decentralization There are significant efforts towards technical decentralization The project substantially promotes technical decentralization
Likelihood of success There’s a clear flaw in the design that cannot be easily remedied Difficult to see the project continuing for more than a year There’s a reasonable chance that the project has intermediate-to-long-term success (+1 Year) The project is likely to generate long-term, sustainable value for the Optimism ecosystem The project has a substantial likelihood of generating long-term, sustainable value for the Optimism ecosystem
Grant size Grant size significantly outweighs the projected benefit Grant size is considerably larger than the expected benefit Grant size is proportional to the expected benefit Expected benefit outweighs the grant size Expected benefit meaningfully exceeds grant size
Team assessment The team does not substantiate the ability to deliver on the plan The team does not show significant ability to deliver on the plan The team shows a reasonable ability to deliver on the plan The team shows a significant ability to deliver on the plan The team exceeds what is required to deliver on the plan
0 1 2
Milestone trackability Not trackable Somewhat trackable Easily trackable

Intent #1, 1M OP
Vote: I’m voting in favor of all the options. This initiative is crucial, and every team demonstrate the necessary capabilities to execute this missions.

Scry Protocol - Fully Decentralized and Independent Oracle and Data Infrastructure
I think the outcome of this will be genuinely intriguing, and I appreciate their efforts to reduce their budget. However, I still believe it is relatively high but I’m voting yes because I think Decentralized and Independent Oracles are really important for Technical Decentralization.

Spearbit + Immunefi Bug Bounty Program for Large Protocols on Optimism
The allocated budget is intended for bug bounties, and they possess the necessary expertise. Nevertheless, in the future, I believe that large protocols should consider establishing their own budgets for bug bounties.

Future-proofing UI/UX of OP nodes
I’m really excited about this one. I believe they are the team capable of making it happen.

TechNERD program
I appreciate that OP Labs have participated on the same level as other projects with a proposed mission that addresses a genuine need. This will certainly bring benefits to the Optimism Ecosystem.

Superchain Governance Deep Dive
I believe the outcome of this mission will be genuinely interesting, and I appreciate their decision to decrease their budget.

Extend the L1Block contract to store historical blockhash data
Initially, I didn’t understand their intentions, but they calmly explained to me that it’s important for protocols (bridges) not to be obligated to use zk light clients or centralized oracles so I decided to give a vote of trust.

Intent #3, 1M OP

Vote: I’m voting “no” for missions I’m involved in to avoid conflicts of interest. However, I’m voting “yes” for most missions because I believe every effort counts, and everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the Optimism Ecosystem.


BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision
I believe they are some of the most experienced content creators. This can open doors for many non-native English speakers, and I’m excited about the potential impact on the ecosystem.

Spread Optimistic values across Latam with Solow
I fully understand the value of this proposal, and while some may argue that the content is duplicative, I believe each one offers something unique to a different audience. This will be the seed to foster greater participation in Latin America.

‘Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin’
I believe this is a strong mission, and the Alliance has everything it takes to make it a success. Despite the high budget, the majority of it goes to contributors. I’m excited about this proposed mission.

Develop the most relevant and aligned audiovisual content for the Optimism Collective
Despite the presence of many similar proposals, I appreciate that this one emphasizes technical aspects like OP Stack and Superchain. The budget may be high, but based on their previous work, I would love to read more content in my native language.

Create and Maintain the ‘Optimism Vision Reservoir
I agree with other comments; the price-to-benefit ratio is interesting. I believe it could be highly useful and I hope it resonates with people, especially content creators.

Fueling RetroPGF Growth through Education, Collaboration, and Active Marketing
Although the amount may be considered high, I believe a dashboard, real-life events, and general education are effective ways to promote RetroPGF and yield great results.

Velodrome: Spread Awareness Through Direct Outreach and Onboarding
The Alliance members possess the necessary qualifications to carry out this mission. I’m particularly impressed by Velodrome’s recent performance update. This proposal holds great promise, and I’d love to see 5 Velodromes at Optimism!

Let’s take the Optimistic Vision to LATAM with Espacio Cripto
Espacio Cripto is one of the most important podcasts about crypto in LATAM, and their community holds significant influence, especially in Mexico. The budget may be considered high, but the expected benefits justify it.

Web3xplorer - A curated web platform to discover useful web3 apps, resources and tools
Despite the existence of similar platforms, I would like to give them a chance. They are proposing something for a specific audience, and I’m curious to see how they evolve.

Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event
I’m the Alliance lead and an active Co-Founder of Ethereum México.

Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain
Even though my participation may not be considered significant due to dedicating only 5-10% of the time compared to my peers, I chose to abstain to avoid any potential issues.

There has been extensive discussion regarding this Intent, questioning whether these projects should be considered as proposed missions. However, I believe it was an internal mistake in our design, so I vote in favor of the majority. I see the proposed missions as an opportunity to understand the projects’ intentions, form alliances, and provide guidance on what is expected.

Intent #4, 3M OP

Pairwise: Tinder UX For Web3 Community Signaling
The budget may be considered high, but I believe it could be highly beneficial for RetroPGF3, especially considering they already have the MVP. I’m excited about the improvements they are implementing, particularly for badgeholders.

NumberNERD Program
I appreciate their participation with a Proposed Mission. I believe this program will bring significant benefits, and I witnessed the quality of their work during a Governance Call. I’m excited about this mission.

The RetroPGF Podcast
To be honest, I trust Michael’s proposals. I think it will greatly contribute to positioning RetroPGF and highlighting what sets Optimism apart from other L2 solutions, beyond just the technical aspects.

Improving Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations
I consider Praise to be one of the best products available for DAOs. It is a valuable tool for emotional recognition and provides important contributor information. I believe the Praise culture could be extremely beneficial for Optimism.

Facilitate and empower community members to actively engage in governance through an educational course
I am familiar with Cryptoversidad’s work, and I believe their content will be easily understandable. I would love to see it open doors for many people interested in governance.

Multi-lingual Lesson on Optimism Governance, by Bankless Academy
As a non-native English speaker, I believe initiatives like this are crucial. While I consider the budget to be high, I understand the need since they will be producing content in five different languages.
I have seen the work of both Michaels, and I believe they will deliver something truly interesting. As a delegate with a low number of delegations, I may not personally derive much valuable information yet, but I am confident it will benefit other delegates.

OP Governance Analytics Dashboard
I find their proposal to be genuinely interesting. I would love to see it integrated with Agora and/or Michael’s OPdelegate mission. Both dashboards would complement each other well.

REGEN Score - Attestations for the Citizen’s House
This could be a fun initiative. I appreciate that the first step is to present the conceptual design for feedback. It can be a great way to engage public goods project supporters in the Optimism community.

Delegate Corner Podcast
The budget seems reasonable to me, and I believe Sinkas has a genuine interest in contributing to the Optimism ecosystem, which deserves our support.

Velodrome: Fostering Inclusive Governance through Leading Optimism Builders and Long-term Users
They are requesting a substantial amount of money. Initially, I understood that everything would go to participants, but now I see allocations like 350k for development and audit, 250k for running an Optimism Protocols program, and 400k for a govNFT program. While the idea of vested tokens is interesting, I believe the budget is too high.

Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack
Although I find it interesting, the best use for this dashboard has not been defined yet (The Collective has not addressed gas-related aspects). I think it’s still early for this project, but it could become a valuable educational tool to understand gas fees for OP Stack.

Enable aOP as A Votable Token in Optimism’s Governance
They have not resolved the issue of double OP voting power. I believe we can find better ways to incentivize OP holders who wish to delegate their tokens.

DAOStar: Governance standards for the Optimism ecosystem
This could be enriching. However, I am concerned that the Optimism Foundation or OP Labs might not have sufficient time to dedicate to providing feedback.


Voting Cycle #14 (Aug 3 - 16, 2023)

Intent 2 Budget Proposal 2
Vote: For
Reasoning: I fully support this idea. It’s crucial to encourage people to build on Optimism and utilize it. Rather than seeing these resources come back, I’d prefer them to be used to benefit more individuals who have a desire to build here.

And in case you want to know about how my learning path is going…

During these dates, I /had the opportunity to participate in the Delegate Corner podcast with @Sinkas, as well as in the Espacio Cripto podcast (in Spanish). Here are the links:
Delegate Corner
Espacio Cripto

And, I also had the chance to conduct my first workshop on the fundamental concepts of Optimism governance and a step-by-step guide on becoming a delegate (in Spanish) with H.E.R. LATAM.
Optimistas Brillando en Blockchain


Special Voting Cycle #16a (Oct 12 - 25, 2023)

Grants Council Operating Budget
Vote: For
Reasoning: Impressive work by Grants Council in Season 4, Dane is an experimented lead and I consider that the increases are justified.

Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar
Vote: Abstained
Reasoning: For me, the process wasn’t appropriate, the Token House lacked context and conflict resolution skills.

Developer Advisory Board Budget
Vote: For
Reasoning: I’m excited about the Developer Advisory Board, as a not technical profile but with interest to contribute in Grants Council I think this will be a really interesting experiment. The amount can sound high according to my context but reading their profiles I think they deserve it If they do a good job during next Season.

Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members
Vote: For
Reasoning: I read their profiles and I have high expectations, looking forward to their evolution.

Anticapture Commission
Vote: For
Reasoning: Despite some doubts about the amount, it’s an interesting experiment, and I’m proud to be a qualifying delegate.

Code of Conduct Council Budget
Vote: For
Reasoning: After the last Code of Conduct violation, a dedicated council seems more appropriate than a Token House vote.

Security Council: Vote #1
Vote: For
Reasoning: In favor of proposals enhancing Optimism’s security and decentralization.

In my learning journey, I joined the first govNERDs program. Working alongside people I admire was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in governance.

I also had the pleasure of being a guest on a couple of podcasts. Check them out:
Cafecito con Cryptoconexión
And I applied for RetroPGF 3, you can see my application here. This sums up my governance journey, complementing my role as a delegate.


Apologies for the delay in these updates. I had some hectic days in November and December, and I nearly reached burnout. But no worries, I took a few days off, and now I’m catching up on everything. I’m also informing my delegates before voting in the Telegram chat, which they can access with an NFT I sent them as a token of my gratitude for their belief in me during Season 4.

Special Voting Cycle #16b (Nov 2 - 15, 2023)

Season 5 Intent Budgets
Vote: For

Reasoning: I provided feedback regarding the amounts, and I felt heard by the Grants Council Lead. I’m pleased that both my thoughts and those of my colleagues were taken into consideration, and I’m in favor of the final outcome.

Chain Delegation Program
Vote: For

Reasoning: I’m excited about the Superchain. I’m eager to see more players like Base, who can add significant value to Optimism, and I hope to see them actively participating in Optimism Governance.

Ratification of Law of Chains
Vote: For

Reasoning: I believe it’s an excellent first step. The process around the Law of Chains was clear and well-organized; we had ample time to read it, provide feedback, and participate in synchronous discussions to better understand the Law of Chains. As I mentioned earlier, I’m very excited about the Superchain.

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Builders

  1. Jack Anorak
  2. Gonna.eth
  3. Ethernaut
  4. Kaereste
  5. Joxes

I retained most of the members from the previous sub-committee and added two new ones, Joxes and Ethernaut, because I believe they can contribute significantly to the Builders sub-committee.

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments

  1. Michael Vander Meiden
  2. Katie Garcia
  3. MoneyManDoug
  4. GFX
  5. Matt L
  6. Brichis
  7. Subli_Defi

At that point, I knew Subli and I didn’t stand a chance to win, but I chose to vote this way because I value the efforts we are making in Optimism Governance. Thus, it’s a symbolic vote.

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Milestones and Metrics

  1. Ocandocrypto
  2. Raho
  3. LauNaMu
  4. v3naru_Curia

I have learned a lot from Ocandocrypto and truly admire her. The same goes for LauNaMu; I am familiar with her work and intentions. Regarding Raho, I have heard very positive things about his work, and v3naru did an impressive job with Curia. Therefore, I would be delighted to see him contribute value to the Grants Council as well.

Code of Conduct Council: Member Nominations

  1. Juankbell
  2. Teresacd
  3. Oxytocin
  4. Gene
  5. Juanbug_PGov

I am familiar with Juankbell and the work he does with Gravity DAO. I also know Teresa quite well and am very pleased that she’s involved with Optimism. I frequently notice the presence of Oxytocin and Juanbug_PGov in governance matters & I chose Gene because I appreciate his/her intentions and the fact that he/she is already a graviton.

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Special Voting Cycle #16c (Nov 23 - Dec 16, 2023)

Ratify Security Council Members
Vote: For

I read the profiles and they have really impressive backgrounds, I want to see how this evolves. I would love to see them adding a lot of value to the Token House.

Upgrade #2: Canyon Protocol Upgrade
Vote: For


I voted in favor because I read feedback from technical governance participants whom I trust, and they all agreed on this upgrade.

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Voting Cycle #17 (Jan 4 - 24, 2024)

Upgrade Proposal #3: Delta Network Upgrade

Vote: For

Reasoning: This proposal generates new opportunities for lower activity OP chains, such as PGN, as well as those with seasonal activity. It also paves the way for new OP chains, potentially reducing future costs associated with launching a new chain.

Proposal to Reclassify Grant Misusage Enforcement

Vote: For

Reasoning: I’m very impressed with the new Grant Misusage Process. I believe it will set Optimism as a model for other DAOs. The idea of having a public database, accessible to all for reference in future grant decisions is great!

Summary of Code of Conduct enforcement decisions

Vote: N/A

I’m choosing not to vote on this, as it is expected to be optimistically approved and will automatically pass unless opposed by 12% of the votable OP supply. I agree with the decisions made and I trust the members of the Code of Conduct Council.

Regarding my learning journey, I’ve started creating content and am excited to release it. I conducted my first English workshop on Mission Requests and am taking one-on-one English lessons to enhance my fluency. Additionally, I hosted the first internal meeting of the Anticapture Commission, serving as the Lead. I’m thrilled to be working with people I greatly admire. Also, my podcast with Nacion Bankless was released, where I shared a vulnerable moment from my web3 journey. If you speak Spanish and are interested in viewing it, here is the link:


Voting Cycle #18 (Jan 25 - Feb 14, 2024)

Protocol Upgrade #4
Vote: For
Reasoning: I’m glad we’re being proactive about preventing any Superchain hiccups. Keeping user security top of mind is crucial. Plus, is audited by Trust Security

Mission Requests: Intent #1, 1.33M OP
Request 1A: Alternative CL/EL client Mission Request
Request 1B: Decentralized rollup-as-a-service
Request 1C: Fraud Proof CTF Mission Request
Request 1D: Implement a prototype of an OP stack chain with mempool encryption
Request 1E: OP Stack Research and Implementation
Request 1F: Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling
Reasoning: I’m voting for all of them. They fit within the budget, and they’ve all gone through a process of feedback and approvals that makes me feel satisfied with the outcomes. Plus, Intent 1 got the approval of the Developer Advisory Board.

Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP
Request 2A: Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds
Request 2B: Builders grants program mission request
Request 2C: Enabling ERC-7281 (xERC20 Tokens) Support on the Superchain Mission Request
Request 2D: Facilitate capital migration to the Superchain
Request 2E: Growth and experiments grants program mission request
Request 2F: Hosting “Optimism Unleashed” event at EthCC 2024
Request 2G: Layerwide new project support
Request 2H: Making Optimism a primary home of liquid staked eth
Request 2I: Novel treasury bootstrapping solutions
Request 2J: Onramping
Request 2K: OptiHack Global Initiative
Request 2L: smart contract auditing services
Request 2M: Superchain Hackathon Mission Request
Request 2N: ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers

Reasoning: I don’t disagree with any of these missions, so I’m voting for all of them because I appreciate the diverse options to grow the OP ecosystem. They’ve all passed through a review and approval process, and I think they’re pretty complete Mission Requests.

Mission Requests: Intent #3, 1.33M OP
Request 3A: Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling
Request 3B: An Optimistic Future for Art
Request 3C: Crowdsourcing useful verifiable data
Request 3D: Deliver a Best-in-Class Perp Dex Mission Request
Request 3E: Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph
Request 3F: Marketing Support Services mission request
Request 3G: Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems
Request 3H: Onboarding Prominent Content Creators in Strategic Markets to OP and RPGF
Request 3I: Onchain Quest & Education Infrastructure
Request 3J: Optimism Ecosystem Proof of Provenance Infrastructure (EPPI) Mission Request
Request 3K: Scale ENS to Optimism
Request 3L: Superchain Accounts
Request 3M: Municipal Public Goods Funding Infrastructure on Optimism

Reasoning: I’m voting for all of them. While I would’ve preferred a few proposals without a focus on specific projects, I believe they’re great initiatives and that’s not a strong enough reason for me to withhold my vote, especially since they’ve already passed the feedback period and can no longer be modified. I’m excited about the prospect of Optimism addressing real-world problems.

Mission Requests: Intent #4, 1.33M OP
Request 4A: AI Assistant for governance support Mission Request
Request 4B: Building Identity - Driving Adoption of Attestations
Request 4C: Create a grants Supertracker for the Optimism Collective and the Superchain
Request 4E: Delegation Quest SDK Mission Request
Request 4F: Incentivize and increase governance participation
Request 4G: Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF Modules into University Courses
Request 4H: Interactive Educational Program for Delegates and Governance Contributors
Request 4I: Making Impact Evaluation Accessible
Request 4J: Governance Mentorship Program Mission Request

I’m voting for all except Request 4D (Create Videos about Optimism) because I believe it would be better funded through RetroPGF.

Overall, I think the new processes for Missions effectively identified the best fits and provided ample feedback to refine each Mission. Most seem quite comprehensive, and I’m eager to see many teams apply.

I’m conducting an experiment within the experiment. If you selected me as your delegate during Season 4, you have received a beautiful NFT from Rosa Glez. Art. This NFT serves as a token of my gratitude for your trust in me and is the key to joining a group with other delegators where I share my voting strategy in advance, open to their feedback. If you have the NFT, join us! :point_left:


Voting Cycle #19 (Feb 15 - Mar 06, 2024)
Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade
Vote: For
Reasoning: We need to prepare for the blobs! They will significantly reduce transaction fees. If you’re interested in seeing how much you could save, visit this cool website:

Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1
Vote: For
Reasoning: I believe it’s really important for emergency updates. I asked a question, and they haven’t answered yet, but according to the results of the audit (which found only low-security issues), I think the benefits of this upgrade far outweigh the risks.

If I am your delegate, you’ll receive a beautiful gift in the next days! :sparkles:


Voting Cycle #21 (Mar 28 - Apr 17)

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2
Vote: For
Reasoning: The Grants Council is proposing to redistribute funds already approved for this season under different intents, focusing them on specific missions. I am pleased that the application standards have been raised this season and trust the decisions of the Grants Council. I believe the teams applying for these missions are extremely capable, and failing to approve this change would mean losing a valuable opportunity.

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting
Vote: For
Reasoning: This may seem like a simple fix, but it represents a team responding to community feedback, which is why, for the first time, a governor upgrade is being voted on-chain. Personally, as someone with advanced delegation, I had to sign eight transactions during cycle 19, so I am fully in favor of this fix.

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Special Voting Cycle #23a (May 23-29, 2024)
Protocol Upgrade #7: Fault Proofs
Vote: For
Reasoning: Despite some discussions about the lack of a Fault Dispute Game audit and the potential reputational risk it may carry, I decided to vote “for.” I trust the reasoning of the proponents, and the existence of the Guardian role provides me with peace of mind in this regard.

Protocol Upgrade #8: Changes for Stage 1 Decentralization
Vote: For
Reasoning: This is another upgrade in favor of decentralization. It will increase the threshold of the Security Council Multisig and transfer the role of the Guardian from the Foundation to the Security Council. Based on the voting turnout of the Security Council members, I believe the change in the threshold won’t affect anything in practice. I’m excited to see decentralization progressing step by step. This upgrade was audited in a Cantina Contest and by a Lead Security Researcher from Spearbit in parallel, without any high-severity issues being found.

Governor Update Proposal #2: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations
Vote: For
Reasoning: This is a minor change that complements the last proposal. It has been audited by OpenZeppelin and is essentially a correction of an issue that can occur while calculating voting power.

Season 6: Code of Conduct Council Renewal
Vote: Abstain
Reasoning: I want the CoC to continue; however, the budget didn’t make sense to me, as the Framework outlines that it should be mostly retro funded. Considering the scope for this season, I would prefer a more conservative budget. On the other hand, I liked how they fulfilled their function, and I hope they propose a different budget for the next cycle.

Season 6: Developer Advisory Board Renewal
Vote: Zach Obront
Reasoning: I think Zach’s performance as Lead was very good, and I’m especially happy with the new non-technical summaries. However, I found Ed’s perspective really interesting and appreciated what he brought to the discussion, particularly his proposal for closer collaboration between the DAB and the GC. I would like to see this happen, although his budget seemed high considering the amounts recommended in the Collective Reward Framework. Nevertheless, I would like to see both of them in the next batch of DAB members.

Season 6: Grants Council Operating Budget
Vote: For
Reasoning: I consider the Grants Council the most needed Token House structure in the Collective. Personally, the quality of their work is top-notch within the web3 grants ecosystem, and I absolutely trust Gonna.

Season 6: Intents Ratification
Vote: For
Reasoning: All intents are very well aligned with this season’s theme. I liked that technical decentralization and governance have come together. Personally, I will look back nostalgically at the community intents and all the dynamics around them, but I think this approach is the right one for now.

Season 6: Intent Budgets
Vote: For
Reasoning: The budgets for Intents 1 and 3a are appropriate considering the demand from Seasons 4 and 5. 3b’s budget seems a bit high for something new, especially since I would like to see how the GC transfers all the knowledge acquired during these seasons to the new Grants Programs run by those chains. However, given the number of OP Chains expected, the amount becomes reasonable.

Also, I want to let you know that I applied for the A16Z delegation program and I got selected, so you’ll notice my voting power has increased. As Spider-Man says, with more power comes more responsibility 🫶🏽


Special Voting Cycle #23b (June 13-19, 2024) - Part 1
Upgrade Proposal #9: Fjord Network Upgrade
Vote: For
This is a low-risk change reviewed by Coinbase and OP Labs. This update will benefit some applications I’d like to see more of, such as smart wallets.

Grants Council Reviewer Elections

Mission Reviewers
Past reviewers: @katie, @GFXlabs, @jackanorak, @mastermojo, @MoneyManDoug, @MattL & @Michael.
New reviewers: @Jrocki, @Tane, @Sov, Habacuc from @seedlatam and I

The first seven have been part of the Grants Council before and have done an excellent job. I believe it is crucial to maintain experienced members alongside the new ones joining.

  1. Jrocki: He has a broad range of skills useful for the Grants Council and enough governance context from his experience as a delegate and working for the Foundation.
  2. Tane (Takeshi): His technical profile will be very valuable for the Grants Council. He has shown great commitment to the collective in recent months.
  3. Sov: As Head of Grants at Gitcoin, his knowledge of grants will be incredibly enriching for the Grants Council.
  4. Habacuc: His technical profile will be very helpful. Joxes from SEED Latam was part of the Grants Council last season and will be a backup this time, facilitating knowledge transfer.
  5. Brichis: I believe my profile could greatly support the Grants Council. I have enough context about the Collective, and my diverse skills can help achieve the KPIs. In the past, I have supported builders through 1:1 calls and workshops.

This decision was very difficult, especially since I know many of the applicants and have seen all the interest they’ve shown in the past few months. I definitely want to see them contributing in many of the new opportunities that arise, such as govNERDs or the CoC.

Milestones and Metrics Reviewers
Vote: @v3naru_Curia, @Juanbug_PGov, @mmurthy & @LauNaMu
They did an incredible job last season, and I’d like to see them continue. I’m adding Laura because her knowledge of impact metrics and the web3 Grants ecosystem could be highly beneficial for the team. If possible, I’d have all four in Milestones and Metrics.


Special Voting Cycle #23b (June 13-19, 2024) - Part 2
Audit Reviewer
Vote: @m4rio.eth, @AnthiasLabs, & leo.sagan from @seedlatam

  1. m4rio.eth: He has an excellent background and is the ideal candidate for this position.
  2. AnthiasLabs: Although he recently joined Optimism Governance, his experience with DAOs like Aave and Compound could bring valuable insights.
  3. leo.sagan: He has a good profile and could work well with Mario or AnthiasLabs. With Pumbi’s support, he would have the necessary context to perform well.

Anticapture Commission Amendment
Vote: For
The proposed changes are a well-implemented direct response to feedback from members who participated in the first iteration.

Chain Delegation Program Amendment
Vote: For
This season, the Superchain will be the focal point. I believe this program and the implemented changes will attract new OP chains to join the Superchain.

Season 6: V2. Code of Conduct Council Renewal
Vote: For
I appreciate the preparation of a second proposal with a more grounded budget. I recognize that internal work can be hard to appreciate, but I want the CoC to continue next season. With an increased budget, my expectations also rise.

Developer Advisory Board Elections
Vote: @wildmolasses, @devtooligan, @anika, @wbnns & @Noah.eth
a. Wildmolasses: I liked that he presented his own proposal, showing his perspective on how the DAB should look. I definitely want to see both proponents working together.
b. Devtooligan: I liked his application. I feel that his personality and the good relationships he already has with devs within Optimism will bring positive outcomes to the DAB. Additionally, he has availability.
c. Anika: I liked her participation in the Town Hall, and I have high expectations for how she can support DAB communication. I believe her perspective from Base and She256 will be important, as her context can be very useful for the DAB.
d. Wbnns: He has an impressive background and I believe he will contribute greatly to the DAB. He also has experience translating complex terms into accessible language.
e. Noah.eth: He has an impressive background and prior experience with non-technical audiences, making him the ideal candidate.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really appreciate it and will do my best to contribute if given the opportunity.

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