Anticapture Commission

We vote FOR the introduction of the Anticapture Commission, but we wish to share some critical insights alongside the arguments presented by other delegates.

Part of this stems from the history of progression of the distribution of voting power among delegates since inception and the allocation of OP tokens across so many different purposes, which has not had the same impact on their use as a governance token. Although the distribution of OP tokens was implicity recognized since the allocation announcement, our observation is that votable supply haven’t seen much growth, except for specific reasons such as airdrops, delegation programs (1, 2 soon), top stakeholders, or certain expected allocations like Base. While this isn’t necessarily a shortcoming (as increased participation is always welcome), it prompts us to contemplate how to effectively promote the use of OP as a governance token in the most organic way for the wide range of stakeholders. The objective is to ensure comprehensive representation, a challenge that is both intricate and subjective.

As the SEED Latam delegation team, we appreciate the recognition given to the entire group of individuals mentioned as high impact individual delegates. We believe that, given the circumstances, it’s an experiment worth pursuing, but its outcome will hinge on the context set forth in Season 5. As @GFXlabs noted, justifying its existence beyond a reasonable scope can be a pitfall. We shouldn’t lose focus on the primary goal: to augment votable supply, for example, across initiatives such as Intent #4.

Ideally, the Anticapture Commission should prioritize communication and avoid being overly intrusive. We commend the vision of its primary role as a “bridge” for the Citizen House to take action, especially concerning vetoes as explained by @lavande. However, it’s imperative to define the metrics for gauging the success of this experiment, a sentiment echoed by @she256.

With all things considered, the introduction of the Anticapture Commission should be a net-positive for the Optimism governance. We remain hopeful of its positive impact.

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