Season 4 Feedback Thread

To follow up on some earlier posts, I think there needs to be more direct labeling of 1. what is being proposed, and 2. who the members/scenes are to fully expose potential redundancies or lopsidedness in distribution. I don’t know that we necessarily want to limit, as we want to maintain lots of room for collaboration and it’s still a small world, but people should know where the OP is going.

There are a handful of players that have dominated the proposals and seemingly have gotten by because the names of the alliances are different.

Specifically, I see members/affiliates of Bankless DAO, Giveth, and General Magic (same leadership as Giveth) on 10 of the 30 proposals that went to a final vote this season, amounting to ~800k OP of the total 2.6mm OP up for distribution this round. This seems like a fairly large amount of funds going to the same few people over and over again for what are in many cases largely the same deliverables.

  1. Fueling RetroPGF Growth through Education, Collaboration, and Active Marketing Bankless, Giveth - 130k OP

  2. BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision 70,395 OP (Alliance: BanklessDAO Media 70k OP

  3. ‘Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin’ 150k OP (Alliance: Thank Optimism, which includes members from the Optimism Foundation) (Bankless affiliates)

  4. Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain (Alliance: H.E.R. LATAM) 15.8k OP ex-Bankless, current General Magic

  5. Let’s take the Optimistic Vision to LATAM with Espacio Cripto (45.6k OP) (Alliance: Espacio Cripto) (Bankless affiliates)

  6. [Future-proofing UI/UX of OP nodes](
    nodes/6189/1) (Alliance: Dappnode) 50k General Magic affiliate

  7. Multi-lingual Lesson on Optimism Governance, by Bankless Academy (Alliance: Bankless Academy (BA) and International Media Nodes (IMN)) 34k

  8. Improving Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations (Alliance: Praise) 112k

  9. Pairwise: Tinder UX For Web3 Community Signaling (Alliance: Pairwise) 65k

  10. Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack (Alliance: Common Stack) 125k

Honorable mention:

REGEN Score - Attestations for the Citizen’s House (Alliance: Trusted Seed) 95k (giveth advisor but I’m going to not count this one)