Developer Advisory Board S6 Election Town Hall

Congratulations to all the self-nominees! The following folks have officially self-nominated for the Season 6 Developer Advisory Board (note that any OP Chain or Citizenship affiliation is highlighted):

Ops Leads

@devtooligan (link to self-nomination)

@wildmolasses / Ed Mazurek (link to self-nomination) - Citizen

@wbnns (link to self-nomination) - Base affiliate

@bytes032 (link to self-nomination)

Upgrade Czar

@Jepsen (link to self-nomination)

@blockdev (link to self-nomination)

@anika (link to self-nomination) - Base affiliate

Additional Member

@bayardo (link to self-nomination) - Base affiliate WITHDRAWN

@merklefruit link to self-nomination)

@gmhacker (link to self-nomination)

@jtriley.eth (link to self-nomination)

@shekhirin (link to self-nomination)

@philogy (link to self-nomination)

@noah.eth (link to self-nomination)

@chom (link to self-nomination)

@0xleastwood (link to self-nomination)

@alextnetto.eth (link to self-nomination)

The Developer Advisory Board Town Hall will be hosted on Tuesday, June 11th from 2pm - 3pm ET / 6pm - 7pm GMT.

You can find the invite via the public Governance Calendar.

As of now, the structure of the Town Hall will be each nominee will have 60 seconds to answer one question from the Foundation:

  • What unique skills or habits will you bring to the Developer Advisory Board to ensure it delivers measurable impact towards the approved KPIs?

User Experience KPIs:

  • Did 100% of Protocol Upgrades have a non-technical summary posted within 72 hours and get approval or comments from the DAB?
  • What NPS score would the Grants Council reviewers provide (answering: “On a scale from 1-10, if it were up to you, how likely would you be to renew the DAB next season?”)
  • What NPS score would the Citizens give the DAB (answering: “On a scale from 1-10, how much value do you feel the DAB provided the community this season?”)

Performance KPIs:

  • Did voting participation on Protocol Upgrades increase (including abstains) since the non-technical summaries were implemented?
  • Did the number of milestones missed by grant recipients decrease on DAB-approved grants relative to grants before the DAB?
  • Did the quality of technical grants chosen increase, as evaluated by members of the OP Labs engineering team?

Self-nominees who aren’t able to attend live may share a <60 second video answering the question above.

If you’re a delegate, and you’re interested in asking a question to all self-nominees during the Town Hall please comment it below. If time allows one question at random will be picked from the list of delegate questions in this thread.

If you have specific questions for specific nominees, please comment them below as well and council nominees may answer the questions async.

As a reminder, candidate assessments will take place until June 12th, and the Voting Period for elections will take place from June 13th - June 20th.


An invite was just sent out to all self-nominees with a calendar hold for the Developer Advisory Board Election Townhall next week that includes the meeting link :pray: - the meeting information can also be found via the public Governance Calendar.

So excited about S6, see you all next week!

Hello all - if you’re unable to attend the Developer Advisory Board Election Town Hall live, please reply to the email invitation you received for the call with your video answer to the question for all candidates (or a link to a google drive with the video).

As a reminder, the video should be less than 1 minute long and address the question: what unique skills or habits will you bring to the Developer Advisory Board to ensure it delivers measurable impact towards the approved KPIs?

The video will be played live on the recorded Election Town Hall. Thanks all!

Thank you to all the self-nominees who attended the Developer Advisory Board Season 6 Town Hall, and for those who submitted their statements ahead of time.

Here you’ll find an audio recording from the call.

You can also find a Feedback Thread, where any feedback about the Developer Advisory Board self-nomination process, election town hall, or overall process would be much appreciated.

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In a shocking coincidence, I lost my house electricity for 4 hours in the precise moment I was called to present my case. I apologize for that…

I’m sending here what I was going to say in my 60 seconds:


I’m Gonçalo, I’m the Head of Security over at Immunefi.

I have extensive and multi-faceted dev experience both outside the space - embedded systems, finance - and inside the blockchain ecosystem, as well as web3 security research experience and organizational and infrastructure-level cybersecurity expertise.

I am a former whitehat scholar and then Immunefi triager, so I had to both deeply understand complex bug reports and assess their impact as well as accurately describe it to the different parties involved.

A similar balance is required in teaching advanced blockchain topics which I’ve been doing for the last 2 years and am currently doing at RareSkills. The mixture of technical expertise combined with these soft skills and business knowledge is why I believe I’d be of value to the Developer Advisory Board.


I hope I can still be considered for the DAB.



No worries at all! Thanks so much @gmhacker for sharing your candidate statement here.

Everyone who self-nominated will still be considered for the DAB by delegates, regardless of whether they attended the election town hall or submitted a candidate statement.

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Hi, due to my involvement in a different OP council I feel it’s best to withdraw my application for this season to avoid the overlap. I look forward to participating in a future iteration!