CosmicKi - Delegate Communication Thread

Hi everyone!

It is a pleasure for me to kick off this communication thread as a Delegate in the Governance of Optimism. I’m excited to be part of the collective and contribute to the development of meaningful decisions.

In my Delegate Statement, you will find more details about my background and the reasons that led me to get involved in Optimism’s governance. My choice as a delegate is rooted in my strong belief in decentralization and governance as driving forces for positive change. This conviction is coupled with my deep passion for public goods, impact, and innovation in the ecosystem.

Although I am in the early stages of my journey as a delegate, I aspire to have the principles and values that guided me here clearly reflected in my decisions and future discussions.

This communication thread will not only be a space to announce my votes, but also a place to share and discuss the reasons behind my decisions. My goal is for you to follow my learning process and actively participate in the discussions.

I look forward to dialogue and collaboration with all of you on this exciting journey!

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

  1. I’m part of the core team of Ethereum Lima.
  2. I’m part of the team of Definomics Labs.

Note: I would like to emphasize that I greatly value the diversity of perspectives. If you have a different vision than mine, I invite you to share it. I firmly believe that the exchange of ideas enriches the collective and contributes to building a more accessible and decentralized governance.


Voting Cycle #18 (Jan 25 - Feb 14, 2024)

Protocol Upgrade #4

Vote: For

Reasoning: I am in favor of the protocol update proposal as it stands out for its focus on strengthening network security.

The inclusion of a new contract and improvements to the pause mechanism demonstrates a solid commitment to more effectively safeguarding user assets.

In my opinion, these security tools are crucial for advancing towards a superchain ecosystem.

Mission Requests: Intent #1, 1.33M OP

I voted in favor of these mission requests based on the following reasoning:

Request 1A: Alternative CL/EL client Mission Request

Reasoning: I believe that greater client diversity is crucial for decentralizing OP Stack chains and building a multi-test ecosystem. However, like other delegates, I find the funding amount somewhat low for the implementation of this mission.

I think the outcome of this mission will be truly interesting.

Request 1B: Decentralized rollup-as-a-service

Reasoning: I’m very excited about this mission. Undoubtedly, it is a significant step towards technical decentralization. If implemented, it would bring benefits to the collective. However, I consider the set deadline short for the scope of this mission.

Request 1C: Fraud Proof CTF Mission Request

Reasoning: I like the idea of an event as a way to draw developers’ attention to fraud testing, especially if the bug bounty market is highly competitive.

Request 1E: OP Stack Research and Implementation

Reasoning: More research is needed! I believe it is crucial to encourage developers to contribute to the research and implementation of OP Stack. This can help builders put things together later with less risk.

Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP

I voted in favor of these mission requests based on the following reasoning:

Request 2A: Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds

Reasoning: Diversifying income sources for RetroPGF and exploring new opportunities will contribute to the growth of Optimism as an ecosystem.

The request addresses a real risk and provides a practical approach to mitigate it, which is essential for the continuity and sustainable development of RetroPGF. Additionally, this mission request sets clear and transparent requirements for teams, enabling effective progress tracking and informed evaluation in the future.

I trust that the Grants Council will only allocate a grant if the proposal is of high quality.

Request 2B: Builders grants program mission request

Reasoning: Focusing on supporting initiatives that enhance the experience, tools, and applications for builders on OP Mainnet is crucial for strengthening the Superchain; continuing the grants program for builders could further drive growth and innovation.

I believe the request aligns with the intention to grow the Superchain, suggesting that it will positively contribute to the overall development of the ecosystem. However, it is essential to critically evaluate the proposals submitted to ensure quality and the desired impact.

Effective project supervision and clear progress measurement are fundamental to ongoing success. Additionally, periodic reviews may be considered to adjust the strategy as needed throughout the season.

Request 2C: Enabling ERC-7281 (xERC20 Tokens) Support on the Superchain Mission Request

Reasoning: Building the xERC20 bridge appears to align with the goals of Optimism and Superchain, promoting interoperability and liquidity efficiency. I consider collaboration with the Connext team and clear progress measurement as strong points supporting the feasibility of the mission.

It is important to closely monitor progress and ensure that established milestones are met to ensure successful implementation.

Request 2E: Growth and experiments grants program mission request

Reasoning: Overall, the request appears solid, focused on a clear objective, and provides a clear framework for program execution and evaluation.

Request 2G: Layerwide new project support

Reasoning: This request could significantly contribute to the growth and strengthening of the Optimism ecosystem, providing the necessary support for the success of new projects.

Request 2K: OptiHack Global Initiative

Reasoning: The initiative has the potential to generate innovative ideas and projects that contribute to the development of Optimism. By focusing on global hackathons, participation from diverse communities can be encouraged, benefiting the Superchain.

Request 2L: Smart contract auditing services

Reasoning: The proposal addresses cost reduction, crucial for attracting builders to the ecosystem. Subsidizing audits facilitates the secure implementation of smart contracts, removing financial barriers. Additionally, investment in audits directly contributes to the growth and security of the ecosystem, protecting end users by ensuring that active economic products are safe and reliable.

Request 2N: ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers

Reasoning: This mission request addresses a key need by providing ZK tools for developers, which could attract more developers to the platform.

Sovereign privacy and prioritizing identity are positive elements that can increase user and developer trust.

Mission Requests: Intent #3, 1.33M OP

I voted in favor of these mission requests based on the following reasoning:

Request 3A: Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling

Reasoning: I support the proposal. The implementation of anonymous tools can enhance privacy and encourage participation in governance. Additionally, including outreach programs to educate the community could increase the adoption and understanding of these new tools. However, I believe a project should not be limited in the tools it can use.

Request 3B: An Optimistic Future for Art

Reasoning: I love that these types of initiatives are being considered! The proposal aims to expand Optimism’s presence at key events, seizing the opportunity to attract new artists and users. This could drive platform adoption.

The combination of physical and online events provides a tangible experience for both artists and collectors. Physical exhibitions allow for direct interaction, while online events expand the reach and duration of the exhibition.

Voting in favor could significantly contribute to the expansion of the Optimism community and the promotion of art on the platform.

Request 3C: Crowdsourcing useful verifiable data

Reasoning: I really like the concept of this proposal!

The mission seeks to enhance the consumer experience in Web3 by crowdsourcing verifiable data. The focus on decentralization and collective intelligence aligns with Optimism’s principles.

The proposal is directly aligned with the intent to improve the consumer experience (Intent 3) and facilitates developers in creating applications based on verifiable data, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the ecosystem.

Request 3D: Deliver a Best-in-Class Perp Dex Mission Request

Reasoning: This mission request could unlock significant revenue potential for sequencers, contributing to economic growth and sustainability of the collective.

Request 3E: Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph

Reasoning: Very optimistic about Farcaster and its ecosystem; I believe there is potential in leveraging Farcaster’s social graph to foster a more interactive, trust-based, and community-centered ecosystem on Superchain, providing an improvement in how users interact and transact within the ecosystem.

Request 3F: Marketing Support Services mission request

Reasoning: Love this proposal! There are talented marketing specialists in the ecosystem eager to contribute.

I think a collaboration program between projects and marketers could be a great advantage for teams that lack resources to hire an agency.

If we can connect marketing specialists with projects already integrated into the community, it could be a big win, especially for smaller projects, as it would help them reach a broader audience of builders and users.

Request 3G: Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems

Reasoning: Love it! This proposal has the potential to foster Optimism adoption by attracting non-crypto communities. Furthermore, utilizing existing infrastructure and dapps demonstrates efficiency and resource utilization.

The proposal focuses on solving real-world problems, which can generate tangible and practical benefits.

Request 3K: Scale ENS to Optimism

Reasoning: I’m very excited to see ENS on Optimism! This is a significant step, and it would be incredible to see Optimism leading the way.

Request 3L: Superchain Accounts

Reasoning: This proposal seems interesting and aligns with the intent to improve the consumer experience by adding utility to on-chain transactions. Superchain accounts offer tangible rewards, such as NFT evolution and access to giveaways, incentivizing active participation.

Introducing smart accounts in a simple yet attractive manner can increase awareness and adoption of this technology. This benefits both users and developers, providing tangible benefits and showcasing the advantages of smart accounts.

Mission Requests: Intent #4, 1.33M OP

I voted in favor of these mission requests based on the following reasoning:

Request 4A: AI Assistant for governance support Mission Request

Reasoning: The proposal addresses the concern of accessibility in governance by recognizing that the complexity and speed of issues can discourage participation. The implementation of an AI-driven assistant can simplify the experience for stakeholders and speed up their response to extensive information. Additionally, the proposal aims to encourage participation by making information more easily understandable and accessible. This can help combat voter apathy and attract more people to participate in discussions and governance opportunities.

Request 4B: Building Identity - Driving Adoption of Attestations

Reasoning: This mission request can be beneficial for Optimism for several reasons. Improving the accessibility of governance, as proposed in the request, can have positive impacts on transparency, accountability, and taxpayer participation in the collective. Facilitating the issuance of certifications and data collection on-chain can provide valuable data points for the evaluation of future RetroPGF rounds, which, in turn, can enhance governance decision-making.

Request 4C: Create a grants Supertracker for the Optimism Collective and the Superchain

Reasoning: The request aligns with the intention to improve the accessibility of governance, which is positive as it seeks to facilitate tracking and control of grant-related information in the Optimism ecosystem. The proposal aligns with transparency and accessibility in the use of grants, which is beneficial for the ecosystem.

Request 4F: Incentivize and increase governance participation

Reasoning: The proposal establishes clear progress measures, such as on-chain voting, delegation activity, the proportion of new wallets for governance functions, and the proportion of new wallets on Optimism.

In summary, I consider this proposal to be an innovative initiative that directly addresses participation in governance.

Request 4G: Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF Modules into University Courses

Reasoning: The proposal is positive and could have a significant impact on education about Optimism and RetroPGF. However, I agree with some concerns raised by delegates about the existing bureaucracy in universities and how challenging it would be to reach them with a full module around this topic. Nevertheless, extensive courses, workshops, or educational circles could be considered where education about Optimism and RetroPGF can be disseminated. I believe this would be a great entry point for universities to later consider incorporating education about Optimism into their curriculum.

Request 4I: Making Impact Evaluation Accessible

Reasoning: I love the idea of making impact assessment more agile and accessible. It would likely encourage informed participation and support impactful contributions, reinforcing collective goals.

Request 4J: Governance Mentorship Program Mission Request

Reasoning: As someone new to OP governance, programs like these seem very positive to me, as they connect experienced governance participants with newcomers, facilitating the transfer of knowledge, guidance, and encouraging active participation.


Voting Cycle #19 (Feb 15 - Mar 06, 2024)

Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade

Vote: For

Reasoning: Can’t wait for Dencun! The implementation of EIP-4844 blobs has significant potential to reduce transaction fees, providing benefits to network users.

The inclusion of technical improvements not only expands the capabilities of the network but also strengthens its positioning for future developments. This is crucial to maintain competitiveness and relevance in a constantly evolving blockchain environment.

My vote in favor reflects my confidence that these enhancements will benefit the user community and position our network strongly for the future.

Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1

Vote: For

Reasoning: I’m in favor of this proposal.

The proposed upgrade enhances the security and upgradeability of the Optimism Superchain by enabling cross-chain updates in a single transaction. This approach simplifies contract deployment and reduces risks associated with emergency updates. Additionally, by integrating contract addresses into SystemConfig, it facilitates developers’ interaction with the system infrastructure.

I believe this upgrade is crucial to progress towards Superchain’s vision of a unified and secure evolution.