Developer Advisory Board

Summary of experience

Brock from Nascent

Heavy early contributor to Foundry, which is now the standard for smart contract development. Pioneered modern mental models on how to go about writing secure smart contracts. Cutting edge security tooling and entry level guides for app devs to write secure code.

Phil from DeReg

Phil is an EVM expert that is known for his optimization and bug hunting abilities. He is currently working on a DeFi circuit breaker design meant to make the ecosystem much safer. He contributes to many open source EVM projects, both defi protocols and at the level of compilers.

Noah from a16z

Noah built out Helios, a light client for Ethereum, as well as Magi, an additional implementation of the op-node in Rust. He has also contributed to Halmos, a symbolic testing tool for smart contracts. He also worked on smart contracts at Index Coop.

Zach, a bug huntooor

Zach is a highly skilled auditor who serves as a Lead Security Researcher at Spearbit at Senior Watson at Sherlock. He found some really tricky bugs in the Optimism bridge, helping to ensure that there are no issues with deposits and withdrawals. He has good insight into the sorts of projects that are being built and challenges they face given his exposure to so many different codebases via auditing.

Roman from reth & Foundry

Roman is a core contributor to reth, a new cutting edge Ethereum Execution Layer client. He has also contributed to the development of op-reth and was heavily involved in Foundry, the leading platform for smart contract development.

Waylon from PrimitiveFi

Waylon is an expert in AMMs and contributes to Primitive’s RMM. He builds simulation tooling that can be used to model how users can interact with smart contracts. Agent based testing is required for complex defi applications, to prevent things from turning out in unexpected ways.