S6 Grants Council Communication Thread

Welcome to the Grants Council Communication Thread

The Optimism Grants Council was initiated in Governance Season 3. This page will outline the basic details of the Grants Council as constituted for Season 6 and use this thread for official communications with the collective.

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The Grants Council serves by delegation from Token House.

The Grants Council exists to:

  • Process Delegate Mission Applications proposed in accordance with the Council’s Internal Operating Procedures (TBD)
  • Review applications in regular cycles, which include a reasonable deadline for application submission before a review period begins
  • Publish a report outlining grant finalists for each Intent within three days of the end of Season 6. The Grants Council should additionally publish a report at the end of each review period
  • Use best efforts to assess whether grant recipients have met pre-defined milestones
  • Ensure ongoing Council operations and performance are reasonably transparent to the community
  • Reduce the workload on delegates so that they have more time to weigh in on high-impact votes, better positioning the grants process within the broader responsibilities of Token House governance


The Grants Council consists of four Sub-Committees:

  • Superchain
  • Optimism
  • Audit and Special Mission
  • Milestone & Metrics

Each Sub-Committee has a mandate to fulfill the purpose of the Grants Council charter.

The Superchain subcommittee will process applications from OP Chains requesting tokens to run their own grants program but will not process individual grant applications for other OP Chains.

The Reviewers Subcommittee aims to maximize the number of builders building projects within a specified Intent and maximize the number of users interacting with applications that further a specified intent defined by the Optimism Collective.

The ** Audit and Special Mission Sub-Committee** aims to review proposals and select finalists for Mission Requests or Legacy Requests for Grants that require ongoing review.

The Milestones and Metrics Sub-Committee aims to assess historical grant finalist progress on milestones, confirm final milestones for Season 6 grants, and maintain relevant council and reviewer metrics.

The Grants Council structure for Season 6 has three distinctive roles. These positions are held by elected reviewers and have been appointed by the Grants Council lead.

  • Communications Lead: handles the communications of the Grants Council with the Optimism community and is responsible for communicating calendar items, key updates, cycle results, and other important items to keep the community informed about the Grants Council’s process. The Communications Lead for Season 6 is Katie Garcia.
  • The Milestone and Metrics Lead: administers the milestone program and will develop a system of metrics for the Council, including reviewer KPIs. The Milestones and Metrics Lead for Season 6 is Jun (Pgov) .

Congratulations @katie @GFXlabs and @brichis on being elected as the top 3 reviewers in the Optimism Mission Review Team election! As outlined in the Superchain Review Team Charter, you are now eligible to join the Superchain Review Team.

Congratulations @jackanorak on your position as the 4th reviewer in the Optimism Mission Review Team election! As outlined in the Superchain Review Team Charter, if any of the top 3 elected reviewers opt-out or become unable to perform their duties as part of the Superchain Review Team, you will be included in their place.

To opt in, please reply to this message in the forum confirming your acceptance or declination of the position. This will help us maintain a clear record of your decision.


GFX Labs confirms its acceptance


I confirm acceptance. Thank you!


GM! Thank you @Gonna.eth :heart_hands: I want to opt-out. @jackanorak with his past contributions to the Grants Council, his experience, and his high level of context, is the ideal person to be a Superchain reviewer.


confirming acceptance of the superchain review role. honored to have @brichis ’ confidence