S5 Grants Council Communication Thread

Welcome to the Grants Council Communication Thread

The Optimism Grants Council was initiated in Governance Season 3. This page will outline the basic details of the Grants Council as constituted for Season 5 and use this thread for official communications with the collective.

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The Grants Council serves by delegation from Token House.

The Grants Council exists to:

  • Process Delegate Mission Applications proposed in accordance with the Council’s Internal Operating Procedures
  • Review applications in regular cycles, which include a reasonable deadline for application submission before a review period begins
  • Publish a report outlining grant finalists for each Intent within three days of the end of Season 5. The Grants Council should additionally publish a report at the end of each review period
  • Use best efforts to assess whether grant recipients have met pre-defined milestones
  • Ensure ongoing Council operations and performance are reasonably transparent to the community
  • Reduce the workload on delegates so that they have more time to weigh in on high-impact votes, better positioning the grants process within the broader responsibilities of Token House governance


The Grants Council consists of three Sub-Committees:

  • Builders
  • Growth Experiments
  • Milestone & Metrics

Each Sub-Committee has a mandate to fulfill the purpose of the Governance Fund charter.

The Builders Sub-Committee aims to maximize the number of builders (developers and visionaries) building novel applications on Optimism.

The Growth Experimentation Sub-Committee aims to maximize the number of users interacting with applications that further a specified intent defined by the Optimism Collective.

The Milestones and Metrics Sub-Committee aims to assess historical grant finalist progress on milestones, confirm final milestones for Season 5 grants, and maintain relevant council and reviewer metrics.

The Grants Council structure for Season 5 has three distinctive roles. These positions are held by elected reviewers and have been appointed by the Grants Council lead.

  • Communications Lead: handles the communications of the Grants Council with the Optimism community and is responsible for communicating calendar items, key updates, cycle results, and other important items to keep the community informed about the Grants Council’s process. The Communications Lead for Season 5 is Katie Garcia.
  • Operations Lead: manages the infrastructure (including infrastructural decisions) of the Grants Council and is responsible for maintaining orderly operation of the application and review process as well as the Grants Council’s record. The Operations Lead for Season 5 is Gonna.eth.
  • The Milestone and Metrics Lead : administers the milestone program and will develop a system of metrics for the Council, including reviewer KPIs. The Milestones and Metrics Lead for Season 5 is Jun (Pgov).

Season 5

The Grants Council will run for two rounds in Season 5 as outlined further in the Council’s Calendar.

The Grants Council is considered a persistent Council in the Collective, as outlined in the updated Collective Council Framework. That means the Grants Council will be assumed to be renewed in Season 5, unless a Council Dissolution proposal, outlined in the Operating Manual, is passed.

The Grants Council’s decisions on final grants represent only the opinion of the Grants Council as to which projects are grantworthy. The Grants Council does not hold, issue, or distribute grants. The Foundation administers grant implementation in accordance with the Optimism Collective Operating Manual. The Grants Council does not endorse or promote any products or projects.


Find more in the Season 5 Grants Council Charter.


The Grants Council is pleased to announce that has voted to engage Lund Ventures in the development of a comprehensive Grant Council framework for Season 6. @danelund.eth, the founder of Lund Ventures, has expertise in rule redesign and process creation that we expect will significantly contribute to the Grants Council’s strategic implementation for Season 6. The Grants Council has 40,000 OP allocations approved by Token House for the Grants Council development and voted to allocate 15,000 OP to this endeavor. The objective is to produce a framework that is open to the entire community and can be available for adoption or augmentation by any elected Grants Council lead during the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for further updates on this important initiative.


I am pleased to share that the recent Grants Council vote to reward @Bunnic for his outstanding contributions has been approved. @Bunnic, who supported me during a transitional period, has been instrumental in our operations.

When I was appointed as lead, @Bunnic generously lent his assistance without expecting compensation, leveraging his skills to support our data management needs. Despite the absence of a formal appointment, @Bunnic’s contributions have been invaluable in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Grants Council operations.

@Bunnic’s responsibilities encompass a wide array of crucial tasks, including:

  1. Transferring data from Charmverse to a Google Sheet after each phase: submission, intake, preliminary, and final.
  2. Restructuring workspaces for each Grants Committee member at the end of each phase: submission, intake, preliminary, and final.
  3. Transferring contact and address information of finalists to a Google Sheet for Foundation use.
  4. Generating an updated version of the public tracker for the Grants Council lead to verify.
  5. Reassigning applications where reviewers had conflicts.
  6. Swiftly addressing issues within Charmverse, such as reviewers unable to update the “ToDo” status.

Despite the absence of a formal appointment, @Bunnic’s dedication and swift adaptation to the tasks at hand have significantly improved our workflow, benefiting everyone involved.

Under the collective’s ethos of retroactive compensation based on impact, the Grant Council has unanimously voted to award @Bunnic’s 2000 OP in recognition of his significant contributions.


Wanted to highlight to the community that Lund Ventures (@danelund.eth) has completed the Grants Council Development (Draft Charter) and that we approved it as a part of the Milestones and Metrics team.