Michael (OPMichael.eth) Delegate Communication Thread

Hey Everyone!

I’m very excited that for the first time this season, my voting power has ended up above the 0.5% threshold has a delegate! For that reason I have decided to start this delegate communication thread.

For simpler votes, I have used the “vote with reason” feature and you should be able to see all of the reasoning behind my votes in the Agora UI here.

Below I will outline my reasoning for the votes where I didn’t use the “vote with reason” feature, and for all future votes where the discussion is more complicated.

For Season 4 mission proposal requests, my main questions in my voting logic were quite simple:

  • Is the team the correct team to lead this mission on a skills/community level?
  • Is the mission directly contributing to the rise of Ether’s Phoenix?
  • Is this proposal a good faith attempto to improve the Collective, as opposed to a bad-faith attempt to grab governance funds?
  • Does the requested amount of OP seem reasonable given the scope of the mission?

All of my votes needed to answer “yes” on all 4 of these questions. I tried to lean towards giving the benefit of the doubt on these proposals in the case that I was on the fence on one of the questions.

My votes for Season 4 mission proposals were as follows:

Intent #1:

  • Proposal 3B: Velodrome: Spread Awareness Through Direct Outreach and Onboarding
  • Proposal 3D: Create and Maintain the ‘Optimism Vision Reservoir’
  • Proposal 3E: Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain
  • Proposal 3F: Let’s take the Optimistic Vision to LATAM with Espacio Cripto
  • Proposal 3G: Spread Optimistic values across Latam with Solow
  • Proposal 3I: ‘Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin’
  • Proposal 3J: Web3xplorer - A curated web platform to discover useful web3 apps, resources and tools,
  • Proposal 3K: Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event || Optimistic Road in the way to Ethereum México

Intent #3:

  • Proposal 1A: Superchain Governance Deepdive
  • Proposal 1B: Fully Decentralized and Independent Oracle and Data Infrastructure
  • Proposal 1C: TechNERD Program
  • Proposal 1D: Extend the L1Block contract to store historical blockhash data
  • Proposal 1E: Future-proofing UI/UX of OP nodes
  • Proposal 1F: Spearbit + Immunefi Bug Bounty Program for Large Protocols on Optimism

Intent #4:

  • Proposal 4B: The RetroPGF Podcast ***
  • Proposal 4C: Delegate Corner Podcast
  • Proposal 4E: Improving Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations
  • Proposal 4F: Pairwise: Tinder UX For Web3 Community Signaling
  • Proposal 4I: Velodrome: Fostering Inclusive Governance through Leading Optimism Builders and Long-term Users
  • Proposal 4K: OP Governance Analytics Dashboard
  • Proposal 4L: OPdelegate.com ***
  • Proposal 4M: NumbaNERD Program

*** These two proposals I am the alliance lead on. Due to the approval-based voting and having no way to abstain, my interpretation was that it is OK to vote in favor of my own proposals. That said, I only had ~60k votes at the time and to be honest didn’t give this too much thought. Now that I have much more voting power, I will be sure to be more careful about votes like this in the future and solicit community feedback for any gray areas.


Voted “For” on every proposal, excepting the suspension for Carlos Melgar. Being unable to view any evidence in the case made it very difficult to support a suspension, especially when Carlos has seemed to generally be a good actor in the ecosystem. That said, I am glad the code of conduct council will be able to handle these reviews with the evidence in front of them in the future.


Code of Conduct Council:

  • @Juanbug_PGov - Active governance participant in Optimism and good experience.
  • @juankbell - His work with GravityDAO speaks for itself

These are the two members I feel strongly deserve a spot on the council and therefore did not vote for others.

Law of Chains:

Absolutely yes. I am extremely excited to enact this, it provides a solid framework for chains looking to join the superchain.

Season 5 Intent Budgets:

For. I support these budgets and the modifications made.

Grants Council, Builders:

  • Gonna.eth , @kaereste , & @jackanorak - I’ve seen first-hand the dedication and hard work these individuals have put into Optimism & it’s grants program. They 100% deserve to maintain their spaces. In addition, I am also casting a vote for @ethernaut who has a very strong developer track record, and @mastermojo who has great grants program experience (including the defi committee with Optimism).

Grants Council, Metrics & Milestones:

  • @LauNaMu - Has done great work with impact metrics for RetroPGF
  • @v3naru_Curia - Curia has done awesome work for Optimism Metrics
  • @raho - NumbaNERDs & Messari contributions are a great context for this position.

Grants Council, Growth Experiments:
I am voting for all previous council members, who I have seen first hand turn Optimism’s grants program into one that is being replicated across all of crypto, and in addition @brichis who has shown her competence and commitment to Optimism in the past few months.

Chain Delegation Program:

For. Provides great incentives for new chains joining, and any chain meeting the requirements for delegation definitely deserve the representation.


LOTS of things to cover in this voting cycle, I will add to the list as we go.

Mission Reviewer Elections:

This one was very difficult. The first set was pretty easy, because I am re-electing members of the grants council I have worked with before. I’ve seen their dedication to Optimism first hand and have done a very good job so far (high NPS score, many proposals reviewed, etc).

  • MattL
  • Jackanorak
  • GFXLabs
  • Mastermojo
  • MoneyManDoug
  • Michael (myself)
  • Katie

The next set were based on background, dedication to the long term success of Optimism, and their responses in the self nomination questions.

  • Jrocki
  • Brichis
  • Tane
  • Boardroom
  • Habucuc.eth

Candidates that I think are good and I hope get some other position in the DAO:

  • DanSingjoy
  • LiliOP