[DRAFT] The Blockchain Gazette Proposal

Failed to move to vote.

Mission aborted (at least for now) :wink:


I’m glad to see this kind of mission proposal !
Creating 120 Optimism’s Vision related educational articles is quite ambitious !

Here’s my initial feedback:

The grant amount of 100,000 OP would be locked for one year, “Mission grants are awarded in the form of OP governance tokens. These tokens will be locked for a period of one year (similar to Grants Council builder grants).” Therefore, I’m not quite sure how you plan to concretely achieve this :

Perhaps it would be better to ask for a separate upfront budget for the incentive ?

Also, considering the scope of your project, have you considered involving a OP community member who is familiar with Optimism, its values, and its vision?
It might be beneficial to have someone on board who can offer insights and perspective on whether the content aligns well with the Optimism vision, suggest articles ideas, or just review your articles… (especially given the large volume of articles you intend to produce.)

I would be glad to offer my assistance if needed :wave:

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

Perhaps it would be better to ask for a separate upfront budget for the incentive?

Yeah, we also factored that into this proposal draft, but would be making a few other changes based on your suggestions.

Do you have any examples of content you’ve written that you can share? You’re asking for 100k OP specifically for content writing without sharing any examples.

Failed to move to vote.

Mission aborted (at least for now) :wink:

Hello fellow Optimist, based on the feedback we’ve received from members of the Optimism community so far, we’ve decided to scoped down our original proposal to better align with the intent objective.

Key changes reflected include:

  • reduced number of contents to be produced
  • reduced ratio of grant OP/upfront funding requested.

Thank you once again for all your feedback so far.

I’m a believer in the value of content creation to raise awareness. It’s great to see people building alliances to deliver on our collective intents

Just noting that this would be Intent #3

I’m concerned that incentivising minting an NFT, is easily gamed. Have you considered other metrics to quantify impact? imo this type of project is better suited to RetroPGF as it difficult to quantify future Impact.

That said, if seeking future looking funding I would still recommend RFPG2 results as a baseline for Impact and proportionate funding request. A couple of comparable examples could include

@Michael YouTube content w view 300k

@polynya Several years of blog & social content

Also see Gov Grant cycle 10 The Optimistic Series

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@lee0007 Thanks for your insight.

I understand your concern about the potential for gaming the NFT minting process. While incentivizing minting can indeed be susceptible to gaming, there are alternative metrics that we are also exploring to quantify the impact and mitigate these issues. Here are a few approaches:

For example, incentives can instead be tied to users active engagement (eg participating in quizzes) or for providing valuable feedback.

Regarding your suggestion about RetroPGF, while it may be difficult to quantify future impact accurately, we believe it’s essential to strike a balance between quantifiable metrics and subjective evaluations. By combining various metrics and approaches as an experiment, we can create a more comprehensive evaluation system that encompasses both tangible and intangible aspects of this mission and other subsequent missions impact.

Thanks again for sharing your insights.

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Thanks for tagging the Optimistic series. Indeed, farming airdrop must be prevented in such initiative.

Hi @Subli_Defi
Thank you for sharing your concern about preventing farming airdrops within our initiative. Please be reassured, we understand the importance of fair and equitable distribution of any incentives meant to drive protocol usage. We will implement several measures to prevent any misuse or exploitation of this initiative. And as stated in the proposal, this should be easily detectable and trackable due to the transparent nature of the blockchain.

Please update your proposal with these changes!

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Thanks @vonnie610, they’ve been updated.

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:loudspeaker: Attention dear delegates! :loudspeaker:

We’re getting closer to the deadline for delegate approvals, and we require the approval of 4 delegates by June 28th for our mission proposals to proceed to the voting stage.

Please let’s come together and make this happen! We currently have 0 delegate approvals for our proposals, but we need at least 4 more to reach our goal.

If you have thoroughly reviewed our proposal (and we have another interesting one found here) and are eager to see it move forward, we kindly request you express your approval as a comment below in the format specified below:

“I am an Optimism delegate [Delegate Commitments - LINK], with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.”

Your support is crucial to our success, and we greatly appreciate your consideration and participation in this important collective decision-making process. Together, let’s make a difference! Thank you.

-Stanford (Alliance Lead, DIY Blockchain Initiative)

Hi @Blockford! Wanted to make sure you were aware of the Optimism Season 4 Pitching Sessions to help find the 4 delegate approvals you’ll need by this Wednesday at 19:00 GMT for your proposal to move to a vote.

These sessions are happening in Discord on Monday, 26.06 2pm ET / 6pm GMT / 8pm CET and Tuesday, 27.06 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 5pm CET.

You can sign-up here!


Hello optimist!!! Based on feedback received (eg from @latruite.eth ) and from the community, we’ve readjusted our requested OP amount from 30,000 to 5,000.

While the deadline for approvals is fast approaching, we solicit your support, please.

Thank you.

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While there are some concerns regarding the NFT minting process, I believe that overall this proposal is worthy of consideration by the delegates, thus I provide it with an approval.

I am a delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this should be put to a vote.

After the modifications, it’s ready to go to a vote, but I suggest still listening closely to the suggestions (none from my side in this occasion) to avoid any possibility of gameability.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

We thank all of our esteemed @delegates and community members for their feedback and approval so far. They have been very helpful.

If you would like to see this mission move to a vote, we welcome such approval.

Thanks again, Optimist.

@linda @vonnie610 @lee0007 @MoneyManDoug @MinimalGravitas @Joxes @shaneMkt

P.S: We need at least 2 more approvals to make this happen.

I am a Lyra representative and Optimism delegate , with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote