Recap: Community Call #5 (September 27th)

Great and productive call this week as usual! A recording of the meeting can be found here, and the recap is below:

Messari put out a great post on OP governance here.

On new Optimism Governance Docs:

  • Adding a flow chart might be a good idea. What are some examples of flow charts / guides in other governance communities?

On confusion about which proposals are eligble for review by delegates:

  • We will have a Voting Round 7 Review Roundup thread where proposals will need to be posted at the end of the review week.

On accountability for Season 1 grants that have not yet been deployed:

  • We want some kind of accountability/pressure coming from the community!
  • One future option is an accountability committee, but this would need some more discussion/thought.
  • Non-recommendation based committees are a great topic for season 2 reflection period
  • Traver from Messari mentioned that they in the early stages of an on-chain accountability system for grants
  • For now, a public thread tracking these things and applying some friendly community pressure may be the best route
  • To do: Make post on this topic.

On delegate approvals for projects:

  • Approvals are not necessarily an endorsement
  • We want to keep the overhead low for these, so a simple “I approve” is good enough, no reasoning necessary

On proposals not getting enough early feedback (this took up the bulk of the discussion):

  • Resolutions and continued discussion can be found on this thread: Update to Committee Operations
  • @Gonna.eth suggested flipping the delegate approval and feedback phases so that delegate approval would be the last step
  • Proposers should know which committee will be reviewing their proposal at the feedback phase to prevent them from implementing unrelated feedback and then still getting rejected
  • Committee proposal assignments happen only a few days before the proposals goes to snapshot which made it difficult to run a feedback process. It would be useful to have more clarity earlier on assignments. - @linda
  • This should happen on this first Thursday of delegate review week, 10 days before assignments are due and 7 days before snapshot. It may not have happened this round but should for the next one. -@lavande
  • Proposals submitters should have a clear understanding that this is a rolling process, and all is not lost if they don’t get their proposal through in a specific voting round.
  • The stakes are actually quite high and it takes a lot for a vote to go against a committees recommendation. - @jackanorak
  • Important for committees to raise concerns in the feedback stage of the process. - @alexcutlerdoteth
  • While we may not need hard guidelines to start, committees should be generally encouraged to actively participate in the feedback phase of proposals they will eventually review
  • Should committee recommendations be due at the start of snapshot, or three days after like it is now?

On the topic of guidance on funding development through a proposal:

  • Stay tuned, this is being worked on by the foundation! - @ben-chain

Still looking for a host for next community call! Feel free to put your name on the sheet here.

Let’s meet up at Devcon! Coordination on this thread: Devcon Community Governance Meetup!

Thanks for tuning in everyone! As always, if I missed anything or if you have any feedback for the ways the calls are run, please let me know! Stay Optimistic :star2: :sparkling_heart: