SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Hello community!

The road to Season 5 becomes exciting, and we want to post our rationales after the 16th voting cycle.

16th Governance Call

On Oct 23th we had our Governance Call to discuss the upcoming changes proposed for Season 5.

Participants: ~44 attendees (40 :medal_military: collected).

Duration: 1hr 59 min.

Results and rationale

We have put our rationale into the threads referring to the changes proposed for Season 5; check below

  • Anticapture Comission
  • Security Council: Vote #1
  • Code of Conduct Coucil Budget
  • Grants Council Operating Budget
  • Developer Advisory Board Budget and Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members
  • Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar

About this one, our second point expressed in a previous case about how to improve these processes becomes more relevant. In line with the comments of the other delegates, the upcoming installation of the CoC Council and some quotes referring to publications originating from this account; with all this in mind, it is appropriate for us to decide to abstain.

See you at the next voting cycle!