SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Hello all!

This March 17th we held our 10th Governance Call in Discord to discuss about the RPGF2, the process and voting approach in community.

Participants: +30 attendees (32 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).

Duration: 1hs 53min.


In this occasion we meet to discuss everything about the RPGF 2 and from the participation of SEEDLatam through joxes.eth as bagdeholder. To do this, we cover the following topics:

  • What is RPGF
  • Current scope of RPGF 2
  • Experience of the onboarding and process as bagdeholder
  • How is the voting process
  • Reviewing some projects
  • How to vote in the SEEDLatam poll

We were fortunate to have team members with Spanish-speaking members such as Proof of Integrity, web3beach, ETH México, Bankless DAO & Academy, WakeUp Labs, etc. We reviewed their applications, what they are doing and questions were answered. Very positive discussion.

We launched our snapshot page to experiment with community decision-making. Our snapshot page here.

In this occasion, we decided to grant the decision to allocate 20% of the voting power as bagdeholder for RPGF 2 in the hands of the community. You can check all the details in our voting rationale below. Please read.

We hope that our experience is useful for the collective and we look forward to see the results and what we learned in this round with the rest of the bagdeholders.

Happy Retro!


Hello OP users!

This April 4th we held our 11th Governance Call in Discord to discuss about proposals in this cycle 11, related to Bedrock and FractalVisions suspension proposals.

Participants: +50 attendees (49 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).

Duration: 1hs 26min.

Voting procedure

As usual, we conducted a 1 person 1 vote procedure with the participants of the governance call. The discussion about it in both proposals was fruitful and there was a lot of debate, mainly in the suspension of FractalVisions. Consensus is reached with the option preferred by the majority.

Results and rationale

Below our decisions and rational. Please read our post published in each related thread.

  • Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock v2 - YES
  • Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions - YES

Bedrock is coming!


Hi all! :red_circle:

Season 4 is coming up and we have spent time reviewing the possible governance changes and giving our first impressions from the internal team of this SEED LATAM delegation.

Summary and inspiring words

About the Collective Intents

About Token House Missions

:date: We’re going to make our next governance call this coming Monday, May 1 at 9pm UTC in our SEED LATAM discord. If you understand/can speak spanish and want to participate in the discussion about everything that is coming up for Season 4, we are open to discuss and share ideas together. Open invitation to all. More about the details and formal announcement of this governance call soon.


Thx Fren, ill try to get to the call :smiley:


Is there an Istanbul or Turkish community?


hey @thinking may be @arabianhorses could help you.


Hello OP users!

This May 1st we held our 12th Governance Call in Discord in collaboration with Optimism Español to discuss about proposals in this cycle 12, all of these related to the upcoming season 4.

Participants: +50 attendees (48 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).

Duration: 1hs 34min.

Voting procedure

We had the opportunity to welcome @Pumbi as a new member of the Optimism Español team, who helped us with a review about the upcoming Season 4. As usual, Joxes as a delegate expressed his views regarding this new scope for governance, and we conducted a 1 person 1 vote procedure with the participants of the governance call.

Results and rationale

Our initial opinions were published in the last post. Please read our post published in each related thread. This was retified by the community members, so the decision made has been:

  • Intent #1 Budget Proposal: Yes
  • Intent #2 Budget Proposal: Yes
  • Intent #3 Budget Proposal: Yes
  • Intent #4 Budget Proposal: Yes
  • Protocol Delegation Program Renewal: Yes

For season 4, we have also ratified our participation as a group, with @Joxes as the leader and our three contributors from season 1 and 2: @AxlVaz @Netrim and @Jadmat.

Yes! Bedrock is coming! :red_circle: :tada:


Hello, Joxes. This is a test. New profile here! Trying not to get our account suspended :slight_smile:
We will soon publish a recap of this first year of participation in Optimism Governance.


Last week we celebrated the first anniversary of Delegate Joxes’ platform in Optimism’s governance!

A year ago, Joxes brought this platform to life and assumed its leadership with the support of the community. During this time, we have been dedicated to contributing to the growth of Optimism in Latin America, and we are proud of the achievements made.

Our journey has been filled with valuable lessons and rewarding experiences.

Let’s take a moment to recollect:

It all started with the launch of Optimism’s governance and our introduction in the delegate commitment.

From the start, on the platform, we aimed to improve governance organization through efficient processes, clear workflows, and effective communication.

First season

We dedicated our efforts to enhancing governance, working on process dating and strengthening communication among members. Our proposals and discussions in the governance threads reflect our commitment and dedication in this regard.

The first governance call took place on July 6th. It was an exciting moment where we had the opportunity to connect with other community members and share our ideas and perspectives on the future of Optimism.

Second season

We joined the Tooling & Infrastructure and DeFi C committees, where we reviewed funding proposals for projects aimed at fueling the Optimism ecosystem. Throughout the months of September, October, and November, we worked diligently on these tasks with the goal of supporting the growth and development of the platform.

We achieved a significant milestone in December by receiving 16,695 OP tokens as recognition for our work in Optimism’s governance!

We distributed these tokens among our collaborators and the community. It was a retroactive airdrop to reward those who attended the calls. This milestone not only showcases the transparency but also the importance we place on active participation and collaboration.

Moreover, Joxes was chosen by the governance as a badgeholder in the RPGF2, also nominating another distinguished member of the Latin American community, CryptoChica. This opportunity enabled us to actively engage in the allocation of 10 million OP tokens, thereby making a valuable contribution to the growth and fortification of Optimism.

The platform was created with the purpose of engaging in Optimism’s governance and giving voice to Latin America.

n response to the need for a close delegate who represents the interests of the region, we took on this commitment responsibly, guided by our core values of decentralization, transparency, and always prioritizing the users. Our main goal is to ensure the development of Optimism and contribute to the open-source ecosystem and public goods.

We are aware of the importance of participating in governance and embrace that role with a committed and active community. This hard work is reflected in:

  • 12 governance calls
  • 100% participation in formal proposals
  • 18,945 received OP tokens
  • 925 delegating addresses

Our delegate, Joxes, leads a team of three dedicated collaborators: Axlvaz, Netrim , and Jadmat. They work tirelessly to amplify the voice of the Latin American community within Optimism’s governance.

As we gaze into the future, we have ambitious goals for 2023. We aim to further strengthen Optimism’s governance, promote active community participation, and foster Ethereum adoption in the Latin American region.

Living the experience of participating in Optimism’s governance for a whole year gave us the background to embark on two more new governances. Thanks to each and every member of the forum!


Hello all community members!

Le’ts recap some of our lastest activities:

13th Governance Call

As usual in our Discord channel we held a new governance call to discus the voting cycle 12b. This was the last round for the upcoming season 4.

Participants: +40 attendees (38 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).

Duration: 1hs 19min.


  • Inflation Adjustment Proposal: For
  • Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval): Against
  • Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants: Gonna.eth, Krzysztof Urbanski (kaereste or krst), Oxytocin.
  • Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants: Katie Garcia, GFX, StableLab, Michael Vander Meiden, DAOStewards.

Ecosystem updates

In recent weeks, we have accompanied other organizations in the ecosystem in Latam to carry out different activities to bring the vision of Optimism and its technology together and that we want to share:

Bedrock! Bedrock! Bedrock!


Hi governance and community members!

With season 4 and the launch of the missions, the SEED Latam delegation team is working on revising the mission proposals. For this we have joined forces once and we are counting on the help of @AxlVaz, @CryptoChica, @Jadmat and @Netrim to tackle our duties at the proposals in the forum.

Providing feedback and comments

The number of proposals and the expected impact for this first wave of missions is high, we will take the evaluation and compliance with the criteria of each proposal very seriously, leaving the pertinent comments and questions, and finely analyzing the requirements prior to any approval to move to vote. For it:

  • Complete review of the structure of the proposal - meet requirements
  • The funds requested and spending plan - should be reasonable
  • Reasonable metrics - scope with respect to what is desired by the mission scope

What to analyze first?

As delegates, we received several requests for a review of missions carried out by Latin American projects. In order to be fair in our procedures, we will review all the proposals carried out in this region and address them only and completely in public without preferences. We hope to use our degree of involvement in the Ethereum ecosystem in Latam to reconcile the best interest of Optimism and the benefit of the community in the region.

Immediately after that, we’ll address the rest of the proposals according to our expertise until the last day of tracking the approvals and then moving forward with the proposals approve a vote, of course.

Ready for adventure? optimistic forever


Hi community!

In this new post we’re going to cover our lastest work in the governance, mainly regarding to the cycle-13.

1) 14th Governance Call

As usual in our Discord channel we held the lastest governance call (July 11) to discuss the voting cycle 13. This voting cycle was concerned to vote on mission proposals.

Participants: ~50 attendees (46:medal_military: collected)

Duration: 3hs 26min.

a) Preparation

For this cycle, we continue our work as a team analyzing the 31 proposals approved for voting. At the same time, we prepared a poll in our SEED Latam snapshot where the attendees of the governance calls could vote for preferred options, taking as a reference the explanation provided during the call.

Consensus rules:

  • Voting system: approval voting.
  • Elegible members: POAP holders.
  • Delegate vote for if: the proposal achieves at least 30% approval in participation.

b) Discussion

Each proposal had an average of 5.47 minutes (thanks Vetefe for the analysis) to explain and discuss its key points, advantages and disadvantages. Each of our collaborators in the delegation took ownership of the speech and let the community issue an opinion in some cases.

On this occasion, we had the presence of members of various Alliances, mostly based in Latin America, such as Criptoversidad, Solow, HER LATAM, Ethereum Mexico. They had the opportunity to present their proposal and answer questions for the community.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of having @brichis, a new OP delegate based in Latin America, who had a space to express her opinion and raise the discussion.

c) Results

Based on our Snapshot poll, the SEED Latam delegation voted for the following proposals:

2) Season 4: first retrospective

The introduction of the missions introduced a new mechanism for paid contributions by governance in a work fist and get paid manner. The introduction of the missions introduced a new mechanism for paid contributions by governance in a pay-for-work manner. For this, four different verticals were decided, called “intents” to address specific needs expressed by the Collective or completely proposed by third-party teams. Here we want to express a condensation of thoughts that arose during cycle 13 that is orthogonal to different proposals or in the processes in which this opportunity was carried out.

I) Intent 3: very impact-dependent, less about the actual product

Due to the nature of this scope of the intent and resulting proposals, we saw how difficult is to evaluate the final product and the effectiveness of the features in fulfilling their “functionalities”, being anchored to the wait for results by KPIs to check even the usefulness of the mission. It means that it is possible that the objectives are met but even so the funding has been misallocated.

II) Intent 3: too much for users, not enough for Builders

There is a saturation of proposals related to education in terms of expected audiences, which potentially overlap in the regular case (not many new users are benefited from these initiatives but they do have a wide reach among the existing community). Particular case of Latam, with 5 proposals, 4 of them with clear connections to each other, and therefore, a similar starting point before reaching a wider public.

On the other hand, there is a lack of initiatives to educate new developers as future builders of real applications in Optimism. This is a pity and an unwanted situation since it means a lack of investment in real use cases for Optimism, the only way to stay competitive and grow steadily in number of users and activity. Intent 2 still contributing in this aspect with the builder sub-committee, but introducing new developers from zero to hero still being great to have.

III) Intent 3 & 4: effectiveness density vs time, battling obsolescence

One of the most frequently asked aspects is the commitment to prolong the final product once the mission period has ended. While this condition applies to all intents, the evolving nature of governance and change in its design and ecosystem is even more noticeable in educational materials and content. On several occasions there is no evidenced commitment to address this fact (and it is natural that this is the case), but it should be taken into account to maximize the benefits of missions with more explicitly aligned collaborators in the long term and not just waiting for the next retroPGF.

IV) All intents: need for OP distribution doesn’t imply suboptimal allocations

From the last voting cycle with the ratification of the budget, the distribution of the OP token didn’t reach the one stipulated for the Foundation budget. We understand the importance in the circulation of the OP token to make it more liquid, distributed and usable by more users for governance purposes, however, among delegates we should take care of the treasure, no matter the amount, from any possible grant farming intention, lessons learned of the first and second seasons of Optimism in 2022.

V) Reflection: how to increase the efforts on uniqueness

Ultimately, governance coordination is looking for ways to encourage differentiation between proposals and building real products. Governance needs to provide a better incentive base to avoid incentive gaming between Missions and retroPGF: more review time, incentivized delegates to curation tasks from earlier stages.

3) Multichain delegation case

Due to recent events regarding Multichain, we are trying to open a discussion about what to do in cases like these as part of the protocol delegation program.

A special thanks to all our direct contributors @AxlVaz, @CryptoChica, @Jadmat, @Netrim and rest of our community for all the support.

More optimistic than ever!


Thanks for this fantastic analysis and yup, here it’s something that we all noted, and a future advise to decentralize our own projects.
We continue being the same people in the same conferences, let’s take our country’s broader and coordination stronger.


We have posted an analysis about the delegate participation, current workload and incentives, highlighting the need for better mechanisms to increase the number of participants and diversity of voices.

A shared effort by our team @AxlVaz, @CryptoChica, @Jadmat, Joxes and @Netrim.


Hi OP community!

In this post we’re going to recap what we did this week around the cycle 14.

15th Governance Call

The past monday Discord channel we held a new governance call to discuss the voting cycle 14, specifically a proposal made by the Grants Council requesting a new budget for the Intent 2.

Participants: ~40 attendees (31 :medal_military: collected)

Duration: 1hr 29min.

Results and rationale

After a great summary provided by @Gonna.eth during the call, we had a complete picture about the current state of the Grants Council and motivations for the proposal. Finally we voted for.

Welcome to Base

The announcement of Base into the Superchain is a game changer and positive addition for the Optimism ecosystem. This deal and commitment assumed by Base to, among other things, participate in governance, is also an important point of consideration. Jesse Pollak has requested comments on how Base will participate in Governance; and we have responded as below:


Joxes nomination for retroPGF3

Hello all!

Joxes here, this time reaching out to share an important update as a badgeholder. I’m thrilled to announce that I have distributed my additional voting badge to a very deserving individual - Lucy Aguilar.

Choosing a new badgeholder

Since the announcement of the retroPGF3 and continuation of the badgeholders from the previous round, I have been thinking about how to distribute my voting badge in such a way that my decision impacts as positively as possible for the round and the future of Citizen House itself. Additionally, I believe that Optimism, Layer 2, and Ethereum communities in Latin America have made a great difference, and the public goods movement is becoming stronger, -step by step- making our long-awaited vision of being a net-positive tool for our society a reality.

So in that order of going and various candidates, in conversation with close friends, there is someone who meets the recommended selection criteria and proven expertise, I believe she is Lucy Aguilar.

Who is Lucy Aguilar?

Lucy Aguilar (@Lucya_eth) from Honduras :honduras:, is an Internationalist, Community Leader of Ethereum Tegucigalpa & Ethereum Honduras, and a pivotal member of the @ETHKipu team working with Kipu Impact. Her rich history with the Ethereum communities in Tegucigalpa and Honduras has seen her playing a important role in orchestrating two Quadratic Funding rounds.

Why Lucy Aguilar?

Lucy’s dedication to the Ethereum communities in Tegucigalpa and Honduras spans over three enriching years, during which she has contributed in 2 Quadratic Funding rounds — one in December 2021 and the other in July 2023. She has participated in the process round design, evaluation, and monitoring of beneficiary projects. This, in my opinion, is a great precedent that can be very helpful for the group.

Plus, Lucy has already experienced what it’s like to be a badgeholder almost first-hand! Since she had the opportunity to contribute and advise @CryptoChica as a badgeholder in the previous round of retroPGF, which already provides her with a lot of context on how these mechanisms work.

Lucy is a very hardworking person and very involved in the Ethereum ecosystem, in addition to having met her in different community spaces, and happy to give her this opportunity. I believe she can contribute a lot to this retroPGF, and after speaking with her, I was able to confirm this positive energy.

Final words

I expect that in each retroPGF there will be greater diversity among badgeholders who are aligned with the Optimism and Ethereum values while contributing expertise from all sides.

From my side, I invite you all to join me in welcoming @Lucya_eth and keep working together to make this round successful for the whole ecosystem!


Thank you so much, Joxes. I am really excited to contribute to the 3 RetroPGF of Optimism. Also, I am happy to represent Ethereum Honduras Community and to be part of the governance dynamic in web3.
¡Vamos con todo! :honduras: :honduras: :honduras:


Hello community!

The road to Season 5 becomes exciting, and we want to post our rationales after the 16th voting cycle.

16th Governance Call

On Oct 23th we had our Governance Call to discuss the upcoming changes proposed for Season 5.

Participants: ~44 attendees (40 :medal_military: collected).

Duration: 1hr 59 min.

Results and rationale

We have put our rationale into the threads referring to the changes proposed for Season 5; check below

  • Anticapture Comission
  • Security Council: Vote #1
  • Code of Conduct Coucil Budget
  • Grants Council Operating Budget
  • Developer Advisory Board Budget and Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members
  • Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar

About this one, our second point expressed in a previous case about how to improve these processes becomes more relevant. In line with the comments of the other delegates, the upcoming installation of the CoC Council and some quotes referring to publications originating from this account; with all this in mind, it is appropriate for us to decide to abstain.

See you at the next voting cycle!


Hey all!

Here is a quick update about our recent decisions. Some members of the @SEEDLatam team had to travel to Istanbul for Devconnect so we couldn’t hold a governance call for the previous voting cycle. However, we could make decisions as a team and reach a consensus internally.


  • Ratification of Law of Chains: FOR

  • Chain Delegation Program: FOR

  • Season 5 Intent Budgets: FOR

  • Code of Conduct Council – Member Nominations: Juankbell, Oxytocin, Axel_T, Juanbug_PGov and Bubli.eth

  • Grants Council Reviewer Elections – Milestones and Metrics: Feiwian, Raho, v3naru_Curia.

  • Grants Council Reviewer Elections – Growth Experiments: Michael Vander Meiden, Katie Garcia, GFX, Brichis, Subli_Defi.

  • Grants Council Reviewer Elections – Builders: Jack Anorak, Gonna.eth, Kaereste, 0xMilton Joxes

Personal words: I want to thank everyone who supported this nomination in the Grants Council Builders elections; I feel a great responsibility to the group and future applicants. I will do my best to collaborate with the elected council team and recruit the best builders of the web3 ecosystem to benefit the Optimism ecosystem and its collective.


Hey there!

As part of the special voting cycle 16c, we are documenting our decisions and relevant insights regarding proposals for the near future.


Ratify Security Council Members: FOR

This ratification was not easy/straightforward since we and other delegates asked questions about the proposal. However, there are still some technical issues pending that need to be formalized.

Upgrade #2: Canyon Protocol Upgrade: FOR

Rollup updates are a regular occurrence as new architectures and improvements are proposed. We strongly encourage the technical community to test this latest version to ensure any relevant issues are reported and any potential risks associated with the upgrade are avoided.