Welcoming Test in Prod to the Optimism Collective

Back in June, the OP Labs’ engineering blog shared a guest post from the team at Test in Prod.

Beyond their excellent work on op-erigon, the blog post made something exceptionally clear: the TiP team is fully bought in on the vision and mission of the Optimism Collective.

We’re excited to announce that Test in Prod is the third core development team to join the Optimism Collective. The team is committed to furthering development of the OP Stack alongside OP Labs and Base, the Collective’s other core development teams.

As part of this commitment, we’re sharing the details of a token grant made to Test in Prod to ensure their alignment and success:

  • Test in Prod will receive 5m OP tokens over four years.
  • 30% of the tokens will vest after one year (on August 31, 2024).
  • 30% of the tokens will vest in monthly installments over the course of the second year.
  • 20% of the tokens will vest in monthly installments over each of the third and fourth years.

We are grateful for Test in Prod’s contributions so far – many of which were made before the introduction of this token grant – and excited for the impact Test in Prod will have on the Collective for years to come.

Continuing decentralization is a key goal of the Collective, and comes in many forms. Growing the set of core technical contributors to the OP Stack is an important way to reduce the Collective’s reliance on any one team or group. Stay tuned for more information about Optimism’s growing core development program in the months to come.


TiP rules! Congrats y’all.


Thanks, Harper and Bobby :heart:

Thrilled to scale Ethereum with y’all. We are ready to push this amazing technology and values to the limit–definitely committed!

Also, I want to thank the entire OP community. This technology and system only means when we have people who believe in Collective’s values. Thanks to everyone who believes in the value, especially those who put their time and effort into building our governance system.

Stay Optimistic, y’all!

Year Month OP Tokens Received
2024 Aug 1,500,000
2024 Sept 125,000
2024 Oct 125,000
2024 Nov 125,000
2024 Dec 125,000
2025 Jan 125,000
2025 Feb 125,000
2025 Mar 125,000
2025 Apr 125,000
2025 May 125,000
2025 June 125,000
2025 July 125,000
2025 Aug 125,000
2025 Sept 83,333.33
2025 Oct 83,333.33
2025 Nov 83,333.33
2025 Dec 83,333.33
2026 Jan 83,333.33
2026 Feb 83,333.33
2026 Mar 83,333.33
2026 Apr 83,333.33
2026 May 83,333.33
2026 June 83,333.33
2026 July 83,333.33
2026 Aug 83,333.33
2026 Sept 83,333.33
2026 Oct 83,333.33
2026 Nov 83,333.33
2026 Dec 83,333.33
2027 Jan 83,333.33
2027 Feb 83,333.33
2027 Mar 83,333.33
2027 Apr 83,333.33
2027 May 83,333.33
2027 June 83,333.33
2027 July 83,333.33
2027 Aug 83,333.33

? So this funding is going where?

GM! To Test in Prod’s team