SEED Latam - General Communication Thread

Presentation of SEED Latam


SEED Latam is an ecosystem that aims to promote knowledge and critical thinking about Web3 in spanish, as well as empower the future Web3 leaders.

Our History

SEED Latam has its origins in DeFi LATAM. SEED Latam, as we know it today, was born as DeFi LATAM in early 2020. At that time, the ecosystem was very different from what we know now. Along with the DeFi Summer, the idea of ​​creating a study group among technology enthusiasts interested in Blockchain emerged. Soon, that group evolved into a community focused on studying protocols and platforms that emerged during that time.

The gathering of those initial individuals who regularly shared their knowledge transformed into a network connecting dozens of countries and cities on Telegram and Discord. The community became a knowledge multiplier. From the beginning, collaborative and cooperative learning was promoted within it. Some members specialized in different Web3 topics. Groups were formed, segmenting and deepening knowledge to the point where spaces were created for communities and projects to thrive.

Workshop in our ETH Latam BA side event with Chainlink and The Graph

Over the months, the “Core” and “Hardcore” teams were formed, with more than 15 people participating in the decision-making process. What characterized DeFi Latam from the beginning was a respect for the ethos.

You can find attached the DeFi Latam 2022 file, which compiles the activities of DeFi Latam during 2022.

Our North: Ethos above all

Since its inception, DeFi Latam has advocated for critical thinking through education. We do not endorse scams or collaborate with blockchains, projects, or protocols that are not aligned with our core values. Our priority is to foster critical thinking within our community.

We have a long-term commitment to the values of decentralization and education, and we avoid reacting to momentary trends or fads within the crypto space. We firmly believe that the ecosystem should be built on a solid foundation, which is why community members and the actions we undertake are aligned with our Ethos.

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Evolution

Last year, a significant part of the Core team, Hardcore team, collaborators, and community members took part in ETH Latam, the first and largest event in Argentina. It was an immense joy for the people in the region, as amidst the crisis, we celebrated a hopeful spirit fueled by the motivation that blockchain technology gives us.

For Latin Americans, technology is a tool that helps us overcome socioeconomic barriers and allows us to build and be part of this paradigm. We also participated in Devcon, collaborating with ETH Global and ETH Latam Bogotá.

Amongst all these activities, we found a limitation: our name. Despite the recognition we had gained for our work, being known as “DeFi Latam” was constraining us. We didn’t want to be identified solely as a community focused on “DeFi.” At that time, the Spanish-speaking Optimism Español and Layer communities (both founded by members of DeFi Latam) had grown, engaging in educational activities that were aligned with our ethos.

Our watching party - The Merge

Considering the context and aiming to encompass a broader spectrum, we decided to find a name that truly represents us. Thus, SEED was born during a community call. S.E.E.D. Latam, which stands for Sovereignty, Education, Evolution, and Decentralization. We started identifying ourselves by what we truly do: SEED, the seed of communities, projects, and now delegations. Some are part of our history, while others coexist and work closely with us. From SEED Latam, groups have flourished, such as Layer2 en Español, Optimism en Español, and Mujeres en Crypto, among others.

Lastly, It’s important to highlight that DeFi Latam hasn’t ceased to exist as such; it continues to exist as one of the communities that are part of the SEED Latam ecosystem.

Last event organized for the 3rd birthday of DeFi latam

Our Bylaws

We have established the foundations of our bylaws in order to establish the guiding principles and provisions that guide our operation at SEED Latam. We are highly committed to complying with them. We strive to build a much broader and diverse ecosystem to establish the pillars of what we believe in: an organized and transparent model for anyone to build and benefit from SEED Latam.

It is a public document that outlines our ethos, mission and values, code of conduct, team structure, treasury, delegate or governance representative election and accountability, grants management, delegation fund handling policy, among other things. The bylaws can be accessed in both English and Spanish.

The team and its new stage

The DeFi Latam team started with a group of five members in the Core team.

In response to the professionalization of SEED Latam, the growth of the community, and participation in governance, we decided to reorganize earlier this year.

In this process, Cryptochica, left her role as team leader and took on a new role as Governance Coordinator. On the other hand, Candela Fazzano, who previously led the Women in Crypto community and communication for DeFi Latam, assumed the role of Community Leader at SEED Latam.

Our delegate Joxes began the period as a tech lead. It was recently decided that they would dedicate themselves exclusively to the delegation of Optimism and Layer 2, while also volunteering for SEED Latam by conducting Community Calls.

These changes, along with the addition of new members, are made with full confidence that the ethos and mission of SEED will continue intact. Today, our Core team consists of seven members and other active contributors.

We have attached here a map of the SEED Latam ecosystem.

Team Core:

  • @candufaz: Team leader at SEED Latam | Building Nata_Social

  • @CryptoChica: Governance Coordinator at SEED Latam | Co Founder ETHKipu

  • @0xLocoPacha: Product Desing SEED Latam | Designer ETHKipu

  • @Joxes Research at Wonderland | Leading L2 Español | SEED Latam delegate for Optimism

  • Manu: comms at Defiant App | Ethereum Argentina | CM at SEED Latam

Our contributors:

  • @AxlVaz: Contributor at SEED Latam | External contributor at Layer 2 and Optimism Español

  • @NicoProducto leading Optimism Español | SEED Latam contributor

  • Noa: Core member L2 Español | Founder DeFi Argentina | SEED Latam contributor.

  • @imlola: ETHKipu | Ethereum Argentina | Sovereign Finance AVC member SEED Latam | @tomate founder

  • @Netrim: Collaborator for Optimism’s delegate platform at SEED Latam

  • @Pumbi: contributor at Optimism Español, Solow core member | ETH Paraguay

  • Crisincrypto: Criptocuriosas core member | Moderator Sovereign Finance AVC SEED Latam

Restructuring and new goals

The restructuring has been made possible in part due to RPGF2, which allowed for team projection and expansion.

Since the leadership transition on May 1, 2023, we established trial goals for a three-month period. These goals are publicly available and linked in our bylaws. They were presented in a community meeting to discuss team changes, tasks, and the roadmap.

During this period, we have focused on improving our internal organization and activities. Additionally, we have continued to work closely with two communities aligned with SEED Latam: Optimism Español and Layer 2. From the beginning, some of our contributors, such as our graphic designer and community manager, have worked voluntarily and collaboratively for all of them.

After consolidating as a team, securing resources, and maintaining direct dialogue between leaders to address issues and adapt to new dynamics, we have decided to incorporate a dedicated Community Manager for SEED Latam and separate teams, at least in terms of communication roles.

There is synergy between SEED Latam, Layer 2, and Optimism Español, and members actively collaborate with each other. It is important to highlight Nico Espíndola, the leader of Optimism Español, who provides guidance and supervision based on his product management expertise. Likewise, the graphic designer, Pacha, has created the visual identity and provides support when needed.

Regarding this period, we would like to mention the #SEEDday in Mendoza Capital. In the in-person meetup, a workshop on Optimism was held for developers, along with talks on governance and more. It was a significant milestone as SEED Latam visited Mendoza, a province far from the capital city of Argentina.

We are committed to publishing an assessment of results and objectives for the next three months on the forum.

SEED Latam and its participation in governance

Although the 3-month period has not ended yet, the time that has passed provides us with insight into the horizon of SEED Latam. Currently, we are dedicating our efforts to the governance vertical as we are strongly committed to our mission. Through governance, we aim to amplify the voice of Latin America and promote participation. To achieve this, we need to be actively involved in decision-making processes to contribute value to the ecosystem. We advocate for a critical and objective perspective from our role as representatives. We consider the impact that decisions made within the Latin American community can have on users, developers, protocols, local institutions, and all those interested in the Web3 ecosystem. You can watch our Optimism governance calls in this playlist.

The reasons why we focus on delegations

We invite you to read this article written by Cryptochica about our mission and purpose, “Latin American Voices in Shaping the Future Decisions,” here.

Continuing the discussion from Delegate Commitments [OLD]:

Continuing the discussion from Delegate Commitments [OLD]:

Transparency in SEED Latam: multisig as the pillar of our transparency

In pursuit of greater clarity, funds are held in a multisig. Collaborators and core team members participate in the multisig. This means that every transaction must be justified, and multiple signatures are required to ensure maximum transparency, security, and custody of our funds.

By requiring approval from multiple signatures for any transaction, we promote a decentralized approach to asset storage. This means that no individual has full and exclusive access to the funds, even as a core team member, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to our assets and potential attacks or misappropriation. With this methodology, we aim to strengthen trust in our operations.

The team’s costs, multisig addresses, and treasury information are publicly accessible and available in our bylaws for anyone who wishes to review them.

In SEED Latam, we carefully evaluate grants and RPGf to which we apply. We are not proponents of applying to ALL of them; instead, we set an example and create space for other communities to do so.

We will continue working to improve and add value to the Optimism Collective :muscle: :red_circle: :sparkles:




Mirror: SEED Latam

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @DeFi_LATAM

Thank you for your time!


Vamos a estudiar DiFi

OP Delegation to Joxes by SEED Latam

Over the past year, the treasury of @seedlatam has received contributions in the form of OP tokens on several occasions for various reasons. During the previous rpgf2 , our organization received 55,061.82 OP tokens. Additionally, 3,545 OP tokens were earned as delegate rewards, among other amounts (Optimism Airdrops), and these were also added to our treasury.

As of today, our treasury holds 58,622 OP tokens. This amount is just one of the outcomes of our faithful contribution to the Optimism and Ethereum ecosystems, even before the launch of governance and the token. In order to stay aligned with the Optimistic vision, we will proceed to honor its foundational utility and make our modest contribution to strengthen governance from our position.

Actionable: Delegation to joxes.seedlatam.eth

As part of our long-term commitment to Optimism governance, our first obvious step is to use the treasury funds to delegate the 55,061.82 OP tokens to @Joxes. We want to demonstrate our support for the team behind this delegation and motivate them to continue fulfilling their responsibilities in the discussion forums.

Existing Concerns

The inherent plutocratic nature of the Token House is a real concern. The lack of incentives for users to delegate their voting power is also a problem. As a result, we have seen fluctuations in our voting power, ranging from 0.6% to our current 0.21%. Over time, this figure, along with other small delegates, has raised concerns about meeting the necessary requirements to carry out activities, such as approving proposals for voting, nominating delegates to the Citizen House, and other identified activities in the Operating Manual.

Additionally, the rewards policy has been based on activity plus a minimum voting power, which, from our perspective, has not contributed to the goal of bringing new delegates and increased participation to governance, and it has excluded excellent delegates from eligibility in the past. Our delegation team has published an analysis on this matter to discuss how to improve incentives for participation.

Future Intentions

SEED Latam is not just an organization; it also reflects an entire ecosystem of communities based in Latin America. One of our goals is to showcase and recognize the work of other delegates who contribute to bringing the Optimistic vision to our region. This means that, in the future, SEED Latam may delegate part of its voting power to support other initiatives and contribute to enriching the spectrum of delegates from Latin America, in addition to our flagship delegation. We highlight Optimism Español’s decision to delegate to 4 different delegates in this regard.

We hope that in the future, more organizations will follow our path or explore other creative ways, like that of Optimism Español, to use OP tokens to support delegates and strengthen governance.

Thank you for your time!

SEED Latam team


SEED Latam - Governance Day


Like we told you in previous posts, SEED Latam is going through a new stage. We aim to amplify the voice of Latin America and promote participation. To achieve this, we need to be actively involved in decision-making processes to contribute value to the ecosystem. We advocate for a critical and objective perspective from our role as representatives. We consider the impact that decisions made within the Latin American community can have on users, developers, protocols, local institutions, and all those interested in he Web3 ecosystem.t

Hearing our community

Ethereum Argentina was coming, and our community wanted to have an IRL event to share some moments together, so we decided to take action. It was the perfect time to meet, talk about Governance and show the work we have been doing for the past 6 months! With this in mind, the Core team of SEED Latam proposed the following objectives.


  • Pass on the importance of involvement in Governance
  • Transcend local borders to reach more people of Latin America
  • Show to our community the work we are doing with our participation in different governance process

We have had the participation of over 200 individuals, out of which 115 people have claimed the POAP, as you can see in this link.


The event was covered by -a digital media with 37,6k followers- dedicated to crypto. Here you can see the full note:

In addition, within the frame of the event, Modular Crypto, a Brazilian digital media, made an article on “Latin America’s Participation in Web3 Governance”. The article includes the testimonies of @Gonna.eth, @Joxes y @Netrim. You can read it in this link: A participação da América Latina em Governanças da web3



Optimism Block:

After the break the final segment of the event was titled “Optimista,” featuring prominent individuals: @Joxes , the delegate from SEED Latam in Optimism; @Pumbi , leader of the @OptimismEsp
community; and @Gonna.eth, Grants Council Ops at Optimism. A wide array of insightful topics were addressed, and they shared the optimistic perspective with the audience. Furthermore, they provided inspiring tools aimed at encouraging attendees to actively participate in governance and contribute to ecosystem development.

Why we did it? Because we believe in what Optimism it’s crafting and the value reaching all the ecosystem, specially in LATAM. More info about talks:

  • The Future of Optimism Governance (ES) by Pumbi, lead of OptimismEsp

  • Pumbi talked about the next steps the Optimism Governance will take. What are the objectives and the challenges ahead? The next seasons and cycles of the governance process.

  • Governance in Rollups: A Necessary Evil? (ES) by Joxes Optimism delegate

  • Joxes talked about what is and how a Rollup work, the importance of having a governance process around this technology and the different models that exists nowadays.

  • Public Goods in Optimism (ES) by Gonna

  • Gonna talked about what are Public Goods for Optimism, the Scope of the Grant Council and how the RetroPGF worked so far.

Within this same segment, we highlighted, expressed gratitude for, and recounted the significant role of RPG2 in making such an important event possible.


All Costs of the event here. In this link you can review our expenditure categories, which encompass catering, merchandise, venue rental, and audiovisual services. In a separate folder, we have organized invoices, as well as event photos. It’s worth noting that all funds collected were allocated towards both the Governance Day and Ethereum Argentina initiatives. We thank all our sponsors for supporting us.


  • We hosted the first in-person event about governance, with 7 talks and 2 workshops
  • We had more than 200 participants coming from all of Latin America (like Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, and more)
  • This event was possible due to the tokens we received during rpgf2 . Thanks to the bagholders and the whole Optimism ecosystem for this opportunity!

Team building: The importance of SEED Latam’s culture - “CaSEEDta”.

The Governance Day and Ethereum Argentina event provided a remarkable opportunity to bring together a team that spans across various corners of Latin America. Recognizing the importance of this occasion, we offer a co-working space for members of the delegations, collaborators, and the SEED Latam team during those days. With over 10 individuals making use of this space, it not only functioned as a place to work but also as a vibrant hub for networking and collaboration. Named as the “CaSEEDta”, this space felt akin to a home for our team. At SEED Latam, our ethos is of immense value and has defined us from the beginning. Alignment within the team is paramount, as we wholeheartedly support our principles and constantly emphasize the importance of contributing to the Latin American ecosystem. Therefore, this meeting was geared to reinforce these ideals, ensuring that each member of the team shares and embraces these same values in their journey.

This in-person gathering empowered us to strengthen our coordination efforts and gain a deeper understanding of the unique contributions of each delegation. Furthermore, we were thrilled to welcome visits from protocols and diverse Argentine communities, enriching the experience both professionally and on a personal level.

Within the context of the caSEEDta, one of the most important in-person meetings took place with Gonna, Grant Council from Optimism. This interaction proved pivotal, fostering connections among different working groups within the team. It also marked the inception of in-person governance discussions, allowing us to address challenges and chart the future path of SEED Latam. Those days were marked by intensive work and added significant value to the community.

Ethereum Argentina: Our participation

The Governance Day took place within the #EthereumArgentina framework, the most significant event in the country held in the heart of the Crypto capital: Buenos Aires. It brought together individuals from various parts of Latin America and global projects.With over 3,000 attendees, 110 speakers, and 20 workshops. The event echoed the vibrant spirit of last year’s ETH Latam. SEED Latam’s involvement was active right from the start, much like in the previous year. A substantial portion of the team volunteered for the event, contributing their efforts to various areas in the lead-up to the event.

Here you can see the digital media coverage of the event:

Some of SEED Latam’s core team had the privilege to participate in talks such as “Ethereum Criollo: Building from Argentina” by @CryptoChica, and the online interview with Vitalik Buterin about the present and future of Ethereum, account abstraction, rollups, and his vision of the crypto community in Argentina, hosted by our delegate @Joxes.

Among others, there were workshops led by @NicoProducto as well as participation in panels with @pedro (who was the leader of volunteers too).

Furthermore, we were able to engage with the community through the booths we shared with @OptimismEsp and L2 en Español. There, we spread the word about our work in the delegations and reached out with a survey for people so that they can tell us how much they know about governance.

We have had the participation of over 112 individuals in our governance survey, and 159 people have claimed the POAP, as you can see in this link.

We will continue working to improve and add value to the Optimism Collective :muscle: :red_circle: :sparkles:




Mirror: SEED Latam

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @SEED_Latam

What’s next? We will continue to be devoted to our activities. Following the success of the first edition, the team is now fully immersed in the planning of the second Governance Day event, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. We deeply appreciate your participation and support.

Thank you for your time!


Nadie nos va a regalar la historia.


New communication channel :loudspeaker:

We just launched our English governance channel!

So far, we have conducted all our communication in Spanish outside of the forum. However, we believe that having an English channel can help us showcase our work and connect with teams from different regions of the world :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

Our DMs are open here and on our new Twitter profile. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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