[FINAL] The RetroPGF Podcast

S4 Intent: Governance Accessibility (Intent 4)

Proposed Mission: A weekly podcast on Twitter Spaces telling the stories of participants in RPGF2 with the goal to broaden awareness and understanding of how to contribute to future rounds of RetroPGF.

[Proposal Tier]: Phoenix

Please verify that you meet the qualifications for your Tier: 2x Member of the Grants Council and receiver of RPGF2 funding.

Baseline grant amount: 8k OP

% of total available Intent budget: 0.266%

Alliance: The RetroPGF Podcast

Alliance Lead: Michael Vander Meiden

Contact info: @Michael

L2 recipient address: 0x6EdA5aCafF7F5964E1EcC3FD61C62570C186cA0C

Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work:

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent:

  • Intent #4 description states that it includes “​​Missions to educate the broader community about Optimism governance and RetroPGF”. This podcast is a direct attempt to educate the broader crypto community on RetroPGF.
  • One of the biggest hurdles to starting the RetroPGF flywheel is creating the contributor base for RetroPGF. As it currently stands, many people who would otherwise be contributors either 1) don’t know RetroPGF exists, 2) don’t realize that RetroPGF would apply to them or 3) don’t understand the mechanisms of RetroPGF confidently enough in order to do work with RetroPGF funding as a goal.
  • This podcast will combat each of these things by drawing on a wealth of stories from RPGF2 recipients. Every episode will interview a new recipient of RPGF2 and allow them to tell their story, how they contributed, how receiving funding changed their project, and how they are thinking about their future contributions with respect to RetroPGF.
  • These episodes will be hosted on Twitter spaces for discoverability, and have the recording published to podcast platforms & Youtube. Twitter spaces will also allow audience interaction and Q&A during the episode.

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission?

  • Michael Vander Meiden
    • Michael has countless previous experience engaging with the community, from being hosts in the delegate community calls for the Optimism Collective, to Optimism-focused educational youtube channel. This project will allow him to leverage his knowledge of Optimism and combine it with his hosting abilities to illuminate and broadcast the stories of RPGF2 recipients and expand the group of people who understand RetroPGF.

Please list a critical milestone. The critical milestone should be a measure of whether you’ve made best efforts to execute what is outlined in this proposal or not. If you fail to achieve your critical milestone, your grant may be clawed back.

  • Host an average of 1 episode per week between now and September 20th
  • Publish recordings of these spaces on Youtube as well

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission:

  • Consistent averaging of 1 episode per week with meaningful attendance

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • Total playback on all platforms
  • Community engagement during and after (recordings) the interview
  • Participation in RetroPGF from the listeners of these twitter spaces

Breakdown of Mission budget request:

Mission budget will go towards organization, research, scheduling, and promotion of the interviews. High quality promotional material will be published before every episode in order to increase attendance.

I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: Yes

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: Yes

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: Yes


Love this focused approach to showcase Retroactive Public Goods recipients and that it recognises the need to not just create content but to actively promote and track engagement as a measure to inform impact. It would be great to see this work also supported via FDN comms channels (email, twitter round up) is that possible?

In terms of key performance indicators (KPIs) it would be great to see both a S4 performance target (estimates) as well as results. With content engagement (Engmt) reported for both the podcast as well as all Calls to Action [links] that drive governance participation

Performance Measures S4 Target
A. #Total playbacks 1000
B. #Total playback minutes/hours 10000
C. Engmt Playback = B/A 10
D. #CTA Link clicks 100
E. Qualified Action = D/A 0.1

Numbers are example only that show a podcast engagement that leads 10% of the audience (playbacks) to take further action.(direct response)

Recommend the use of campaign tracking URLs which can be tagged to show which episodes, channels and CTA are most effective to drive engagement and further action.

Admittedly clicks can always be farmed but depending on where you choose to land people via CTA it could then have positive impact on

  • RFPG3 nominations (how to measure?)
  • increased or diversified voteable supply (baseline the delegate profile(s) + track CTA click throughs)

If you can quantify a strategic result engagement farming is largely negated because whether 1 or 100 click throughs the resulting change to i.e. voteable supply informs impact.

This is a valuable investment of time, one I hope will can provide a data-driven basis to continue the work beyond S4.


RPGF can certainly do with more education/information, and you’re a great fit. Grant request is also reasonable given the expected impact.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


This is a great idea and I sign up to tell you how good RPGF1 was for EthernautDAO back in the day!

I’m a delegate with enough voting power to approve this mission proposal.


Micheal has done a great job hosting these calls in the past, ask is also well within reason, As an Optimism delegate with voting power above the required threshold I believe this proposal is ready for vote. Delegate Commitments - #71 by MoneyManDoug

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Thanks for the feedback @lee0007.

As far as foundation comms channels go, I could work with the foundation team to try this out, however this would be a project that is independent from the foundation. I agree it would be nice to boost the exposure.

I’ve avoided putting out estimates because, not having done twitter spaces before, I really don’t have a good number to target. However, I think that these are the kind of metrics that would be important to judge impact and will be put in any RPGF3 application.

Tracking URLs are a good idea to gather more information, I think that could be something great to incorporate under the “engagement” category, along with other

Measuring RPGF3 nominations would be more testimonials based and collected manually.

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I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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Would love to have you!

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I love this proposal! I hope there can be some coordination with this crew if both pass: [DRAFT] Fueling RetroPGF Growth through Education, Collaboration, and Active Marketing - #9 by lavande

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


I represent KyberSwap, an Optimism Protocol Delegate for Season 4 with sufficient voting power, and we believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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I’ll be voting yes on this proposal. I’m a fan of @Michael’s work in the Optimism community and the amount requested is reasonable.

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Hey there, team. As the Delegation team, we have reviewed your proposal. It’s a great idea to start with a podcast series to keep the community informed about the RetroPGF that Optimism provides. Many new projects fail on Web3 because they are still unable to find investors or reach where they must be. Grant initiatives like RetroPGF are hugely helpful to new developers.However, as you mentioned in your proposal explanation, most people on Web3 are ignorant of these Grant programs and their potential. As a team that has already earned from RetroPGF, we found it very important to promote RetroPGF to others, explain the experiences of previous grantees, and explain the program’s functioning. So this proposal is ready for a vote!

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Hi @Michael!

As Season 4 draws to a close this week, we’re so excited to see how you’ve executed on your Mission! Please post an update for the community here outlining the milestones you’ve met this Thursday (9/20) by 19:00 GMT. Please include links to any final work products as we’ll create a final roundup linking to all Mission deliverables.

We also encourage you to sign-up for RetroPGF Round 3. You’ll be able to describe the impact of your Mission when you sign-up: RetroPGF Round 3 Applications Are Open

Thanks again for being part of this experiment and helping us build the Collective :heart:

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Happy to report that we have been successful with the 1 episode per week cadence as outlined in the proposal!

That said, there were some issues with the recordings of certain episodes that we believe were due to problems with twitters platform.

The good news is, we are just getting started and plan on continuing the podcast going into the future.

The playlist of recorded episodes can be found here.


Thanks for the update @Michael! Please not that all Missions will be able to showcase their work tomorrow during a dedicated Mission demo day on September 28th, at 16:00 GMT on the Discord mainstage!

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Demo Day - Mission Proposal Edition September 28th 2023 - 4pm UTC

Show off your Season 4 Mission Proposal accomplishments and milestones:

  • Each mission proposal will get 2 minutes to present
  • Summarize your mission proposal
  • List your milestones and the results of those milestones

Apply here - (Discord):

Presenter Discord Handle → must be in the Optimism Discord
Link to your mission proposal


Congrats on your mission! Really liked the idea and the execution. Are the episodes available on Spotify? Would be great to have them there as well. I can help setting it up if you need a helping hand, I think it could be very valuable to people that don’t use Youtube premium.


Thank you! I’ll look into this, I think I should be able to get them up but if not i’ll reach out. :slight_smile:

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We are going to have to second this statement … We would love to see more audio related to Optimism published on Spotify making it easier to share with everyone.

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