[READY TO VOTE] Create Videos about Optimism

Thank you for confirming the approval of this Mission Request and asking about the budget. We really appreciate all the delegates who approved it, as well as everyone here who took the time to review the request and share comments. Looking forward to the vote! :pray:t4:

Yes, the intention of this Mission Request is to enable multiple video creators to each earn up to 7k OP. The mission request template does not have a dedicated place to write a max budget and, like you and @kaereste, we interpreted that the baseline grant amount is the amount for a single applicant (not the total budget split amongst multiple proposals).

We suggest a maximum budget of 70k OP for this Mission, which would enable 10 video creators to earn up to the baseline amount. For anyone who is interested, you can see some reasons for this budget below.


Mission proposals introduce overhead for both applicants and reviewers. It can take an applicant many hours to make the proposal, respond to comments, and follow up on milestones. Similarly, it can take grants council members many hours to read the proposal and engage in follow up discussions. Given the work needed to create and review mission proposals, itโ€™s important to ensure that the incentives are high enough to make an effective use of everyoneโ€™s time.

While creating this mission proposal we spoke with @Sinkas from L2Beat and we wrote the mission request with his feedback in mind. He mentioned that a higher budget is often needed to help attract interest and talent capable of producing quality videos, which is a great point. It may be worthy to note that the baseline funding amount for mission proposal is already lower in terms of OP than other comparable video missions, such as the RetroPGF Podcast (which received 8k OP), Delegates Corner Podcast (which received 10k OP), and Audiovisual Content from CryptoVersidad (which received 55k OP).

There are at least five video creators who are already interested in making mission proposals for up to 7k OP each and we believe that the Collective should support many talented video creators to maximize benefit for Optimism. With this and the budget for Intent 4 in mind, a maximum budget of 70k OP seems fair for this mission. Of course, the allocated budget could be much lower depending on the quality and quantity of applications.