[READY TO VOTE] Create Videos about Optimism

Just curious, why is it 7000 OP for the whole request and not for each single mission proposal? From the docs I took that baseline grant amount is the amount meant for a single mission (so if there are many missions fulfilling that request then each one should have the cap on that baseline amount, not that they have to split the amount among multiple proposers.

Baseline grant amount: This amount should reflect the minimum amount required to execute the Mission.

Of course I understand the challenge in having any budget limit if there’s no cap on the number of applicants but I think this is a bit misleading.

And I’m commenting on this proposal but I’m actually worried about my own, where I stated:

Baseline grant amount: 5-30k OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: Up to 10, 300k OP max budget

So I assume the total budget of up to 300k OP with baseline amount for each applicant at up to 30k OP, but expect real allocated budget being way below those amounts.