Guide to Season 5

Season 4 Recap

Thank you to the incredible delegates that experimented with us in Season 4:

  • Delegate retro rewards: Retroactive rewards in recognition of the contributions of high impact delegates over the past Season

Season 4 introduced several foundational concepts that helped the Collective work towards important goals:

  • Intents: Begin to align the entire Collective in pursuit of common strategic goals
  • Trust Tiers: Begin to create a connection between one’s impact and opportunity within the Collective
  • Missions: Enable the Token House to support work aligned with Intents and reward outsized Mission impact via RetroPGF
  • Alliances: Scale the number of non-core teams building the Collective (alliances are now simply called teams)
  • Attestations: Introduce attestations, for Grants Council Members and Co-grantors, as the basis of reputation in the Collective

Other important steps towards further decentralization included Welcoming Base to the Collective, introducing the Law of Chains, outlining the Future of Optimism Governance, and introducing 2 new proposal types: Treasury Appropriations (Foundation budget approval) and Inflation Adjustments.

Season 5

Your feedback from Season 4 (via a series of community calls, retros, feedback requests, threads, and roundups) has been incorporated in support of the exciting opportunity to build upon the inititatives introduced last Season, while also introducing important new inititatives in Season 5. Governance initiatives to be considered during the Reflection Period are outlined below, organized by Intent.


  • Intents: All work in the Collective should be aligned with these Intents.
  • Intent Budgets: Each Intent is equipped with its own budget, to support aligned Missions throughout the Season. These budgets will be be proposed by the elected Grants Council Lead in Season 5. Intent budgets may be proposed by a new Council in S6.
  • Missions v2
    • The second iteration of the Mission grant process, updated based on delegate feedback
  • Grants Council Operating Budget
    • Prospective Grants Council Leads will run for election by submitting operating budget proposals to support Council operations
  • Grants Council Elections

Intent 1: Progress Towards Technical Decentralization

Intent 2: Grow the Superchain

  • Chain Delegation Program
    • Season 5 introduces a Chain Delegation Program, which will allow OP Chains to receive temporary delegation from the Governance Fund, subject to Token House approval

Intent 3: [Community Set Intent]

  • Community Intent Setting
    • The community will set Intent #3, facilitated by an Intent Setting Workshop hosted on October 11th at 17:00 GMT. The Optimism Foundation recommends this Intent be focused on the consumer or end-user to align with RetroPGF scope. Check the governance calender for more details

Intent 4: Improve Governance Accessibility

  • Anticapture Commission
    • Season 5 introduces an Anticapture Commission, comprised of the Collective’s highest impact delegates. If approved, the commission will receive delegation from the Governance Fund to uphold a mandate to protect the Token House from capture by any one stakeholder
  • Code of Conduct
  • Trust Tiers
    • Trust Tiers determine the level of rewards teams can request, based on prior contributions to the Collective. Small updates have been made based on delegate feedback
  • Attestations
    • Attestations will be granted to high impact contributors such as: Council members; Developer Advisory Board members; Anticapture Commission members; Round 3 List makers; Round 3 recipients; SupportNERDs, techNERDs, NumbaNERDs, and govNERDs; Gravitrons

Season 5 introduces several important governance structures, as illustrated below:

As always, these structures are experimental and may change, dissolve, and/or evolve over time. The initial separation of structures between the Token House and Citizens’ House is subject to change as the Citizens’ House becomes progressively more established.

What Does This Mean for Me?

I’m a delegate, what do I need to do

See a visual representation of the below here :red_circle: :sparkles:

The Foundation hosted a Season 5 AMA on October 3rd at 19:15 GMT - recording here!

I’m interested in contributing to the Collective!

Looking forward to season 5
I will work on my project Creath Art Marketplace.


Very thorough breakdown. Thank you for the clarity and the open intentions. I will be voting and participating


Looking forward to it


Im Definitely interestd i. Taking mire of a rile in governance. Im a delegate but im a small holder and not a whale. I feel that there should be a focus on the small holders as well and how they can be valued for participation and rewarded for doing so. Im uncertain as to how a small holder would be rewarded if they delegated there voting power to a op token holder. Hence the reason why i delgate my small holdings to myself and vote on all proposals to try to be better the community and be rewarded for my participation even as small and meager as it may be


I was listening to Foundation Season 5 recording and it seems next season will start fro 4th Jan. Next season has many changes and need to process everything right after the Christmas/new year vacation, my suggestion would be to push the start date one week further.

Wasnt sure where to post this but sharing it here to gauge other opinion on this.


We are very excited for the new year and another amazing opportunity to continue our development on Optimism. When the grants program returns to the ecosystem there will be a lot of energy coming into the grant system.
I hope :crossed_fingers: that the review council has some extra help processing proposals in the upcoming season and know how hard that work can be.

Stay optimistic everyone!

Happy holidays. See you all next year!


Welcome to OP Collective

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Excited for S5. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Just a comment it would be nice to add the links for Canyon and the Security Council


Hi, would be great if the Optimism community can have more details about the Guide to Season 5 covering the matters below.

(1) The concepts like Intents, Trust Tiers, Missions, Alliances, and Attestations in particular for Intents the reasons why each Intent is crucial for the Collective’s growth and decentralization whereas for Trust Tiers the manner in which adjustments would be made based on delegates’ feedback.

(2) The roles and responsibilities of the introduced governance structures and the manner in which they interact with and complement each other.

(3) The significance of the Intent Setting Workshop and how the community’s involvement in the Workshop will shape the direction of Season 5.

(4) The functions of the Code of Conduct Councils in streamlining the enforcement process and the importance of this in supporting the community’s role in the Collective’s success.

(5) The rationale for the timeline such as for example, the reasons there a longer break between December 22nd and January 4th.

Looking forward to some information on the above.


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(1) Links to know more about this concepts:

(2) Roles and Responsibilities of Governance Structures:

  • Security Council: Responsible for enacting upgrades for all OP Chains participating in the Superchain, ensuring a secure and reliable infrastructure.

  • Developer Advisory Board: Aids governance with technical decisions, subject to Token House approval, enhancing technical expertise in decision-making.

  • Anticapture Commission: Comprising high-impact delegates, it aims to protect the Token House from capture by any single stakeholder.

  • Grants Council: Responsible for overseeing the grant process, with elected Leads proposing Intent budgets and running for election through operating budget proposals.

  • Code of Conduct Councils: Established to remove the Foundation and non-Council delegates from the Code of Conduct enforcement process, ensuring fairness and transparency.

(3) Significance of the Intent Setting Workshop:

  • The community’s involvement in setting Intent #3 during the workshop shapes the direction of Season 5. This participatory approach ensures that the community’s priorities and values are reflected in the strategic goals.

(4) Functions of Code of Conduct Councils:

  • These councils streamline the enforcement process, ensuring fair and impartial resolution of code of conduct violations. It emphasizes community involvement in upholding ethical standards.

(5) Rationale for the Timeline:

  • The longer break between December 22nd and January 4th provides time for Token House delegates to draft Delegate Mission Requests for Season 5. Additionally, it allows the Grants Council and Developer Advisory Board to establish internal operating procedures and charters for the upcoming season.

My personal opinion about the “longer break”:

  • Work-Life Balance: Acknowledging the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the extended break allows participants to recharge, promoting overall well-being.
  • Personal Time: The holiday break encourages individuals to take personal time, fostering relaxation, and reducing stress levels, which is crucial for sustained productivity and creativity.
  • Family Reunions: Key dates like December 25th and December 31st are traditionally associated with family reunions and celebrations. The break enables participants to cherish these moments, reinforcing social connections and community spirit.
  • Reflective Pause: The holiday season often serves as a reflective period, allowing individuals to look back on achievements, set goals, and approach the upcoming season with renewed focus and energy.



We want Create hex on optimism and i want Create with optimism team about this and funding
Could we contact wirh someone

Looking forward to season 5
That’s So Great Works

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Nice to clarify all the terms :white_check_mark:

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Great way to learn about Governance! :heart_hands:

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I juat wish i could figure out how thw helll to operate this site & githib i seem to have missed out on a few drops cause i thought i contributed but i did not

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