Missions v2: Season 5

Missions v2

The Mission process has been restructured based on delegate feedback from Season 4. The below design addresses delegate feedback, optimizing for strategic alignment, reduction in delegate workload, higher context decision making, and streamlined processes across the Collective. The new process for Season 5 is illustrated below.

What’s a Mission?

To understand Missions, you first need to understand Intents. Intents are directional goals that allow the Collective to align on near term targets.

Missions are specific initiatives aimed at achieving one of the Intents. They are tightly scoped and can be accomplished start-to-finish in less than 12 months.

Missions are specific initiatives to be executed by a team of contributors rather than ongoing services or vaguely scoped work performed by permanent working groups.

Example Mission:

“Request to Upgrade OP Mainnet to the Bedrock Release” NOT “Request to Fund developers for the next 3 months”

What’s a Mission Request?

Mission Requests are pre-specified requests for Missions that work towards the Collective Intents. They resemble Foundation Mission (RFP) from Season 4.

To continue to scale the number of teams building the Collective, there will be two types of Mission Requests in Season 5:

  • Foundation Mission Requests, supported by the Partner Fund
  • Delegate Mission Requests, supported by the Governance Fund

SEASON 5 CHANGE: In Season 5, the top 100 Delegates may create Mission Requests at the beginning of each Season. Each Mission Request must be aligned with one of the Intents. A Mission Request outlines an initiative to be executed but does not assign a team to execute it.

Example Mission Requests:
Intent 4: Governance Accessibility
Mission Request #1: Create Governance v3 contract for the Collective
Mission Requet #2: Onboard 100 new delegates

See the Delegate Guide: How to Create a Delegate Mission Request

What’s a Mission Application?

Teams, formerly called Alliances, submit Mission Applications applying to execute a Mission Request.

SEASON 5 CHANGE: Mission Applications are similar to Mission Proposals from Season 4, but they are submitted under Mission Requests rather than under Intents. The Grants Council, rather than the full Token House, will review all Mission Applications to select which team(s) will execute each Mission Request.

Example Mission Application:
Application 1: Agora submits application to Mission Request #1 (build governance v3 contract)
Application 2: Tally submits application to Mission Request #1 (build governance v3 contract)

See the Mission Applicant Guide: How to Submit a Mission Application

Delegate Guide: Voting Schedule

Reflection Period

  • Special Voting Cycle #16a
    • Delegates elect a Grants Council Lead by approving proposed operating budget
  • Special Voting Cycle #16b
    • Delegates approve Intent Budgets, proposed by the elected Grants Council Lead, as the aggregate of Intent budgets equates to the Grants Council’s budget. In future Seasons, this responsibility may transfer to a new Council.
    • Delegates elect Grants Council Reviewers
  • Period for the top 100 delegates to draft Mission Requests and for the Grants Council and Developer Advisory Board, if approved, to establish internal operating procedures

Season 5

Please note regular Voting Cycles will now be 3 weeks long, instead of 5 weeks long.

  • Voting Cycle #17
    • Top 100 delegates author and submit Mission Requests (2 weeks)
      • Drafts must be posted by 19:00 GMT on January 17th
    • Top 100 delegates review Mission Requests (1 week)
  • Voting Cycle #18
    • Delegates approve Delegate Mission Requests (2 weeks)
      • All approvals due by 19:00 GMT on February 7th
    • Delegates approval rank Delegate Mission Requests (1 week)
  • Voting Cycle #19 and #20
    • Grants Council sets submission and selection deadlines in conjunction with regular Voting Cycles and begins processing grants accordingly
    • Teams submit Mission Applications according to deadlines
  • Voting Cycle #21 and #22
    • Same as Cycle #19 and #20

Is there an updated timeline posted somewhere for exact calendar dates for Token House Mission Grant Submission, Review, & Voting?

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You can go to Season 5 Guide scroll down and click on “I’m a delegate, what do I need to do” all relevant dates are there.

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Quick feedback here, we might wanna consider using Top 100 Active delegates as opposed to simply using top 100. This will allow more delegates to participate and thus increase the chances of mission aligned ideas to be presented to governance.


Thank you for summarizing Season 5.
I would like to know more about the Grants Council - what this organization can do.

Am I correct in assuming that what is described on the page above is the entirety of our activities?


agree here
active members/delegates should be taken into consideration, certainly more aligned with current goals and developments in ecosystem than big delegates that are not active


Grants Council will be responsible in approving Mission Applications for ranked Mission Requests.

The link you have attached talks about the entire budget.

Happy to answer any follow up question.


Sharing Mission Request Tracking Sheet

Feel free to comment and contribute, also if anyone wants to edit directly please send request for access.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Happy Season 5!


Thanks for putting this together, gonna be super helpful. Let me know if you need any help maintaining it - happy to chip in as new things hit the forums!


Reminder to everyone that Mission Request drafts must be posted to the forum by January 17th at 19:00 GMT


Interesting approach with the intent agents and missions … :smiley: