Grants Council Operating Budget Template

Season 5 Grants Council Renewal

After a successful proof-of-concept trial, the Grants Council will be considered a persitent Council in the Collective, as outlined in the updated Collective Council Framework. That means the Grants Council will be assumed to be renewed in Season 5, unless a Council Dissolution proposal, outlined in the Operating Manual, is passed.

All prospective Council Leads may propose a Grants Council Operating Budget for Season 4. The delegates should only vote to approve one Grants Council Operating Budget. The budget proposal with the highest proportion of โ€œYesโ€ votes will be approved. Delegates are effectively electing the Council Lead that has authored an approved budget.

Proposal drafts, with 4 delegate approvals, are due by October 11th at 19:00 GMT.

Grants Council Operating Budget Template

Proposed Council Lead: Name

Proposed Council Operating Budget: X OP

Contact Info: Email

Please link to any previous work or qualifications to be Council Lead:

  • Link to community contributions (Forum posts, voting history, delegate communication threads, attestations, etc.)
  • Link to relevant work experience

Council Charter:

  • Link to original Charter: Season 3 Charter
  • Link to Last Seasonโ€™s Charter: Season 4 Charter
  • Link to proposed Season 5 Charter - Please note all Council Charters will now be maintained on github as pages under the Operating Manual
    • Please note that the Charter of the Council will need to be expanded to account for the following changes in Scope:
      • The Grants Council will now process all Delegate Mission Applications, under all Intents (not just Intent #2)
      • The Grants Council will no longer operate its own Request For Grant program, but rather will be able to propose Delegate Mission Requests, subject to Token House approval in Voting Cycle #18
      • Mission Applications will continue to be classified as growth experiments or builders grants, or a combination of the two. The Grants Council should continue to evaluate these grants based on defined goals and public rubrics for each grant type, as well as their ability to achieve the corresponding Intent
      • All Mission Applications should be processed according to Trust Tiers

Breakdown of Council Operating Budget:


  • Number of Reviewers = XXXX OP

    • Please break down # by sub-committee, if applicable
    • Please indicate any leadership roles to be designated among Reviewers (ie. Ops Lead, Comms Lead, etc.)
  • Lead = XXXX OP

    Please note that the Council will no longer propose grant allocation budgets by sub-committee, but instead the elected Council Lead will propose budgets for each Intent in Special Voting Cycle #16b

    Please note, regular Voting Cycles will be 3 weeks long in Season 5 but the Grants Council may choose to process grants in 6 week cycles. There will be four 3 week cycles during which the Grants Council is expected to process Mission Applications in Season 5

How should Token House delegates ensure the Council is executing on its Charter?

  • Benchmark Milestone 1 (please include expected completion date for each)
    • Example: Select applicants for +25 Mission Requests
  • Benchmark Milestone 2 (please include expected completion date for each)
    • Example: Application response rate of 100%

How should badgeholders measure the Councilโ€™s impact?

  • KPI 1
    • Example: NPS score from proposers > X
  • KPI 2

What Does This Mean for Delegates?

Delegates will vote Grants Council Operating Budgets in Special Voting Cycle #16a. Approving a an Grants Council Operating Budget elects the proposal author as Grants Council Lead. Delgates will vote to elect Reviewers in Special Voting Cycle #16b as outlined here.