Season 5: Retro Governance Participation Rewards

Season 5: Retro Governance Participation Rewards

Thank you

A huge thank you is due to delegates and Citizens for their continued dedication to experimentation and iteration. It’s not easy to be the first to try something new, and our governance participants do it everyday.

This Season, the Collective continued to experiment with prioritizing strategic work with Missions v2. We took steps toward further decentralization with the establishment of the Security Council and the Anticapture Commission, and experimented with a Developer Advisory Board and a Code of Conduct Council. The Citizens’ House rewarded 30M OP in Retro Funding Round 3 and took on the responsibility of veto-ing Protocol Upgrades passed in the Token House. These are significant steps towards social decentralization, which prepare us for greater technological decentralization in future Seasons.

Rewards are made retroactively (see why here) in accordance with the Collective Rewards Framework. The highest impact contributions will align with the Collective Intents. Thank you for your continued dedication to this experiment to retroactively reward impact. Being a governance participant requires a serious time commitment and the Collective strongly benefits from your engagement.

The governance participants that meet the below criteria are eligible to receive a rewards as outlined in the below chart (snapshot as of 5/9/24, the end of the last Voting Cycle of the Season.)

Criteria Definition Intent Reasoning OP
Participated in Season 5 Top 100 delegate with >70% voting participation in Season 5 (abstain votes count towards participation). *Citizens that cast a vote on veto proposals. Progress towards Decentralization (1) Voter turnout is critical to the resilience of the governance system 4,000 OP for delegates. *250 OP for Citizens. As a reminder, Citizens received Retro Citizen Rewards: Retro Funding 3 for their participation in Round 3.
Participated in Reflection Period Top 100 delegate with > 70% voting participation during Special Voting Cycle #16a, #16b, AND #16c Progress towards Decentralization (1) Engagement during Reflection Periods is a crucial part of the feedback process, which enables iterative improvement 2,000 OP
Active Member of Anticapture Commission Lead, and Members that maintained > 50% voting participation on Upgrade votes** Progress towards Decentralization (1) and Grow the Superchain (2) The Anticapture Commission plays a critical role in balancing power among stakeholders, especially as we onboard new OP Chains with substantial voting power 4,000 OP (2,400 OP for first half members and1,600 for 2nd half members)
Sponsored a Mission Request Approved by the Token House As tracked in Token House participation and incentives: Season 5 (Cycle 16-19) Governance Accessibility (4) Sponsoring and approving Mission Requests increases the number of contributors able to propose Missions while maintaining quality 1,000 OP
Authors of the Season 5 Participation and Incentives Report Listed as an author here Governance Accessibility (4) This community authored report was used to inform the Foundation’s retrospective on Missions 1,500 OP

*Citizen rewards for voting on vetos should be considered experimental and may not continue in the future as we further develop and assess vetos. If continued in future Seasons, these rewards may be qualified by a measure of comprehension / quality in the future.

** Includes members that had reported issues voting via Snapshot but that were otherwise active members (attending meetings, etc.)

All Representative Structures (Councils, etc.) are encouraged to apply for Retro Funding in Round 6 for impact provided above and beyond that supported by initial operating budgets.

Qualifying Governance Participants

Consistent with other grants, all rewards will be subject to a KYC and claims flow process.

This round of retroactive governance participation rewards will be allocated from the “Unallocated” portion of the Ecosystem Fund and is therefore not subject to governance approval.

Delegate Address | Delegate Name | Participated in S5 (Delegate) | Participated in S5 (Citizen) | Participated in Reflection Period | Active Member of ACC 1/2 | Active Member of ACC 2/2 | Sponsored a MR approved by GC | Authors in S5 Participation and Governance | Total OP |

Delegate Address Delegate Name Participated in S5 (Delegate) Participated in S5 (Citizen) Participated in Reflection Period Active Member of ACC 1/2 Active Member of ACC 2/2 Sponsored a MR approved by GC Authors in S5 Participation and Governance Total OP
0x1b686ee8e31c5959d9f5bbd8122a58682788eead L2Beat 4,000 2,000 2,400 8,400
0x5e349eca2dc61abcd9dd99ce94d04136151a09ee Linda Xie 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x429f9ada43e9f345cbb85ec88681bb70df808892 Polynya 4,000 250 2,000 6,250
0x2b888954421b424c5d3d9ce9bb67c9bd47537d12 Lefteris 4,000 250 2,000 6,250
0xf4b0556b9b6f53e00a1fdd2b0478ce841991d8fa Olimpio 4,000 250 2,000 6,250
0xa6e8772af29b29b9202a073f8e36f447689beef6 GFX Labs 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,000
0x406b607644c5d7bfda95963201e45a4c6ab1c159 OPSNX Ambassadors 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x4f41877773e44f2275da1942fee898556821bf66 Jack Anorak 4,000 2,000 1,000 7,000
0x48a63097e1ac123b1f5a8bbffafa4afa8192fab0 Scott Moore 2,400 2,400
0x6eda5acaff7f5964e1ecc3fd61c62570c186ca0c Michael Vander Meiden 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 1,600 1,000 11,250
0x46abfe1c972fca43766d6ad70e1c1df72f4bb4d1 Synthetix 4,000 1,000 5,000
0xed11e5ea95a5a3440fbaadc4cc404c56d0a5bb04 She256 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x070341aa5ed571f0fb2c4a5641409b1a46b4961b Penn Blockchain 4,000 4,000
0x94db037207f6fb697dbd33524aadffd108819dc8 Joxes I DeFi LATAM 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 1,600 1,000 1,500 12,750
0x3d2d722b443a5cae8e41877bb7cd649f3650937c Pool Collective 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x75536cf4f01c2bfa528f5c74ddc1232db3af3ee5 Katie 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,250
0x3fb19771947072629c8eee7995a2ef23b72d4c8a PGov 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 1,000 11,000
0xe93d59cc0bcecfd4ac204827ef67c5266079e2b5 404 DAO 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 1,000 11,000
0x8ccde64d05a7677d80a5960cb75fb8de486cf98d Boiler Blockchain 2,000 2,000
0x995013b47ef3a2b07b9e60da6d1fff8fa9c53cf4 Blockchain @ USC 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,000
0x11cf2f033b079fbb195425bfcb7d5dac4db2d752 Gauntlet 4,000 2,000 6,000
0xb79294d00848a3a4c00c22d9367f19b4280689d7 Tane 4,000 4,000
0xb933aee47c438f22de0747d57fc239fe37878dd1 4,000 4,000
0x8f07bc36ff569312fdc41f3867d80bbd2fe94b76 Jacob 2,000 2,000
0xdab0d648a2a771e6952916a822dddf738b535f5a :fire:_​:fire: & The Wildfire Infrastructure Pod 4,000 4,000
0x839395e20bbb182fa440d08f850e6c7a8f6f0780 Griff Green 4,000 250 2,000 6,250
0x6cea573473348367a5f66e0f261bfa25799e6a60 Mike 2,000 2,000
0x7b0befc5b043148cd7bd5cfeeef7bc63d28edec0 4,000 4,000
0x8f5415415d9200ccd8523f3ee88f96f476141cc3 RabbitHole 1,000 1,000
0x9d31e30003f253563ff108bc60b16fdf2c93abb5 4,000 4,000
0x585639fbf797c1258eba8875c080eb63c833d252 Matt from Synthetix 4,000 250 4,250
0xd23199f1222c418ffc74c385171330b21b16e452 Doug 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,000
0x7899d9b1181cbb427b0b1be0684c096c260f7474 MinimalGravitas 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,000 9,400
0x7fc80fad32ec41fd5cfcc14eee9c31953b6b4a8b Bricia 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 1,600 1,000 11,250
0xdcf7be2ff93e1a7671724598b1526f3a33b1ec25 gonna.eth 4,000 250 2,000 1,600 1,000 8,850
0x0331969e189d63fbc31d771bb04ab44227d748d8 Butterbum 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 8,650
0xc94ae9860b37170c08e51f453f8124a86cd7c0cd Paraswap 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x062a07cbf4848fda67292a96a5e02c97e402233f Exosphere 2,000 2,000
0xbec643bd5b7f5e9190617ca4187ef0455950c51c ITU 2,000 1,600 3,600
0x1de2a056508e0d0dd88a88f1f5cdf9cfa510795c L222 4,000 250 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,250
0x1208a26faa0f4ac65b42098419eb4daa5e580ac6 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x17296956b4e07ff8931e4ff4ea06709fab70b879 4,000 2,000 6,000
0xf68d2bfcecd7895bba05a7451dd09a1749026454 MasterMojo 250 250
0x03dde7b6c372bc6c748ae1af65497b74a70492fa 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x5f4bcccb5c2cbb01c619f5cfed555466e31679b6 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x8c580556fdb1f57853e49f409ae9b89f7658e7a2 web3magnetic 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,000
0x9d7894ed2ddb65e0ca36fe872cbb57b8e9aaddac 4,000 2,000 6,000
0x87feed6162cb7dfe6b62f64366742349bf4d1b05 4,000 4,000
0xe48ac0deeb484f7df6d1ca554dc9bf517a0a597c 2,000 2,000
0x1d1a13b16667c284b87de62caeeff0ce89e342b2 StableNode 4,000 2,000 2,400 1,600 10,000
Gene 1,600 1,600
limes.eth 1,000 1,000
jengajojo 1,000 1,000
0x07Fda67513EC0897866098a11dC3858089D4A505 v3naru_Curia 250 1,000 1,250
0x66946def4ba6153C500D743b7A5FebfC1654d6bD Fuji Anggara 250 250
0xe422d6C46a69e989BA6468CcD0435Cb0c5C243E3 joanbp 250 250
0x00409fC839a2Ec2e6d12305423d37Cd011279C09 thesleeper/ 250 250
0x288C53a1BA857EaD34AD0e79F644087F8174185a Andrew B Coathup 250 250
0xcf79C7EaEC5BDC1A9e32D099C5D6BdF67E4cF6e8 Tamara 250 250
0x75cac0CEb8A39DdB4942A83AD2aAfaF0C2A3e13f Alisha.eth 250 250
0x53e0B897EAE600B2F6855FCe4a42482E9229D2c2 nickbtts 250 250
0x55aEd0ce035883626e536254dda2F23a5b5D977f Ulaş 250 250
0x9194eFdF03174a804f3552F4F7B7A4bB74BaDb7F Kethic 250 250
0x5d36a202687fD6Bd0f670545334bF0B4827Cc1E2 LauNaMu 250 250
0x3B60e31CFC48a9074CD5bEbb26C9EAa77650a43F Chris Carella 250 250
0x6Dc43be93a8b5Fd37dC16f24872BaBc6dA5E5e3E James Waugh 250 250
0x9934465Ee73BeAF148b1b3Ff232C8cD86c4c2c63 Alex Poon 250 250
0x3DB5b38ef4b433D9C6A664Bd35551BE73313189A João 250 250
0x64FeD9e56B548343E7bb47c49ecd7FFa9f1A34FE Diego 250 250
0xBF430a49C4d85AeeD3908619D5387A1fbF8E74A9 Sarah 250 250
0x4Fd6B3204A6Ab48978018b25821682F090840333 CryptoChica 250 250
0x92Bf20563e747B2f8711549Be17A9d7B876c4053 Zoomer Anon 250 250
0xeF32eb37f3E8B4bDDdF99879b23015F309ED7304 Cheeky Gorilla 250 250
0x5a5D9aB7b1bD978F80909503EBb828879daCa9C3 Carl Cervone 250 250
0x378c23B326504Df4d29c81BA6757F53b2c59f315 Yoseph 250 250
0x0f2CE18919b4eb9838760cFDDa65E4C8766E9c19 Westie 250 250
0x842bB1bb84CC8A3D6277b0ff9729d22D55E9C50B Ryan 250 250
0x66Da63B03feCA7Dd44a5bB023BB3645D3252Fa32 Keeks 250 250
0x826976d7C600d45FB8287CA1d7c76FC8eb732030 Mitchell 250 250
0x9C949881084dCbd97237f786710aB8e52a457136 Amer 250 250
0x15C6AC4Cf1b5E49c44332Fb0a1043Ccab19db80a spencer 250 250
0x06F455e2C297a4Ae015191FA7A4A11C77c5b1b7c Harry 250 250
0xc2E2B715d9e302947Ec7e312fd2384b5a1296099 Kyle 250 250
0x07bF3CDA34aA78d92949bbDce31520714AB5b228 Pascal 250 250
0x1d3bf13f8f7A83390d03Db5E23A950778e1d1309 Zach 250 250
0x73186b2A81952C2340c4eB2e74e89869E1183dF0 Amy 250 250
0xe53e89d978Ff1da716f80BaA6E6D8B3FA23f2284 Manasi 250 250
0x434F5325DdcdbBfcCE64bE2617c72c4Aa33Ec3E7 mel.eth 250 250
Pumbi 1,500 1,500
AxlVaz 1,500 1,500
Delphine 1,500 1,500
0x45a10f35befa4ab841c77860204b133118b7ccae The Ethernaut 2,000 2,000

Retro Governance Reward Framework

Rewards will follow the Collective Rewards Framework. The highest impact contributions will align with the Collective Intents.


Does the retrospective snapshot include a token delegated from the foundation?

I think it should. If it doesn’t, then there must be an error!

According to CuriaHub, as of May 9, I rank 86, which places me within the top 100 delegates. However, if the foundation’s delegated tokens aren’t counted, I will fall outside of the top 100.

But if you use the snapshot from this dashboard:

It’s completely wrong, as this dashboard “does NOT yet handle for the new partial delegation contract”

Thanks for the detailed explanations on how the retroactive rewards are distributed to each member.

For the Qualifying Governance Participants, it would be great to fix the format of the table so that viewers can see them in a cleaner view.

Also, how do you maintain the “Delegate Name” per address? At Tané, we are being active under 0xB79294D00848a3A4C00c22D9367F19B4280689D7 with its ENS tanegov.eth attached. If it’s manually managed, please save it with the name Tané.

@op_julian will be reaching out about delivery details shortly. If you have questions or concerns about the process, please feel free to reach out to me directly!


Hello !
We just wait for someone to contact us?
I don’t understand what this is going to happen through (

Hi @op_julian @lavande,

First of all, big thanks to the Optimism Foundation team for your relentless efforts and for spearheading initiatives that strengthen and elevate our collective governance participation.

We’d like to contribute some insights. My team, behind the OP governance analytics dashboard, has been closely monitoring governance activities and voting participation. Our data shows that there are discrepancies in the list of eligible addresses:

Should be eligible for Criteria 1: Participated in Season 5

  1. 0x406b607644c5d7bfda95963201e45a4c6ab1c159
    (voted on 9/12 proposals = 75% of Season 5 proposals)

  2. 0x11cf2f033b079fbb195425bfcb7d5dac4db2d752
    (voted on 9/12 proposals = 75% of Season 5 proposals)

Should be eligible for Criteria 2: Participated in Reflection Period

  1. 0x45a10f35befa4ab841c77860204b133118b7ccae
    (voted on 16/16 proposals = 100% of Reflection Period Proposals)

Should not be eligible for Criteria 2: Participated in Reflection Period

  1. 0x48a63097e1ac123b1f5a8bbffafa4afa8192fab0 (voted on 8/16 proposals = 50% of Reflection Period Proposals)

**These lists are based on voting power, including both delegation and partial delegation snapshot as of 5/9/24. Under the criteria below:

  1. Participated in Season 5

Top 100 delegate with >70% voting participation in Season 5

  • 12 proposals, Jan 25 - April 18)
  1. Participated in Reflection Period

Top 100 delegate with > 70% voting participation during Special Voting Cycle #16a, #16b, AND #16c

  • 16a, (7 proposals, ended Oct 26)
  • 16b, (7 proposals, ended Nov 16)
  • 16c, (2 proposals, ended Dec 7)

**Note that there was one optimistic approval proposal that we also count towards Season 5 participation. However, if we remove this, both delegates on our list would still be eligible for the reward as they would have voted on 8/11 proposals (72.7%).

You can check our full list of all eligible delegates here

Our aim is to contribute to greater transparency for initiatives like these. We’re here to collaborate, enhance how we operate, and ensure everyone has access to the information they need.

Moreover, it would be great to hear from the foundation regarding this matter to clarify and perhaps validate the data. A cooperative and collective dialogue could further refine our processes and reinforce accuracy and transparency moving forward.

Let me know if there are any updates from the data team. It would be great if we could spot any discrepancies. I want to ensure all deserving delegates are duly recognized.


Hey, just noticed I wasn’t on the list, even though I was a top 100 delegate throughout Season 5 with over 70% voting participation. Could someone check this for me?


@0xDonPepe I took a quick look at your voting power, and it seems like your ranking dropped out of the top 100 delegates just a few days before the snapshot date. That’s a bummer.

You can check your voting power history here.

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Criteria 1:
The discrepancy here is due to the fact that the data pulled did not exclude optimistically approved Code of Conduct votes in the calculation (in which not voting is the default.) We have adjusted our calculation to include the only affected addresses, which are the two found by @v3naru_Curia :

Criteria 2:
The discrepancy here is due to a temporary issue with internal systems. We have adjusted the list to include 0x45a10f35befa4ab841c77860204b133118b7ccae and to exculde 0x11cf2f033b079fbb195425bfcb7d5dac4db2d752

In future Seasons, we plan to post bounties for the calculation of qualifying criteria, reducing the Foundation’s role in this process.