(New date 15-June) Conference Optimism Connection by Space4Build

About Us

Space4Build (previusly Ethereum Latam Day) is a decentralized community with an educational focus that serves as a knowledge dissemination space for all communities. We are proud to have initially emerged with the mission of generating high-quality content at the hybrid conference held on December 1st and 2nd, 2023. This activity, organized primarily by women in technology and with the support of 28 organizations from various countries, provided us with positive results that motivated us to continue our work.


Subsequently, we evolved into an educational initiative that has carried out more than 10 activities in the last 3 months in countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Chile.

Identified Issue

While Optimism is undoubtedly one of the protocols with the greatest growth and recognition in the community, we have detected a need for exclusive activities that highlight the projects within the superchain. Despite having various digital gathering spaces such as the Token House Governance, Citizen´s House Governance, CharmVerse, discord, and the forum, activities that provide exclusive information from the superchain have not yet been carried out. We believe that now is the right time to start having our own activities, starting with a digital initiative that serves as inspiration for future relevant in-person activities “Made in OP”.


The online conference “Optimistic Connection” is an activity that aims to give visibility to the projects that are active within the superchain. This virtual space represents an opportunity to showcase the progress and developments of each project presented directly by its protagonists.

Our Objectives

  • Showcase inspiring stories: Show real stories of people who are building innovative projects on Optimism, learning about their challenges and successes along the way.
  • Explore participation opportunities: Explain different roles in which people can get involved in the community; apply as an ambassador, delegate, researcher, and other programs.
  • Demystify the technology: Explain technical implementations in a simple way, using examples understandable to everyone.
  • Foster communication: Create a space where the community can interact, share their own experiences, and provide recommendations about future projects.

Key Elements

Execution Date: June 15th
Transmission Space: Space4Build’s YouTube channel
Schedule: from 10:00 to 14:00 (GMT-5)
Available Talk Slots: 10 Presentation
Duration: between 15 and 35 minutes.
Languages of Talks: 5 in Spanish and 5 in English.

Speaker Selection (Modified)

(Check updated info in comments) We will open mailboxes for each person interested in participating to voluntarily apply until May 10th. After an internal review, 20 finalists will be presented to the entire community. Through open voting by the entire community from May 13th to 18th, the 14 with the highest votes (10 main + 4 auxiliary) will be selected to be part of the online conference.

Speaker application

Talks in spanish: Aplica como ponente [SPA]
Talks in english: Apply like speaker [ENG]

Contact Channels:

Twitter: @Space4Build
Instagram: Space4Build
Warpcast: @Builderland
Email: space4build@gmail.com
Website: https://space4build.xyz/ (currently with information about the Causathon Hackathon)


Hello everyone,

I am Stony.eth only a testimony of an active user in the web3 space of Honduran nationality that participates globally in web3 spaces Latin America, Europe, United States, I have been participating in ecosystems such as Celo, Solana and Polkadot.

My work as a discloser is always to act with the truth, in this case I want to talk about simonxpe.dev a character that has been doing different activities pro false education, mediocre projects without any differentiating value, I think we should talk about this case and many ghost projects or lies that have been created in the wave of Retropgf rounds for the whole world.

Space4Build (formerly Ethereum Latam Day) is led and made all by simonxpe.dev that the only thing he does is to seek to take advantage of deceiving different blockchains that their intentions are good and “Led by women” is false. Also ambassador for polkadot and at the same time doing the same for Ethereum. doesn’t it seem strange to you? It does to me.

We can not pass up these actions that has already been repeated in other spaces as Polkadot this character has the reputation of being a “chupacabras” creating fake accounts to postulate projects where they deceive people into believing that they are led by women where he is the only one who benefits is him and remains him.

Here we see this character also talking about Chainlink, is he serious?

Fake metrics, nothing is true I could see it in my own face attending and seeing that no more than 20 attendees, where the moderator simonxpe.dev, who dictates the workshop was simonxpe.dev. Onchain metrics? Attestations?

I hope this serves as a reflection, see who we read in these forums that the only thing that seeks is value for the super chain Optimism, the work as citizens or at least we call ourselves that way is to endure not to let these “grants chupacabras” pass.


I love when new profiles are created to write things like that (they seem very trustworthy), they are good opportunities to understand how to prevent those types of situations in the future.

I am not one of those who likes to attract attention and I appreciate that you took the time on a Sunday morning to write about me although I think you need to review a little more, so I leave you some clarifications:

+At Chainlink I am an expert developer.
+At Polkadot I am a senior ambassador.
+I am right now studying be a certified ICP developer.

Through my work and as an experienced developer, it is known that the ability to handle various technologies is a benefit to being able to build better applications.

For the Ethereum ecosystem there is a long list of contributions that I have made in several countries through my own means.

Regarding the virtual conference, everybody is able to see the objectives sought and those who have reviewed the new updates will be able to know that the activity does not apply to any category of Retro Funding, which does not represent any impediment to executing it, it will be carried out with the collaboration from the entire community, something I really like =)

To close, I invite all to review the YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@Space4Build) where you can find the 15 high-quality talks held in the December activity (imagine that it is a marathon of your favorite series on Netflix) and also this tweet where I quote all the talented women who with their efforts made the event possible at that time (Count on them to do great things).
Tweet: https://x.com/Space4Build/status/1731475538584260720

Note: The first thing to do when entering a space like this is to read the code of conduct and it seems to me that stony.eth comment is something called doxxing


I understand the harshness of the analysis towards a proposal but first of all we must show respect and be objective, we cannot live on rumors or assumptions that do not correspond to us. Far from strengthening the ecosystem, this only generates toxic spaces.

Something that can contribute from my point of view is that they take into consideration the analysis of a delegate or optimistic members in nearby countries or in the same place to evaluate whether the requests are exorbitant, unfeasible or mediocre.

About Ethereum Latam Day, I understand the harshness of the message due to the scandalous cases of the previous RetroPFG and let me tell you that I hate them too, but Simon was not part of that. In fact, regarding that event and others that followed it, they involved several girls from the Peruvian ecosystem who directed and participated as speakers, which is why it was largely attended by women. The fact that Simon supports them does not take away the credit from the rest. Regarding your mention about taking advantage of other blockchains on the contrary. Practically no project looks at our country, the few times that things are achieved it is because of a few Builders like Simon, you can understand that it does not correspond to a maximalist term but I am sure that far from subtracting, his proposal adds to more spaces for educational focus and I can mention it as security being an active local in the Peruvian ecosystem. In fact, to avoid misunderstandings that may arise from people who do not know their work very well, they changed their name to Space4build. If that doesn’t tell you something, I think it would be a good time to meditate.

Something I do like about your feedback is that you should add kpi attestations and more chain activities. However, not even that ensures the effectiveness of the review, which is why I once again emphasize the importance of local opinion to corroborate or support this.


Hey @0xDonPepe, this is my personal opinion and does not represent govNERDs, ACC, or any other group to which I contribute.

You are free to express your points of view; however, I believe it is crucial that you do so with more respect. You are nearing a very fine line, and I recommend that you review these documents:

As a Top 100 delegate, in my opinion, you bear a greater responsibility to meet the Optimist Expectations.

Have a nice day!


Hello collective =)

We have seen few interactions in a completely voluntary activity and that really makes us think about the need to integrate more as a collective.

We maintain the same desire to move forward to carry out an activity for the benefit of all, in that sense we decided to make some adjustments to the activity:

  1. We will reassign the date of the activity to Saturday, June 15.

  2. We will be contacting people and projects engaged with the SuperChain to directly invite them to participate in the conference.

  3. The participation forms will be kept open so that you can voluntarily request a slot and present the topic you want at the conference.

On behalf of Space4Build we will continue to be optimistic and making efforts to contribute to a better collective. Please be free to respectfully comment on any suggestion.

Contact Channels:

Twitter: @Space4Build
Instagram: Space4Build
Warpcast: @Builderland
Email: space4build@gmail.com
Website: https://space4build.xyz/ 4 (currently with information about the Causathon Hackathon)